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Default Where Will You Be Summer 2005?

To so many women, being able to walk into any store of their choosing and picking up any outfit that they want and actually looking good in it..feeling good in it, isn't a reality. So many of us keep walking by or don't even bother to go near 'those' stores. "I swear the sizes went down" "oh who can actually wear that besides teenagers" "I'm too old for that outfit" I've said it, I'm sure some of YOU have said it as well. Then there is the denial that so many of us face. "only one more bite" " I promise tomorrow I'll start" "I'm not starting on a friday, I'll wait till monday..next monday..next monday..next YEARS monday!!!"
The time is NOW not Maņana..it's not TOMORROW!!! My dad used to always say to me..manana, manana, manana...it's always tomorrow is it Allene? And he was soooo right. You have to seize the day, stop fooling yourself into thinking that it's going to get done tomorrow when you couldn't get it done today???WHY? You couldn't put that fork down and leave some food on your plate? You couldn't reach for the size smaller instead of the supersize? You couldn't replace that big ol plate with a smaller one that fools you into thinking you are actually eating more??? You can't get in 10mins of cardio..park that car a block away, take the stairs, buy 1% instead of 2%...there are little tiny steps that eventually turn into huge leaps..and they make up this journey, this journey from 'fat-hood' into HEALTHY LIVING. It's not a diet people, it's not a 'fix'...it's a day in and DAY OUT STRUGGLE and you know what? Only the ones with the little ol fire in their bellies ever win at this. The ones that do more than just 'think' about it. It's taking each day in your life and making 'small' sacrifices and 'small' changes. So eventually you turn around one day and look in the mirror and go, "WOW, who is that fit looking person?" didn't know you had it in you, did ya? WELL YOU DO!! WE all do. If Eileen can take her body and come from near 300lbs and be in the 180's/190's well then guess what..so can YOU AND YOU AND YOU!! I struggle like the rest of you every day with making the smallest choices on what today is going to be for me and guess what? It doesn't always work out..but I know I'll never give up trying and I know that it's not going to be easy..cause you tell me what's GREAT that you ever got the easy way?? Well if you've ever 'popped' out a little miracle baby than you sure and **** know it wasn't 'easy'. If you ever had to train for any type of sporting event, I'm positive it wasn't easy. It's up to us ladies and I think you'll all agree that the more you are IN here staying accountable to people that are in the 'same' boat as YOU are..then the more likely you are to succeed at this. In 22 wks JUNE 20TH(cause we are already 2wks into our 12 wk challenge)which is two consecutive challenges..where will YOU be? Will you be covering you big ol butt up in those nice long 'grannie' shorts?(no offence to granny)Or long t-shirts covering every inch of your overblown midsection?? Or will you be wearing a nice fitted tank-top, showing off your hard-earned firm arms? Will you be wearing a nice flowing skirt that touches the tip of your knees and exposes your hard-earned firm calf muscles? Will the beach or local pool be 'OFF-LIMITS' once again? Will this summer turn into the many summers before? OR WILL THIS BE THE SUMMER AND YEAR YOU CHANGED?? Well, 22wks left...there could be 22lbs less of you, or maybe 44lbs of less FAT on you, or heck you might go for the gold and be 66 lbs lighter than what you are now?? How would you spend your summer then?? Light that fire in your gut and come join us...this is the year to change....allene
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Right on!!!
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