fabulous article on weight issues

  • There's an incredibly honest, insightful, original, moving yet amusing article in the New York Times ( May 11, 2022) by Sam Anderson, a middle-aged man reflecting on his lifetime of weight issues, entitled "Iíve Always Struggled With My Weight. Losing It Didnít Mean Winning." It was full of those "ah-ha!" moments for me, where I marveled that the writer managed to put something into words that I'd felt but could never articulate. He is compassionate with himself at the same time that he can tease himself with a healthy, never demeaning sense of humor. The writing style is fabulous, an unusual mix of informality, confession, and intimacy. Reading it is almost like a conversation with your best friend. Do I need to say I highly recommend it? If you don't have a NYT subscription, it still lets you read a certain number of articles for free each month, so sign up to access it.


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