One-week-at-a-time challenge #1 -- Give it a try!!

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  • Hello, everyone, this is another challenge in the spirit of the 21-Day challenge, which I am planning to continue (having taken up the baton from our founder Amarantha). I'm on my third 21-day challenge and it's great! BUT. . .

    I wanted something else, something short and sweet, where I can buckle down and go all out on and yet still come up for air before I burn out. So, I want to start up a ONE-WEEK CHALLENGE. Here, we'll look at the week as a whole, which also means we have room for slipups and unexpected evenings out, or whatever.

    So, unlike the 21-dayer where you commit to doing something every, single day for 21 days straight or have to go back to START and count over the One-Week-at-a-Time challenge is going to be about things like saying; I will go to the gym 3x this week, or I keep my calories to a total of 14,000 for the week, or I will not eat anything after 6 p.m. 3x this week. So, if you want to eat 14,000 calories one day and fast for the next 6 fine! Or, you can go to the gym three days straight and then flop back and do absolutely zilch for the next four.

    This way of attacking things will allow you to customize your challenge to suit yourself, allow for tortoise types and hare types to do their own thing AND means that getting back after after a fall doesn't mean you've lost any ground at all. It'll inspire that crucial element of success -- the POWER TO PERSIST!! I think it'll be a great motivator and great source of empowerment!!

    SO, come on!! If you're interested please jump aboard and tell us your plan for the week and then keep us posted with progress reports and tell us when your goal is accomplished, be it early in the week or at the end. I'll do this starting Monday and wrapping up Sunday night of each week.

    Hope to see you! PLEASE, join me!

    This space is reserved for our challengers. I'll write your names and challenges here and the date you've completed your challenge for the week and update it as we go along. I'm going to start a new thread each week but carry this data over so you can see how many challenges you've done.



    ** redballoon: (3x/week no food ('cept for protein shake) after 6 p.m.):

    ** doIlookfat?: (5x/week min. 3 mile WATP tape or 1 hr. walk, max of 3 junk foods):

    ** cerise: (count calories every day)

    ** jackieO:
    (work out at gym 5x, eat healthy on Friday night, drink 80 oz. water daily, vitamin daily, no starchy carbs after 3 p.m. 4x/week, no weighing til next week)

    ** Sandybrat:
    (yoga 5x/week, pilates 3x/week)

    ** jelynn: (80 oz water daily, exercise 4x/week, no eating out before weekend)

    ** friendsforfitness: (walk briskly for no less than 20 mins. daily):

    ** M.N.J.: (AB workouts 3-4x/week)
  • Allright, no eatin' after 6 p.m.!! Count to 3!

    My plan for this week is to NOT eat anything after 6 p.m. on three days of this week (from Sept. 15 through Sept. 21 with new challenge starting next Monday). The only thing I can have after 6 p.m. is a protein powder shake made with protein powder (one scoop) and no more than 300 ml of skim milk.

    OK, here goes! When I've done three nights clean I've made it this week.

  • For this week, I will either walk an hour outside or do the 3 mile WATP tape at least 5 times , and be allowed only 3 junk food items at the most. How does this sound?

    I'll modify it next week, if need be.

    Thanks for the challenge!

    155/150/130 (water weight gone )
  • We've got a nibble!!

    Welcome doIlookfat!!
    Thanks for joining the challenge. Please fill me in on what the WATP tape is. I think it's a walking tape, right? Culturally (at least from the States), I'm a bit out of it. So, 5x 3 mile tape or 1 hr. walk and only 3 junk foods allowed over the next week. Sounds great! Good luck!
  • Going for the first one down!

    Well, it looks like this is going to be my first night without eating. I ate a bit in the afternoon, actually not much and then rode the bike to the gym, worked out and because it was going to be 6 p.m. I drank the protein shake I'd brought with me because it had fruit in it and that wouldn't be allowed on my challenge. Then I cycled home and am really kind of hungry but I think, no, what the heck. I can make it through a few more hours and then I can get rid of one of the three days of no food after 6 this week. I'm drinking water and trying to keep myself distracted from thinking about eating. I figure, if I only have to do it 3x this week I can do it!!

    Sure hope to see some more people around here. It's just doIlookfat? and myself right now.

  • I'm in! Hel-LO, RedBalloon!

    This week I'm going to count calories every day until next Monday. No free days!
  • Count me in too, Redballoon!!!
    My challenge this week consists of attending the gym 5 times.(and working out, haha)
    Eating healthy on Fri night when I have dinner with my best friend. (This is the most important, beacuse I do well all week and then screw it up on Fri night).
    Drinking 80 ounces of h2o a day and taking a multivitamin.
    Not eating starchy carbs after 3 p.m. at least 4 days this week
    Not weighing myself until NEXT week. I am getting too discouraged for that nonsense.
    Anyway, I will let you know how I do!!!!
  • Hello ladies!! I am in!! My goal is to do my yoga 5 times this week and my pilates 3 times this week. One day down and 4/2 to go!! Good Luck to everyone!!

