Motivational words

  • Hope you're having a good day!

    Motivational stuff for you to keep going for it!
    Anyone can post their own sayings here like mine for instance "Keep moving forward, not only will it show you the distance you've traveled but how much you got in you to go further"

  • "No quitter has ever won"
  • "In struggle we find our most noble selves, in victory we do not linger but rush to the next challenge"
  • "When things start to difficult, you know it's starting to become worth it"
  • "Doesn't matter how slow your pace is, as long as you don't remain stagnant"
  • "Blood sweat and tears are the basic payments to a happy prosperous life"
  • "You stumble, you fall, you bleed, doesn't mean you didn't gain anything from it, now get back up and walk one more time"
  • "Now you've started, get the word "quit", in the morning when you get up, remember why you got up, who is it for? what is it for?, now finish what you've started"
  • "Everybody has hard times, you just gotta become harder"
  • "Don't pray for easier lives, pray to be stronger"
    -Bruce Lee
  • "You know it's worth it if it's hard, times have changed, you must change with it. I've been in hardships as well like everyone else, when I wanted to quit in life and struggles, I knew I had to soldier on. I saw no light I saw no progress, beating on the same block of ice I've been beating on for 5 years. The words I had to keep repeating in my head during those times were "I have to get up again, who knows if this is the day that I see progress, if it's not, let's hope for the next day then the next then the next after that. Putting my foot forward into the abyss not knowing where the path was headed, all I knew was that I had to keep moving forward. Til the day I saw progress and even beyond that."

  • “The best deed of a great man is to forgive and forget.”


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