21-DAY CHALLENGE #5 -- Please join us!!

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  • Seventeen
    Morning everyone-

    Today is day 17! Only four more days and I've reached my goal!! I can't believe it. Already!! It feels like I just finished with my first goal! Time flys.

    Well today was good. I actually made myself some oatmeal. Blah I know but it was good. And I had some coffee with it. I think it's easier on the days I have classes later in the morning. (classes start at 10 on Tues/Thurs)

    Sbutterfly-Cherie-Lisa-Mallory-xdas7x-mscat-lizhorn-sandybrat-Redballoon----- (hope I didn't miss anyone)

    You ALL have a wonderful day today. We're all doing so well on our challenges!! Keep up the good work and know I'm cheering you on here in Oregon!!!

    Take Care
  • Southernbutterfly the WATP video is a Walk Away the Pounds video and I think it's by Leslie Sansone? You can look it up on the net by it's title. It's a walking video that you do at home in front of your tv. There's a 1 mile,2 mile,3 mile and I even heard of a 4 mile one. I just have the 1,2, & 3 right now. I just got the set for 25 bucks at walmart. I got it because it's a great back up for when the weather doesn't permit or time doesn't permit for an outdoor walk. The 1 mile only takes 15 minutes.Soon it will be dark out when I get home and I'll have to get some sort of reflective gear for outside walking but otherwise I can always do these videos. I like them so far.

    Hope this helps,
  • <~ WATP Fan
    I've been lurking and reading these posts, but I've not posted. Hope it's okay to just jump in. I have all the WATP tapes including the four mile. I like it. It's just a little bit different and it IS a challenge, at least for me. It varies because you travel during the side steps, you do a grape vine during some double side steps and some of the kick backs are a much more challenging DOUBLE kick backs. That one's a little hard on my knees. It takes a bit more balance. But I love all the tapes. And my apologies to Leslie, but I do wish she didn't chat so much. When you do the tapes every day, you have the chit chat memorized and it gets old. I wish there was a way to not listen to the tape, but I need to hear the beat and instruction. Thanks for listening everyone. I love this site! Mary in West Virginia
  • New Start.
    Ok... I had chocolate today. It is so weird what a draw it has on me. When I was on the challenge, it called to me, but I could resist. But the day after the challenge, it was too much. I had two snack sized bars, one of almond joy and one of reeses peanut butter cup. So, overall, I had one full sized candy bar. And you know what.. I really wasn't that good... and the bad thing was, even though it wasn't that good.. the sugar spike just made me crave it all the more, and to crave other food that I normally wouldn't eat. So today, I have been fighting cravings to want to overeat, and just stuff my face. I think I have done ok.. just the candy bar, and a couple ounces of extra cheese.

    So.. I am starting another challenge tomorrow. It's basically the same as the last one, but I have found that I NEED to declare this in order to achieve it.

    1) Exercise everyday, cardio or a pilates/abs video

    2) No Chocolate Candy PERIOD

    There. I said it. Mentally I now know it's off limits again, and I can say no to it. I've got to get back in the right mind set.. or I will be prone to fall off the wagon really really bad!!!!

    Ok... I need to get my girls into bed... I don't have time for individual hellos... but welcome to all the new members... and WTG to all the old ones!!!! :-)

  • day 7 success *falls over dead*
  • Day 1
    And again, my mind is a very weird thing. Because I have set out on this challenge again... I can look chocolate in the face and not want to reach out for it. This is something I need to work on... my self control towards chocolate.

    Mallory... WTG on Day 7! :-) And I know that feeling WELL!!!!

    Everyone Have a great Friday!!!!

  • Day 2 was a success. Day 3 is starting off well. I did cardio and abs this morning. BF and I are looking at joing a gym together. Maybe this will help stave off boredom.

    Cherie - Good luck with your new challenge! I'm with you on needing the challenge to stay away from chocolate (I have a prob with ALL sweets).

    Michi - congrats on completing day 7!!

    Hotcupojava - welcome!! We're glad to have you!

    Lisa - thanks for the info. I'm looking for different at home workouts. I love walking, however we don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood, so I don't like walking in the dark.

    Marti - you're almost there! You're doing great!!
  • Okay....so far okay day 2 is begining (I had to wait so I could start fresh at the begining of a day). Yesterday went well with caloric intake and I did my weight training routine for 35 minutes. However still feeling a bit out of energy (I was sick all last week) so thinking I may postpone my running program for a few more days. (It is still quite difficult for me WITHOUT coming off a sick week) Maybe I will try walking for a few days instead. hmmmm?

    WATP??? Is it along with a treadmill???

    Looks like you ladies are doing great! Glad to know others need a "challenge" in orger to stay on track also. I have always needed a short term "something" in view to keep me on track for the overall haul.

    I say..... CONGRATULATIONS on getting of your duff and doing something !!!!! We should all be proud for the effort.


    Height 5'5
  • 18

    Guess what happened. I left the house for school without eating any breakfast.! Just slipped my mind...But!! Wait--- I didn't go without. As soon as I got to school and I seen I had a little time left so I stopped in at the deli there and bought a blueberry muffin.

    Almost had you fooled eh? (just kidding) But I did succeed at breakfast even though it was a total slip up.

    Mary--Welcome!! I hope you decide to join the thread. We'd love to have you.

    You are all doing so well. I'm so proud!!!

    I need to get going... daughter calling...

    Take Care
  • Day four was a success. I went to the nearby park here at work and walked 1.25 miles.

    Lizhorn, no it's walking in place or a side step or two.
    MNJ- Good catch on that breakfast!

    You go Michi! Is it getting easier?