  • I'd like in!!!
    My goals for the week:
    80 oz water *every day*
    exercise 4x
    no eating out before the weekend

    We can do this everyone!!
  • checking in for today. I exercised (walked 1 hour) this morning and ate very well. No piggying out and no junk. This is 3 days for me!

    I have a conference tomorrow with dd's teacher (so weird, for 8 years I was the teacher! I love staying home. So it is the WATP 3 miler.

    Redballoon.....WATP is a video workout called Walk Away the Pounds. They have 1, 2, 3 and now 4 mile workouts. They are very simple, with weights too, and really get me sweating.

    Gotta make a quick getaway. Ds just spilt Chunky Soup all over the rug. Somedays try the soul. But I'm NOT going to eat over this stressful situation. I'm going to clean it up, and go on.

    Have a great day. Wish I was having one.

  • We're growing!
    Thank you all for joining me! Cerise, is there a limit to your calories or are you just counting? That's something I need to do, too. Maybe a later challenge.Good luck!

    jackieO, hello and your challenge sounds very ambitious. Oh, and heh, I've been known to just GO to the gym, do nothing and turn around and go home. And that was my goal, just getting there. Usually I do that little trick because I wind up working out but I also think it's a great thing to know that it's really not a trick. If you can't stand the thought of working out then you feel free to say, promises are promises and leave. It helps to just get there. It really does. Well, you're probably a lot more eager and raring to go than I have been at times in the past. Good luck and please check in and tell us how you're doing during the week.

    Sandybrat, welcome. Lots of exercise, OK!! for one day down!

    jelynn, water and exercise and refraining from eating out till weekend. Sounds good. There was an interesting link to why drinking water is good for you from another thread. Here it is:

    doIlookfat? to you for a successful day! Thanks for the WATP explanation. I've never tried something like that. I hear there are some great cycling ones too, like that have you touring through the Swiss Alps and so. OK, Chunky Soup on the carpet crisis? Hope you got through that without eating through it. I'm finally learning to deal with the stress/eat link. I'm so so much better than even recently and night and day from years ago when I was really bad and at my top weight.

    Well, reporting in here. I DID IT!! I got through last night without eating anything. And the first thing when I woke up this morning was, "I CAN EAT!" The great thing was is that I didn't pig out then. I just ate what I always do, a quick cup of muesli with nonfat milk before running out the door. I feel empowered! I did this. I don't think I've ever not eating after sundown. Really. I may do it again tonight but knowing I only have to do it two more times this week makes me feel so good!

    Ok, all, please keep in touch and new challengers, jump in, even if the week is started you can do something, anything in the remaining time.

    Take a look at the second from the top post in this thread. I've added everyone's name and challenge. Good for a quick reference.
  • Good Morning ladies!! Well 2 days down with my yoga!! got up early so i could do it ALONE lol no kids hanging around asking what ya doin?? lol they were still asleep! Hope u all have a great day!!

  • Accomplished my goal yesterday...drank my water,made it to the gym and did an hour power circuit, ate healthy, FORGOt to take my multiviatmin.....But my legs hurt so bad from the squats I say...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!

    On Track so far today...will let you know later!!!!!
  • 2 down, 1 to go!
    Sandybrat, thanks for the report. Okay, yoga is out of the way for 2 days. Only 3 more times for this week. And great planning there to get it done while the lil' ones were still asleep. Good for you!

    And jackieO, major day there for you! Uh-oh, if your legs are hurting already from the squats I hope you can walk today! Pop some aspirin and consider that pain your badge of honor! You are a warrior! And talking about popping pills, just take two vitamins today and give yourself an A+!

    Ok, I did it again. I've now got two days of not eating after 6 p.m. under my belt (and hopefully that belt will be loosening up. truth is I never wear belts because I wouldn't dare show them and accentuate the fact that I have NO waist) But yes, I had a similar day of going to the gym and working out very heavy, then drinking a protein shake I'd made and taken with me in the thermos. But then, and this is where it got tough, I had to go out and was actually out and around town for the next 4 hours whereas the previous night I was home and relaxing and into bed early. Well, last night I was SO hungry and I was about to eat something but again, just kept saying, I've made it this far, just DO IT and eat tomorrow. So I did and here I am, with 2 down and only 1 to go.
    Hurrah for me!

    Oh, and it was funny. When I was lying in bed last night something rumbled and I thought it was my mobile phone going off (on vibration mode). It was my stomach!