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Default How did i let myself get this fat?

Im 223lbs. And thats the good news bc the scale said 227 a few days ago when i decided that i had to chg my eating habits. The heartburn and acid reflux made my first chg easy. I wouldnt eat before bed anymore. Its only been a few days but at least the scale moved south for a change. Will i ever get to 135? For now getting under 200 is my first goal. I havent really picked a diet. But i am tracking my food now and trying to eat alot more protein. I find it impossible to give up carbs. At this point i can only add more protein and not eat before bed and track my food with calories. Do you guys think this will work? Im not even exercising. I live in south florida and its so hot. Plus i breathe so hard after a short walk. I think if i could just get under 200 maybe id have more energy. Im only 5'4 and 50 years old.
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Deciding to change is the first step. Committing to the change is the second. It's completely normal to sometimes find yourself back at step one. (God knows Ive been there more times than Id care to admit) But YOU get to decide whether you push through and continue onward or not. Tomorrow will come regardless.

Cheats that work for me:
  • going to bed early to avoid snacking/eating late (because I just DONT have the self control otherwise);
  • drinking LOTS of water (I exceed the daily recommended requirements);
  • making sure I have enough fiber & protein in my diet (I also don't cut out carbs, but I do try to limit my intake);
  • walking indoors at least 20 minutes a day! Texas gal here. It's hot and humid. Hard pass on being outdoors for now...
Best of luck
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I wondered the same thing myself. Iíve been stress eating like crazy the last 6 months and next thing I know none of my clothes fit anymore. I was already overweight before all the binge eating but now I need to lose over 100 pounds. I know what I need to do but my relationship with food is very unhealthy so while I can usually follow a program for a while I burn out fast. The longest Iíve been able to maintain is a couple of months. I decided I needed something rigid that had a lot of accountability so that thereís absolutely no wriggle room for me to cheat. I signed up for the weight management program through Kaiser and am on my first week. Iím already wondering how Iím going to keel this up for the 30 weeks of the program. The first 15 weeks all you eat is the shakes and bars they provide and itís going to get really old having nothing but that for months on end. Plus, I love to cook. I love new recipes and I especially love baking, itís relaxing to me, so that will be difficult as well.

On the plus side, I donít have to count calories or meal prep or worry about portion sizes. Not having to cook or prep has actually freed up quite a bit of my day. And I think that once Iím done with the Optifast portion of the program that I will be off of sugar and junk food long enough that hopefully it will be easier to make healthy choices and watch my portioning. Plus the average weight loss oh this program is 2-3 lbs a week so I could potentially lose 80-90 lbs during the course of the program if I really stick with it. Plus I like the motivation of having to check in with the doctor and get lab work done. It keeps me from cheating. I really hope that this is what works for me and that I can have the motivation to stick with it. Iím 42 and itís not getting any easier to lose the weight, as you mentioned. It helps reading posts from people like yourself who are in similar situations. It keeps me from giving up cuz, trust me, there are days when I think Iíd much rather be fat and happy than trying to be thin and miserable while I do it.
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