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Default Welcome Dena and Happy Birthday Jelly!!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone! I see that it's Jelly's b-day today so have a great one JB, from all of us FDC's. Well, it's almost our first weigh for a few of us, so that means we really have to try and be good thru the weekend. That probably goes for everyone since weekends ARE a challenge for most!

For me, this is really the furthest I've gotten on my "plan" in a year. I worked out 4 days/7 so far and that is progress. I'm seeing everyone else working out and that is really keeping me motivated, so thank you! Last Feb I was 182 and managed to lose 22 pounds but never followed thru on the remaining 30 pounds. I told myself that this Summer I HAVE to be at my goal weight and failure is not an option. So, that is why I'm so serious about doing this. Last Summer I was not happy at all and did not enjoy myself, in fact I avoided a lot of cool outdoorsy activities because of my weight, and I don't want to miss out anymore. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same.

Today, I will follow a 22/22 plan. Up to 22 carbs, 22 points and see how that suits me. No exercise today since I am aiming at working out Sat/Sun totalling 6/7 yay!

WaterNymph-You're tummy is already shrinking. I don't think you should use all your points if you are not hungry. It's good to build a reserve because when you are eventually hungry again, you can eat something you really want! I'm glad you understand my fat blanket, it's almost a test for me to see who has my back and who really cares about me unconditionally or something.

AZKitty-Don't be down on yourself, it is good you worked out at all. I've been in many a funk and you will get out of it. Keep your chin up. I am going to try your chili sans the beans but with a low carb tortilla , I Love JD so I'm all over that When I up my carbs, I can add the beans back in. My favorite meal dining out is usually any seafood item w/ a side of veggies and I'm currently on this crazy low-carb Chinese food craving phase where I only want: either Shrimp w/ Scrambled eggs or Shrimp w/ Broccoli with NO MSG since MSG messes up your insulin/carb intake! I'll have to think about my alltime favorite homecooked meal, there are so many.

Dena-Welcome! What's your plan-o-action? Good to have you here. Your goal is 20 lbs?

Trixi-That sounds soooo yummy. Where do you get Vegeta spice?

Liss-I'm going to check online for the Joseph's Pita!

Have a great day all. I will probably check in tomorrow since I will be out tonight. Good luck to everyone.

Inspiration for the day:
Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?
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AZ Kitty- I don't know about Trimspa. If it makes you feel funky, or if you have any reservations --- don't take it! A few years ago I took Metabolife and it made me feel jittery and weird. My general advice is to try and not take anything if you can. You never know what the long-term side effects will be (case in point: Metabolife w/ "Ephedra", Fen-Phen and the major side effects.) I actually took Fen-Phen back in the days because my boss suggested it and I was soo mad after because it was highly dangerous and eventually pulled from the market. Sorry if I'm scaring you.
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Height: 5'7"


Favorite meals? This one's one of my all time faves:

Spray a nonstick pan with Pam. Saute some garlic. Add a handful of shrimp, a package of frozen artichoke hearts (thawed) a bunch of sliced mushrooms, a 1/4 cup or so of white wine and cook until everything is heated through. If I have enough points left I add a spoonful of grated parm (the good stuff!) This is heaven on earth served in a bed of pasta! I make it with boneless chicken breasts too, but make sure you pound them thin and cook thoroughly before adding all the other stuff. YUM!
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Default Happy Friday Chickies

Wow, you guys have been busy posting away. I love it!

[email protected], Welcome to the FDC.

~Hula, I can relate to what you said about the fat being a security blanket. This is true for me. Somehow I don't know why. Why would I want to hide behind a wall of unhealthy living and allow others to look down on me based on some insecurities and hurts. This has to be the moment of moving forward only. NO excuses, NO looking back, It's all forward motion from here and it will only get better. Each day of healthy living is a HUGE step in the right direction. I am very excited about the new me!!
I don't know what my carb threshold is. I'm just going to trust in this SBD and see how I fare after 2 weeks.


~AZKitty, How I'm doing the photos. Not revealing to awful much. I have used the bathroom mirror so far and done self portraits. I drapped a black cloth over the shower so it wouldn't show into the mirror.I've taken some photos of me standing on the scale hiding the weight . Basically all self portraits. The one thing I did reveal that I hate is this " lipoma" I have. I will have it removed hopefully this summer. It is about the size of a big lemon protruding from my waist line. I absolutely HATE the thing. It has to go!! Lipomas are fat cells gone wrong.

~Chickies, Stay strong, Plan ahead and be succesful through the weekend!!

