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Rachel1234 01-10-2021 05:41 AM

Good morning
Ciecie, that's so sad about your friend's Dad passing :(. I am sorry.

Teri, good job on your workouts.

Remember all you Masterpiece Theater fans, animal lovers, and British drama aficionados: the remake of "All Creatures Great and Small" starts tonight at 8 pm Central Standard Time (I think that time is correct?) PBS TV.

My average for the past week was 1322 calories. I still would like to lose three to five more pounds, maintain it and strengthen my muscles. That's my goal for the next few months. Met my goals for yesterday, except for over calorie goal a bit at 1575.

Today's Plan: 1200-1300 calories, 2 liters water, veggies (cut up more today), fiber, cal/vit/min supp., chest press for weights, maybe leg press.

Diana3271 01-10-2021 05:59 AM


Originally Posted by Teri000 (Post 5426011)

It is after midnight here. I just biked 30 minutes and I did a little weight lifting.

Great job!

Diana3271 01-10-2021 06:03 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...iles/wavey.gif

Rachel I'm curious if Classical Stretch would be helpful for you.

Last night: Basic stretches, yesterday's step total 13,492
This morning: Oxycise

Calories for yesterday: 1330 + :coffee:
Weigh In: 196.0
Down: .2 (prednisone :tired: I'm decreasing the dose now. Next Saturday is my last day.)

Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy.

I love today's devotion. It really spoke to me on such a basic level.

Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

January 10

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

The stomach is a spoiled brat. When we miss even one meal, it kicks up a fuss and makes us feel as though we're going to starve. Of course, we're in no danger whatsoever, but once our stomachs get started, it is hard to ignore them. To diet means to engage in mind over matter. We need to realize that we can get by on a lot less food than we actually eat. We need to renew our mind, change our thinking, and decide that we're not going to be made a slave to our stomachs. We resent it when someone else tries to control us. Why should we so easily succumb to our own stomachs? When we refuse to be ruled by anything but the Spirit of God, then we truly please Him.

Today's thought: God can liberate us from slavery to the stomach!

Diana3271 01-10-2021 10:35 PM

Hi Everyone!

A friend from church wanted some of us to go out for lunch for her birthday. She wanted to go to Olive Garden. Way too much sodium!

Total Approx 1970 calories + https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...ges/coffee.gif Geesh, it adds up so quickly.

Breakfast (300 calories & https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...ges/coffee.gif)
coffee w/cream & sugar
2 yogurts 200 calories
fruit 100 calories

Lunch/Dinner 1670
Chicken gnocchi soup 230 calories
bread stick 140 calories
grilled salmon 460 calories
side of fettuccine alfredo 400 calories (unsure of the calories)
bread stick 140 calories
piece of birthday cake 300 calories

40 minute outdoor walk and Classical Stretch full body workout

Have a Blessed evening!

Teri000 01-11-2021 02:14 AM

January 2021

Diana: I found Olive Garden's food to be highly salted, too. I have turned down invites to go there because of the salt... I see you are doing the 40 minute walks, too. :) I am glad to get back home...

Rachel: I fell asleep and missed watching All Creatures Great and Small. Hopefully, I will pick it up in a few days with On Demand. Yeah for Masterpiece Theatre.

CieCie: Sorry about your loss.

I took the "high road" today and walked 40 minutes. It entails three upward hills, so it is much easier walking back... :) I talked to a neighbor about their beautiful landscaping. Another neighbor is moving...

Diet problems were a few little peanut butter cups, a small sundae, and some yogurt with sprinkles. I think maybe I "reward" myself too much...At least I remember what I ate...

Rachel1234 01-11-2021 06:18 AM

Good morning
Teri, you are doing wonderfully on your walking! You go, girl! I very much enjoyed "All Creatures Great and Small." Very well done and I look forward to next week's show. Hope you can catch last night's debut!

Diana, curious about Classical Stretch. Although, if it is something online or some type of app, I'm afraid I won't do that. I could always check it out? What more info do you have?

I took in 1690 calories yesterday. Got into the peppermint chocolate bark while playing scrabble. Sure enjoyed the afternoon, though :D.

Hello to Nancy, Jen, Larry, Ciecie, and USC4valpo!

Today's Plan: 1200-1300 calories, 2 liters water, veggies, fiber, vit/min/cal supp.