    Cherie-I have a couple of questions for ya as far as exercise goes.
    If I'm right, I think there are 3 types of exercise I should be doing weekly, Cardio which like walking and arobics, strength and or toning? and resistance??? So you see where I need some clarification there to begin with.

    Then I was wondering where floor exercises, like leg lifts,crunches,knee raisies,ect fall in?

    Also I was wondering how much of each per week should I be trying to get in???

    I hope you can help, I am tryin to get a well rounded exercise routine in place. Thanks for anything you got though,

  • I asked....
    I was speaking to James about your question... because I was curious myself. Here is what he had to say.

    Aerobic excercises are excercises that you do continuously to get your heart rate up, such as running, walking, jumping, steps, etc. A nonstop movement excercise.

    Anaerobic excercises is resistance training. Like crunches, squats, lunges and leg lifts. They tighten the muscles, but doesn't do anything to the fat. You can still see results, but the fat is still there. To actually lose the fat AND get toned, you need to do both.

    He says you could do either one on its own, but to get the results most are looking for, doing both is what you need to do.

    Now, I've never heard of anaerobic so this was an educational question for me.

    I plan on going on some kind of routine with James once we start up our gym membership. I plan on doing aerobic every other day, and the other days weight lifting. Last time we worked out at the gym, I preferred weight lifting. I actually ENJOYED lifting. And I was able to see the muscle devolpe nicely but I was always fussing about poochy legs, or arms. And he kept telling me to do aerobics. Need to get my heart rate up to burn the fat. So,, that is my plan.

    Didn't mean to butt in and answer the question, but I was curious too and so I thought I would share. If anyone has anything to add to that, feel free. I could use all the education!!!

    Hope it helps.

  • Lisa.. Marti is right.. there is areobic and anerobic. And you need BOTH... You can tone and tighten all you want, but if you have a layer of fat over your muscles, your not gonna see it. So you need the cardio (areobic) to burn the fat, and you need the anerobic toning to tighten and build muscles. Now, as for your question about the three different types... cardo, toning and weight training, I know women should do weight training to keep their bone density up. I haven't gotten to the point of lifting weights yet.. I am concentrating on the cardio to burn the fat, and the pilates to tone my muscles. Once I get closer to my goal, I think I will start using the weight machines for resistance and further toning that I can't get just by doing floor exercises.. I have a friend downstairs who lifts everyday.. and one day soon, I am going to have him show me how to do the machines downstairs.... I know how to use them.. but hey.. how many times do you get the chance of having a handsome and muscled man show ya how? hehehe.. I am bad, I know! :-)

    Marti, wtg on the breakfast save!!!

    Liz, it sounds like you are doing great!! Tell me about your running program. Before I got pregnant with my youngest, I was up to 7 miles a day.. now, I am just walking an hour a day trying to get the extra weight off.. then I am going to try to get back into the jogging. I miss it, but I don't want to over do my knees.

    Butterfly.. GREAT JOB!!!! Hope you and your BF find a good gym!

    Ok.. you know what... I didn't want chocolate all day long.. even with some of the stressful things that happened today... Wow.. just weird! Hahaha..

    Ok everyone... have a great weekend, and I will check back tomorrow!

  • Hi all,

    I am so beat tonight. I can barely type this. I just got done about 10 minutes ago (showered after) with my 1 mile WATP video. It's 9:38 here. At 6pm I did floor exercises for 45 minutes and at 6:30 am I did 28 crunches. This challenge is really pushing me hard. After all my floor exercises when I got home the last thing I wanted to do was walk fast. Hubby encouraged me gently and on I went. Man I love him!

    Thanks so much for all the info MNJ and Marti you've been a great help. I still have one more question, how much of each should I be doing a week? Any clues? I am so tired.

    Good night,

    PS I'm sending fun vibes to Redballoon.....:
  • Day 8 complete. I didn't do any WATP this evening. I did dishes dishes are always a struggle for me. I hate doing them > I had a few sinkfuls to do because I don't keep up with them at all. In Japan, dishwashers are pretty rare, and my friend Mayu said that was one of the reasons Japanese people stayed in shape so easily. They do regular housework with out use of machines too often. I think she said elevators are almost non-existant.

    Glad to see everyone's doing so well. Off to get some rest!
  • G'night
    Popping in again.. it's late, 11:50pm. Just wanted to comment to Cherie that with all the workouts that you're doing now, once you start weight lifting, you'll wonder why you haven't done it sooner!! It's really addicting and your endorphins fly high!! You just feel awsome afterwards. (wondering why I'm not doing them myself??) Actually, I started using my little weights that I have here at home to start toning my arms before we get our gym membership back.

    Lisa- I'm not exactly sure how much you need to do of each. James just tells me to concentrate on one each day.... like do cardio one day, and toning & weight lifting the next. I guess just alternate the days you do it. I usually like to spend 15/20 mins. doing cardio, then spend the last 40mins. of lifting. Get a whole hour of working out. I didn't do more than that in a day unless James is working out hard, then I usually end the workouts with more cardio. Do you have a gym you can join? I would suggest you sign up if you do. Grag you hubby with you and you'd be amazed once he gets going.... He'll feel good too. And if it's a time issue, getting at least 15 mins. of cardio is worth something. I used to jog on the treadmill on my 15mins. breaks when I was working. (we had a gym at work) People thought James and I were crazy, since we worked 12hrs. shifts. But it felt good. And I always slept good too.

    Well looky here, here I am giving advice on what good, when I have yet to do it myself..... but eventually we'll start going to the gym. Starting Monday, I will be getting up at 5:00am to do some morning walks around the neighborhood. Need to find my pedometer and my MP3 player and just go!!

    Ok, time for bed....
    You all have a good night and I'll chat with you tomorrow.

    Take care