JUDDD/EODD/Alternate Day 2020

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    I've decided to start a Alternate Day Fasting or Every Other Day Diet thread because I have not seen a current thread dedicated simply to this. Anyone following this way of eating (WoE), as well as people who are interested trying this way of eating and looking for support and accountability are welcome to join.
  • I decided to try the Alternate Day Diet after reading a book of the same name by James B. Johnson, MD. I am at my highest weight ever and my doctor recommended this book to me. I had previously had good success on low carb diets but as I age I find that my body has different needs and I'm just so tired of cutting out food groups. The restrictions were just not sustainable for me in the long run. I am now pushing 50 years old and I have decided that its best to get my dietary habits in place now so that I might have a better quality of life as I move into midlife and the golden years. At 289lbs I don't believe I can have a good quality of life because I don't have that now. So I have decided to take my doctors advice and do something about it now. Today is my first day on the diet and I know that good support and accountability was a primary factor in my success of losing 85lbs 13 years ago. I know its a long time ago but I don't want to change things that work for me.

    I haven't eaten anything today because I have to read food labels in my pantry. I have not paid attention to food labels in a while and I have no clue how I want to start. I am thinking about a cup of broth just to settle things down so i can read labels without the urgent feeling of hunger.
  • Today is going better than I expected. I have not eaten anything for 18 hours and I'm ok. I thought I'd be starving. I'm actually more energetic than usual. Its very curious. I will eat one meal later for a total of 600 calories if needs be. Its there to be eaten if I have to. I will make a better plan of eating before my next down day.
  • Its the end of the day. I'm pretty proud of myself. It was my first Down Day (low calorie fast day) in a loooonnnnnnngggggg time. LOL I thought I was going to be starving. I thought I would have hunger pains. I thought all these negative things and not once did I ever think of how well it could go. I just learned a lesson. Today wasnt nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and I could have easily went without food if I didnt have meds that need to be taken with food. I felt hope for the first time in a long time about my weight. I felt like I CAN do this. This is the last time starting a diet. I am carving out a lifestyle. I'll have to. I'm not getting any younger and there are things I want to do again without pain.

    Breakfast - Fasted
    Lunch - Fasted
    Supper - 2 tsp CannaButter, 1 pkt Neoguri Ramen, 1 cup Chicken Broth = 600 calories

    DD kCal Total - 600
  • I successfully have my first Down Day (DD) under my belt. I am proud of myself and pleasantly pleased. This morning is my Up day (UD) and I have to remind myself that I can eat normally. Then it was like the entire world opened. I thought of all the things I could make yesterday but today I am drawing a blank. Well Im going to start off with a Chinese Steamed bun (BBQ Pork Flavour) and see what's up from there.
  • Yesterday was my first Up Day and it was harder than the Down Day in that I can eat normally on Up Days but I couldnt figure out what to eat. I think things will go smoother with a meal plan. Today is my 2nd Down Day and its a tad bit harder than the first. I have actual stomach growling which I didnt have on the first Down Day. I got a little bit of meal planning done today. I am happy for that. My dh has decided to join me now. So I have to plan for 2 people and since he is male he is eating 600 cals per Down Day and I only get 500. So I'll have to factor in his portion sizes.

    Yesterday I tried to eat normally which is 1800 calories but only ate 1300. I ate that much because I ate fast food for supper. I wasnt all that hungry yesterday.
  • Its a DD (Down Day) today and did OMAD as usual. Ended the day at 513 kcals.

    270 ml Campbell's Pepper Steak & Potato Soup
    1 c. Rice
    1.5 c. Salad
    1/2 medium Roma tomato
    2 TBSP Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
    1 tsp Coconut Cannabutter
  • Yesterday was an UD and I ate somewhat normal, although my appetite is smaller. I can eat only a little at a time before getting uncomfortably full. Yesterday I had Chicken Adobo, Guacamole with Pretzels, and Spaghetti with Meatballs. I put them in an Instant Pot and I dont like Instant pot pasta. The extra water seems to water down the tomato sauce. I had my first skinny dream. Usually I have fat dreams or oops I ate food dreams now I feel bad. Last night I was skinny with jeans on getting a SF Pumpkin Spice Latte and just living my best life. It was nice. I woke up feeling good and sure that this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I know everyone says it has to be a lifestyle but to internalize that and it manifest in my dreams tells me that the way I'm rewiring my brain is working.

    Today is my 3rd Down Day. Yesterday I stepped on the scale and I had dropped 7lbs this week. I'm ecstatic. I am just going to take it in stride and keep moving forward. I'm considering a cup of tea or something. ....dont know....i can I learn to like it sugar free with no milk in it? I'm a either it tastes good or dont bother type of person. Well its best to get this day started. Up days really go by fast where as Down days seem longer. lol


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