COVID stress eating ?

  • Anyone else doing this ?! I need help!!
  • Hard to believe there aren't any responses to this topic! I would have responded sooner but just noticed it now

    I am not stress eating but I am eating more because of boredom (at home due to non-essential businesses closed in my State) and loss of structure in the day. Both things that I can control if I try harder!
  • It's a stressful time and a lot of the usual distractions aren't available. It's common to go right back to an oldie-but-goodie -- stress eating!
  • Yes, I am definitely eating more during this time and find meal planning to be a highlight of my day. I know I need to break the cycle and focus on other activities, but just don't have the interest or ambition.
  • I haven't been, but I haven't been that stressed out about the situation. I guess I feel like it's out of my control and all I can do is stay home.
  • Not really stress eating. Often I've been eating wrong choices. Exercise has driven up my hunger. I've cut back on many foods again. Working on it best I can. I drink tons of water.
  • I am eating more but since i am not working I am walking and exercising more too
  • It should be mainly cause there's nothing else to do so I would recommend busying yourself. Any suggestions for me too?
  • I could really use the help
  • I have implemented some better vitamins and
    eating protein and veggies mostly. I do also drink a lot of water. By drinking it before meals I stay full longer and eating off plan is less likely to occur.
  • Quote: I could really use the help
    can you write a food journal with your feelings? If it's boredom, get your mind preoccupied.
    If it's otherwise msybe you'll need to talk it out with someone? Sending 💚 hope you get through
    it soon.
  • that suggestion of drinking more water is very good. And yes more good protein and veggies.

    I still think its incredible that I can't find any threads dedicated to Covid 19 and the crappy state of things in our world and i come off as purely selfish because I dont know anyone physically affected by it. But because of it, my summer seasonal job has been cancelled for this year, that meant 5 + months of a job I loved just gone and my purpose in life now gone. I guess this is what people who retire have to deal with. And I do have to search for a winter job as I usually do. and I just can't seem to adapt to accept being unemployed . and making myself enjoy having summer off (which I haven't had since being 16 or 17 years old)
  • What I'd recommend for anyone having trouble with eating more during Covid is to go out more (you need the sun) just a 10 minute walk can help greatly. If you walk for 20 minutes everyday then you might feel back to your old self. (20 min being the commute time that some people have when walking to work or school. I just picked a random number). People and doctors alike recommend going outside for a breath of fresh air and some sunlight. If you stress ate your way to being overweight then I understand (I've grown a belly). You can try a keto diet. Ketoing is eating less carbs and more natural fats. So your body would run on fats instead of running on carbs which leads eventually to fat loss which leads to weight loss. I also recommend exercising everymorning. Similar to the 20 min commute time.