January 2021 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

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  • Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for prayers for my DH.

    Nancy I'm glad to hear you are feeling more relaxed about things.

    Total Approx 1420 calories +

    Breakfast ( 400 calories & )
    spritz olive oil in pan
    2 large eggs 140 calories
    veggies 60
    14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
    1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
    Fruit spread 30 calories
    juice equivalent to 60 calories
    coffee w/cream & monk fruit

    Lunch (270 Calories)
    1 Siggi's yogurts 110 calories
    Fage 0 yogurt 90
    Fruit 70 calories

    Dinner (750 Calories)
    slice of dinner bread w/butter 150 calories
    salad w/salmon & BHF's ranch 600 calories

    1 hour outdoor walk, Classical Stretch Full Body Workout, Classical Stretch14 MIN Shoulder Pain & Tension Relief Workout with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Have a Blessed evening!
  • Good night all! Will be shutting down in a few minutes to go to bed.🍾😁❤️
  • Good Morning, Everyone!

    Last night: Basic stretches, yesterday's step total 12,829
    This morning: Oxycise

    Calories for yesterday: 1420 +
    Weigh In: 196
    Down: .2

    Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy.

    Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    January 14

    Psalm 11:7
    For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

    Don't let self-pity become part of your diet. It's very easy to feel sorry for yourself when you diet. First, you feel bad because you're overweight. Then you feel bad because of all you have to give up. You feel badly because other people don't seem to understand what you're going through. They get to eat as they please. All of these things can make dieters feel extremely sorry for themselves. Take heart. God knows what you're going through and He is delighted that you care so much about yourself. It is right and good to want to lose weight. Whenever we try to do what we think is right, God supports us completely. Replace self-pity with the blessed assurance that God is on your side.

    Today's thought: Dieting is no reason for self-pity!
  • January 2021

    I biked 30 tonight and did some wt. lifting at the same time.

    Larry, you are such a good sport...with everything you have gone through! Hang in there!

    Nancy: Sweets are still a problem. I have some peppermints that melt in your mouth that I am working on. I had a sundae today. But no more DQ coupons...
  • Good morning
    Ciecie, my heart goes out to you as you are losing your uncle. I pray for God's mercy, comfort, and peace during this time for him and all of you. Always so hard. Thinking of you.......

    USC4valpo, way to go on all your cardio. I admire that; I'd be better off if I did more of it.

    Diana, praying for your husband. Keep us updated.

    Teri, how interesting on the "low" and "high" road tidbits! I have Scottish background.

    Larry, your pacemaker battery makes me think of the Energizer Bunny. Since I dealt with patients coming directly from the cath lab, I can appreciate your T-shirt!! I used to remove the lines.

    Nancy, SO GOOD to hear from you, my chick friend! Mom and Dad are holding their own too. Thank you for asking about them.

    I took in 1275 calories yesterday. I also did a bit of recumbent biking. Hip was giving me trouble.

    Today's Plan: 1200-1400 calories, 2 liters water, cut up veggies today, fiber, cal/vit/min supp.
  • Good morning! Will have breakfast and work out in a few minutes.🍾❤️😁
  • Thank you for your prayers. The surgery went well and we are back home.
  • Let's do this!!.. Let's be accountable in 2021, never too late.
  • Good evening! Welcome to the newbies! My new tub is at the top of the stairs! IíM DREAMING OF A HOT BATH 🛀🏻!
  • Quote: Good evening! Welcome to the newbies! My new tub is at the top of the stairs! I’M DREAMING OF A HOT BATH 🛀🏻!
    I know you can't wait!
  • Hi Everyone!

    Total Approx 1520 calories +

    Breakfast (270 calories & )
    coffee w/cream & sugar
    fruit 70 calories
    2 yogurts 200 calories

    Lunch (800 Calories)
    baked chicken 250 calories
    turnip greens 50 calories
    steamed cabbage 50 calories
    green beans 50 calories
    stewed yellow squash 50 calories
    carrot salad 150 calories
    small bran muffin 200 calories

    Dinner (450 Calories)
    earlier decaf coffee 50 calories
    salad made w/spring mix, shredded carrots, mandarin oranges, grilled salmon & BHF's ranch 400 calories

    40 minute outdoor walk and Classical Stretch Full Body Workout Vol 3 Standing Portion

    Have a Blessed evening!
  • Good night! Will be shutting down after Dateline is over.😁❤️
  • Good morning
    to our new posters! Looking forward to getting to know you!

    Yesterday was okay. I took in 1430 calories. Did not get bike in but did do sit-ups.

    Today's Plan: 1200-1400 calories, 2 liters water, veggies, fiber, cal/vit/min supp., sit-ups, stretching, biceps weight lift.
  • Good morning! Will have breakfast and work out in a few minutes.😁❤️🍾
  • January 2021
    Good Morning!

    Diana: Yeah!

    Rachel: I am a little bit Scottish, too. I looked up definitions. High road: easiest path, most ethical path, highway. Low road: the cheapest way, the unethical way. I was surprised to see the easiest path being a definition of high road. Anyway I think I am using the words wrong. My hiking low road is flatter, easier. My hiking high road is hillier and harder... Oh well. Oh, I get new vocabulary words sent to me every day via Merriam Webster via email. I like it.

    CieCie: I'd send you a rubber ducky if I had one.. Does your pool come with jets? I thought some of those walk in tubs look kind of nice, especially if they come with a shower...

    Hi Marcadi and Blakcaesr!

    I was kind of lazy yesterday. I did some much needed grocery shopping. I ate a couple of tacos, but I bought no desserts. I ate some peppermints. At the end of the day, I finally biked 40 and did a few wts. at the same time.