Diana3271 01-11-2021 08:45 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...iles/wavey.gif

Rachel You can get an idea from looking at their website and some free workouts on youtube. I did buy a DVD because I don't like to depend on online stuff. I also want to be able to workout in a different room from my computer without having to haul it everywhere. You can also watch them on PBS tv. Here's info about Classical Stretch, you can read through their site: https://essentrics.com/the-science/
A few free workouts that I have enjoyed:

ETA: I have not tried this one, yet. But it's slower, for pain, and it's full body: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qnaxj4ejDdM

Last night: Basic stretches, yesterday's step total 11,488
This morning: Oxycise

Calories for yesterday: 1970 + :coffee:
Weigh In: 199.2
Up: 3.2 pounds (Disaster! Wake up call!)

Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy. Have a great start to your week.

Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

January 11

Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

When I get hungry, I get nervous and anxious. I find that I snap at people and have a very short temper. This is an indication that food is more than just a pleasure; it is an addiction. To kick an addiction requires restraint and peace. Jesus Christ promises blessed peace and rest to all who come to Him. It is important for us to rely on the gentle comfort of God when we face the trials of dieting. God knows what we are going through, and He rejoices when we turn to Him for peace of mind and heart. It is not vital that we understand how this peace can come to us. What is important is that we truly believe God will grant it.

Today's thought: In God, there is peace that is greater than the turmoil caused by our dieting!

ciecie 01-11-2021 05:15 PM

Good evening! Mailed articles on The Buffalo Bills to my brother this afternoon. Busy day tomorrow. Will be taking the bus to a neighboring community to power walk and run errands.😁❤️🍾

Diana3271 01-11-2021 10:43 PM

Hi Everyone! https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...iles/wavey.gif

Total Approx 1360 calories + https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...ges/coffee.gif

Breakfast (300 calories & https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...ges/coffee.gif)
yogurt 200 calories
fruit 100 calories
coffee with cream & sugar

Lunch (400 Calories)
spritz olive oil in pan
2 large eggs 140 calories
veggies 60
14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
Fruit spread 30 calories
juice equivalent to 60 calories

Dinner ( 660Calories)
spaghetti squash 150 calories
hamburger patty 260 calories
pole beans 150 calories
vanilla pudding cup 100 calories

I had a busy day. Today was the annual termite inspection for the house, Cody had a Vet appointment because he split a toe nail, then I drove DH to get a crown on a tooth. I did Classical stretch tonight but I didn't have time for additional cardio.

Exercise: Classical Stretch weight loss and Classical Stretch stress relief

Have a Blessed evening!

ciecie 01-11-2021 11:12 PM

Good night all! Will be shutting down in a few minutes to go to bed.🍾❤️😁

Teri000 01-12-2021 02:42 AM

January 2021

I am an insomniac tonight. I cleaned out rotten food in the fridge...I hate when I let food go bad...

I biked 30 minutes and did some wt. lifting at the same time. I think I will try to aim for working out 5 days a week. I just ate some frozen veggies (microwaved) with some EVOO. Diet still off (donut, frappe, meatball sub, peanut butter cups and mints)...:(

Rachel1234 01-12-2021 05:18 AM

Good morning
Teri, What is EVOO?

I took in 1470 calories yesterday. I weighed in at 137.5 so am maintaining at this point. I hope to get some exercise in today. Need to cut up some veggies.

Today's Plan: 1200-1300 calories, 2 liters water, veggies, fiber, cal/vit/min supp., sit-ups, stretches, recumbent bike.

ciecie 01-12-2021 05:48 AM

Good morning! Will have breakfast in a few minutes. Will be taking the bus to a nearby community to power walk and run errands later on this morning.😁❤️🍾

Diana3271 01-12-2021 08:12 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/ima...iles/wavey.gif

Another busy day for me today. I teach the Bible study class today, I have my appointment to freeze the precancerous area on my ear, and our Ladies church meeting tonight.

I have been tapering down with the prednisone. Last night I slept a lot better. I have been exhausted from not sleeping well with that stuff. I was falling asleep while making my post last night.

Last night: Basic stretches, yesterday's step total 4,817
This morning: Oxycise

Calories for yesterday: 1360 + :coffee:
Weigh In: 197
Down: 2.2 pounds

Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy.

Today's devotion really spoke to me.

Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

January 12

James 4:8
Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

Dieting involves a constant struggle between two intense desires: the desire to lose weight and the desire to indulge in the foods we love. This is not an easy struggle. We are double minded. God wants all of His children to learn to be single-minded. Once we decide that something is important, we should learn to stick to it. That's not easy to do on our own. For that reason, it is helpful for us to draw close to God. He will listen as we tell Him our troubles. The closer we are to God, the more He can help us through difficult times. If we ask Him to, God will help us become single-minded. He is as anxious as we are to see us attain our goal.

Today's thought: God will keep us on the right track!

ciecie 01-12-2021 08:19 AM

Good morning again! Just had breakfast. Will get ready to go to Jamestown/Lakewood in a few minutes. 🍾❤️😁

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