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Imoben 12-06-2021 04:22 PM

Easiest and fastest way to lose weight
Many diets have you feeling hungry, dissatisfied and angry
Which is why I went online and I found this most easiest way to lose weight fast
But before I share it with you
How many pounds will you like to lose;
(1). 10 Lbs...oke. io / Xu9kDQ
(2). 20 Lbs...oke. io / Xu9kDQ
(3). 30 Lbs...oke. io / Xu9kDQ

quanblacck 12-09-2021 02:27 PM

Keto recipe
Hey guys! So i've been trying many different diet choices to lose weight. Sadly nothing ever seemed to work for me. UNTIL NOW ! I came across these very delicious keto recipes if i may say so myself. I will leave a link to where you guys can check it out

Gone Astray 12-10-2021 07:26 AM

I think the ' fastest and easiest ' method to lose is to find the program you can stick with. I crave carbs, the more I eat, the more I want, I cannot be reasonable. I have digestive issues and my brain tells me that some carbs will calm things down. They do, for a short time, then I want more. Atkins is the only program I have ever done that once I get through the first 5-10 days, I stop craving carbs or anything else, I no longer am hungry but for me most importantly I can look at food differently. I am in control, which is a huge thing for me. I am master over the food, not the other way around. I lost weight on WW, weighed, and measured every bite, and I did lose, but I was always looking for the next meal, constantly crunching on celery and carrots, and never feeling satisfied. I tried Nutrisystem at least twice and the amount of sodium was way too much for my salt sensitive system that I retained 10+ lbs of water after a week. I lost 70 lbs on Atkins yeas ago and I remember thinking " I will never be fat again." Shortly after that I was put on a medication that caused fat build up in my body and I had to go on a low fat diet, did not take long for the weight to pile back on.
I made the decision to do this on Sunday, made my shopping list, planned my meals, when shopping, did some prep, and I am down 5 lbs. I am hopeful and not hungry.

Zelteil 12-17-2021 12:16 PM

Good luck guys

Sabina Brattain 05-10-2022 05:04 AM

Wow, thanks for these good tips, each forum has its own options, but I liked your advice the most!

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