644 days to go....the saga continues

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  • On track today. The scale was even lower this morning down to -27 lbs. Not looking forward to the usual weekend bump up. I overate twice this week so a three pound gain on Sunday seems likely.
  • Oh Snap! I completely forgot to post last night. Yesterday, I was able to confirm a one pound loss and moved my sidebar current weight to -26.5 lbs from -25.5 lbs. Still up 1.5 lbs for the year and 3.5 lbs from the lowest I reached last year.

    The first time I saw -26.5 was in September of last year. That is one whole year without any weight loss. Most of that time I was on plan and doing things that let me lose weight in 2020. My calories are lower that what they were last year, I am getting more exercise and sleeping better but no losses this year. Ultimately, I am stuck at this weight loss barrier with no path through. I am literally unable to cut calories and/or exercise more faster than my metabolism slows down. There are no reliable articles on this subject or how to move through this barrier.

    Many articles will discuss a plateau but what I am experiencing is much different. A plateau typically only last three weeks and maybe up to twelve weeks. I have been stuck here for 52 weeks despite doing all of the recommended things to get through a plateau.
  • Barely ate within my calorie limit today. Bad habits popped out at dinner time because I was indecisive. Tomorrow may already be on the rocks. Still looking for a footpath through this seemly impossible barrier. Definitely a barrier and not a simple plateau.
  • Stay strong
  • Over on my calorie count for today. It is one thing to be over but it is more concerning how little it bothers me. The barrier is strengthening. First was the metabolism slow down. Now, I am seeing a huge appetite increase. I'll just hang in there the best I can. Apparently my 'win' is going to be slightly less fat than I could be.
  • Slightly over calorie wise. Totally off track lately with what I am eating and barely squeezing in my exercise. It's a slow decline but the wrong thing (motivation) is declining...
  • Did well today. Now to repeat that tomorrow. Part of my problem lately is I tried to take too big of a drop in calories and it backfired. I should have known. I was trying to eat a little less, even below the original plan deficit, on most days so I could have extra calories on Sunday. I seem to want to eat more on Sundays lately so I was trying to work around that but it didn't work.
  • So the last few days, eh? I didn't forget; I just didn't want to post. I've been doing this a long time. 1365 days since January 01, 2018 when I joined this forum and signed up for a year long healthy eating course. From the time I actually started losing weight, June 1, 2019, it has been 849 days. It has been about 365 days since I've actually lost any weight.

    No matter what, it has been enough time to do better than I have. It is a bitter pill to know that I am doing better now than I have in years and years but it doesn't convert to actual weight loss. I find myself muttering unkind things to the success stories I read. For example, one person literally said the only thing they did was to eat a tablespoon less of peanut butter a day and lost 30 pounds in six months as a result. I have done so much more than that especially recently with no success.

    Am I quitting? I dunno. I sat down an wrote out another plan but I am trying to take a bigger step. Whenever I try to take a bigger step, I just fail faster. In fact, I am seeing this now. I didn't track this evening- so much for my re-commitment.
  • Trying to get back into fasting. Planning on fasting until 2:00 pm tomorrow.

    Had a tough day at work. Found out someone I trusted at work is really a backstabber. I don't trust people very easily and only have a few friends as a result. So this was a big blow to me and I spent the day crying at my desk on and off. At least I am working from home.
  • Well, I pretty much cried myself to sleep. Hopefully, I am over it. The job is a good one so I don't want to change. Plus, it takes me a really long time to even get another job offer.

    The scale matched my most recent lowest weight, -27.5 lbs. I just need to hang on to that for two more days to show a loss for the month. I am very pragmatic though.

    I fasted for 17 hours. The last 3 hours were tough. Then I only had a few calories left until my calorie window reset. Those hours were even tougher but I made it. Ultimately, I was a few calories over my limit. My calorie limit feels a bit random right now. I use to carefully calculate it and lower the number according to the weight I should have lost but didn't. Then I drop 20 calories off of that. Lost yet? Yeah, me too. Let's see, the new limit is 270 calorie below the theoretical calorie limit for me to lose weight.

    Made bad choices for dinner though and may be over tomorrow also.
  • Today the scale matched my weight for the start of the year, -28 lbs. If I can hang on to it for the next couple of days I will be able to show a loss for the month. I am having trouble sleeping- too much stress and late in the day caffeine.
  • Option #1 is a half pound gain for the month. I'll see what option #2 is tomorrow.

    Last night, I started my fast late and thought I was going to cut it short this morning. However, I ended up with a 19 hour fast.
  • I pick option #2, a loss of one pound for the month. I really wish I could have done that for every other month of this year. I am hoping I can maintain this. It (unofficially) puts me at my lowest official weight and starting weight for the year, -28 lbs. I wish I could be excited but the last time I was at this weight, it only lasted a couple of months.

    For it to be an "official" weight, I need to see it or lower two weigh-ins on my official weigh-in day, Sunday.
  • Held steady weight wise and was within my limit calorie wise. Tomorrow is official weigh-in day and I'll see how much of a bump up it is for this week.
  • I am able to confirm a half pound loss. I will change my current weight in the sidebar to -27 lbs (from -26.5 lbs). The next pound is at a critical point in the categories of obesity. If I lose that pound, I will move from Obese Class II, to Obese Class I. That would be a huge milestone. It use to be a critical point for the pain in my feet too. However, it is not an issue any more since I got my leg braces.

    I am really anxious about being able to maintain this loss. I have never been able to do it before. Essentially, I was at this exact point last year. Managed to lose a little more and then had a regain. Which reminds me, this next pound is also new weight loss for the year and after that fresh weight loss, meaning it will surpass what I managed to do last year.

    My lowest confirmed weight loss last year was -28 lbs.