I'm looking forward to Monday's weigh in. I did see a 2 lb loss today but Monday is what counts. Yesterday was good. I focused on drinking LOTS of water. I had about 3/4 of a gallon. I will try today for a full gallon. Yep, running to the bathroom about every 10 mins.
My upper back was very sore yesterday from the previous days workout. I pushed it hard. So I didn't do the WATP yesterday. I'm going to do it twice today! I did get a lot of house type work in if that counts for anything .

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Happy Friday, Everyone! And thank you for the warm welcome.

Hula, you asked me about my weight loss and plans. Well, here goes. I got up to 177 lbs. and was totally miserable. Couldn't cross my legs, couldn't sit right in a chair and my clothes looked awful. I, too, didn't like to go to many functions. Then I started counting cals, exercising diligently and drinking 8 glasses of water. I lost 45 lbs. But then I just started eating again. I fell short of where I wanted to be. I'm afraid to get on the scale right now. And I have dreams of returning to where I was. Scary thought. I guess 20 lbs. is the number I'm shooting for. But most importantly, I want to get back to eating right, exercising and drinking my water. I feel so much better when I do the right thing. Plus I haven't gone shopping in a long while.

OK, for the good part, this morning I ate a slice of Trader Joe's French Toast- 130 cals of 1400 cals total, I went for a brisk walk for 30 minutes and I'm on my 3rd glass of water. I think I should start watching my carbs, too. You gals are really motivating me. Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Jelly!!!! Hope you have fun.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Started: 177, CW 147, goal: 127.
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AZKitty - I know several people who've taken Trimspa and it doesn't make you jittery but it also doesn't make you not have to diet and exercise. Actually the people I know that are taking it, it hasn't made a difference at all. They lose when the diet and they donít lose when they donít diet. Also, when you lose weight with a pill youíre more likely to gain it all back once you stop taking the pill. I should know I think Iíve tried 90% of the diet pills out thereÖ

[email protected] - Welcome to the group!

Trixi Ė Congrats on not reaching for the cookie! I know how big that is.

Hula-Baloo Ė Way to go on the 4 workout this week! Hasnít it felt great to work out? Iíve just completed my 5th straight week working out and I know I feel so much better.

You should NEVER avoid stuff because of your weight! Even if you weigh more then you want going out and enjoying yourself will help motivate you to lose even more! So go out! Enjoy life! Donít wait around for some magic number on a scale to give you permission.

CanonGal Ė 2 pounds! Iím impressed! Iíll have to try to compete with you my weigh in is on Wednesday.

Hila-Baloo said something that made me think. Which one of your friends will be truly supportive and which will become jealous or just not care? Iíve already been noticing which of my friends seem to be happy for me and which havenít even mentioned the fact that Iím losing weight. Iíve been thinking its just indifference to it as most of my friends are skinny and donít understand the whole concept of actually having to watch what you eat and the need to lose weight. Its been 8 weeks since I started my new life and its already made a huge difference to not only me but my relationships with people.

My weekend challenge: Iím going to be going to Catalina Island this weekend (Sun and Mon) and I really need to stay focused on what I eat and how much exercise I get. It always seems so much harder to stay on program when youíre away from home.
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Wink It's good I have this website in my "favorite

places" since I'm always here. Can't wait to try everyone's recipes.

1CanonGal- You nailed it: "This has to be the moment of moving forward only. NO excuses, NO looking back, It's all forward motion from here and it will only get better. Each day of healthy living is a HUGE step in the right direction. I am very excited about the new me!!"

7WaterNymph-Yeah, working out makes a huge difference in every aspect of my life! You are absolutely right about going out, seizing the day and enjoying life. I hope the rest of you gals have a similar healthy outlook like Water Nymphs!. I know I should not let my weight stop me but unfortunately it does, but that is just me. I mean, I still have fun and do a lot of fun things but I don't go for it full throttle, like rock climbing, outdoor cycling, etc. like I should. I live in a city that lots of things to do, that aren't sports-related so that is good for now. Who knows, maybe when I get to my goal weight, it won't be the complete answer - but I owe it to myself to find out. So, please - I hope I didn't get anyone down! This week has been a week of major change and awareness and I am already starting to feel the effects of making this happen. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Catalina Island!

11Good choices. I too, am a TJ gal. I absolutely love this store for just their low-carb selection. We'll have to share our favorite products.

Bye for now (really this time
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Keep up the PMA!!
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Default I'd love to join in!!

You guys are so inspiring to read!! And you've all been posting away! That's so great!!

I just ran across these boards today - I posted a hello msg and all - and then I found this "Father's Day Challenge" - and I think it's wonderful!

I'd love to join in with you guys for this challenge!!

I have about 85-90lbs to lose before I'm around my goal weight - so not sure I'll make it completely by that date - but I'd love to give it a run for it and see how far I can get!

I have currently been just watching what I eat and exercising - several people posting here have mentioned fitday.com - so I'm going to try counting my calories there and keeping up the exercise!

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Dianna77 - Welcome!

Hula-Baloo - Where in California are you? I'm in West LA.
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motivational guru wannabe
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Height: 5'4"


Enjoying a little sunshine here, wish it were a little more sunshine and warmer temps, but I'll take what I can get. Doing really good for the first week. Been getting up and doing the excercises and eating way less. That is my plan. Just cutting the calories and getting the old body moving more. I have had a lot more energy this week, too. I am kinda surprised....hope it stays this way.

Gosh, you gals are all sounding so motivated. It really helps to hear that everyone else is doing so well. Makes you not want to be the one who goofs up!

Hula, I know it is hard for me too sometimes to get out there and "let it all hang out" so to speak. I go by Boatingmommy because we live our lives for camping and boating in the summer. I have been really out of shape, but tried not to let it keep me from doing the swimsuit thing. Now I am just thinking about how much MORE fun it will be to do these things in a smaller, healthier body. CAN'T WAIT!!!

W-Nymph - Catalina Island sounds so wonderful!!! Right now, anywhere but the middle of Illinois sounds wonderful!

Happy Birthday, Jelly!!!

Cannon - I was on a thread a year or two ago and the person who started it, Gennel, did a photo diary and every once in a while would post her pictures. It was AMAZING the difference in her appearance. She was a real go getter and I only hope I can stay that motivated and see those changes in myself...I hope we all will.

Well, promised the kiddo that I would be at the door waiting for her when Kindergarten lets out. HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY NIGHT EVERYONE!!!
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Happy Birthday JB!! Hope you ENJOY your birthday! Dont' be afraid to eat tonight- just eat sensible! Enjoy your cake, and think of those of us tonight who WISH they could be enjoying some with you!! I'm going back to my celery sticks now!!!!
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WOW - you guys are really inspiring and I want to join too

I have lost weight several times in my life but just turned 50 and the thought of staying this weight is really depressing. I know I need some accountability so here I am.
I have tried many different diets, but I am such a picky eater I get bored fast
I recently bought Joyce Vedral Fat Busting videos - (light weight lifting) and started them with my 25 year old daughter

1- do the JV videos (20 min) 4-6 times a week
2- walk 30 min 4 times a week
3- Keep a food journal - watch the carbs and calories
4 - drink 6-8 glasses of water each day

SW 173/CW173/FDC W 155/GW135
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Just a quick note before I go out for the evenng. Got my exercise in and feel great that I did not put it off.


Welcome to all the new people. This thread is growing strong and everyone seems really motivated.

I agree with you boatingmommy about not wanting to be the one that goofs up Reading everyones posts got me thinking better and feeling better.

Have a great night everyone and may we all return tomorrow a little lighter and alot brighter!!!

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Height: 5' 2"


Lissandy, you did wonderful with your loss
Trixi (Dale) I agree with BoatingMommy, you have a wonderful life and so many great things in it. Your "friend" is probably trying t omake herself feel better by putting you down. People like that aren't good to have around at all. I feel badly for her daughter (and you of course).
Hula, on the blankie, I have a very thick one and it makes me hot in the summer. Oh, I hate myself in pictures too. We got all these wedding pic done and have none up because I hate how I look.
Welcome Dena
Pat, that's great, a loss and a good one!
welcome Mahtha, you have 18 to lose and that's what I've lost so far, I just noticed it
Happy B-Day Jelly Belly. hope you had a wonderful day!
Welcome, Dianna and Deenie, now there are 2 Diana's but one has 1 'n' (me) and you have 2 'n's.
So ladies, I lost a pound this week, I'm not sure when to reward myself wit hte smilies, but I'm down just the same. I'm moving tomorrow for 2 months and I wanted to say goodbye for a while. I'm not sure how often I'll be getting on line out there. But I'll still be on my program.
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Height: 5'5


Good Morning, Everyone!
I'm so excited to report I had a great day yesterday. I stayed below 1400 cals, exercised and drank my 8 glasses of water. (I even took my vitamins.) The best part of all is that we went out to dinner and I ate only 1/2 of it!!! (1/2 of a small steak, 1/2 of a baked potato with steak sauce--no extra fancy stuff on it, like sour cream, etc.-- and green beans. Only ate a small piece of bread. Wow, who knew it could be done. And I had a great time, too!!! Plus I have leftovers for today.

One day under my belt and I already feel like a black cloud has been lifted from my head. I love this group!

Diana, good luck with your move. I know that can be stressful.

Deenie and Dianna, welcome.

Now on to the rest of the weekend. Bye for now.

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