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  • 1513 days to go. If I weren't such a screw up it would be 1505 days left. Honestly, I feel like I am doing okay. As always, I want to lose the weight as fast as I gained it but that is just not how things work. I'm looking forward to Sunday and am hopeful I can do a new calculation. It should shave a lot of days off. Maybe even a year's worth.
  • 1512 days to go. My scale played music again today. It is the second new low weight this week. I don't think that has ever happened before. We'll see if the loss sticks.
  • 1511 days to go. Took a look at the recent history I have been tracking and realized I may inadvertently be on the 80/20 diet. The 80/20 diet says you can make good diet choices 80% of the time and still lose weight. 80% of the days I have tracked recently, I have been able to create a calorie deficit which I equate with making good diet choices.

    Fingers crossed for a good weigh in tomorrow.
  • RECALCULATION- Confirmed Weight Loss
    1414 days to go. I had a confirmed weight loss today so I have recalculated based on my new current weight. 96 days shaved off- YAY!!

    My new end date is Sunday, January 21, 2024.

    56 lbs left to lose X 3500 calories/lbs = 1414 days
    138.6 avg. calorie deficit/day
  • 1413 days to go. Continuing my slow march to success. I need to do what I have already done four more times. One day at a time....

    Edit: I calculated the four more times by taking the amount I would like to lose (70 lbs) minus the amount I have lost so far (14 lbs) which equals 56 lbs. Then I divided the 56 lbs by 14 lbs to get to four more times. Weird how it is a nice even number!


  • 1412 days to go. I ended a 19 hour fast today and was able to create a nice calorie deficit of 405 calories.
  • 1411 days to go. I started another fast today at 7:00 pm today. This is the seventh day in a row I have been able to create a calorie deficit. It is a record since I started tracking this. My scale played music this am which means a new low weight. Fingers crossed the loss sticks around until the official weigh-in day, Sunday.
  • 1410 days to go. I completed a 20 hour fast. This is the eighth day in a row that I have been able to create a calorie deficit. This may be a record for me.

    So one of my problems and possibly the biggest with regards to weight loss is my brain and my belly have what can only be described as a failure to communicate. There are times when I have just eaten but my brain is telling my belly, quite loudly, that it is empty. Not just empty, that it hasn't eaten for days. I have developed a new strategy for this. I wear a belt and drink seltzer water. It seems to be retraining them on how to communicate.
  • 1409 days to go. Ninth day in a row for a calorie deficit and I am very happy I have been able to do this. Hit a snag- my gym, the local rec center, has been closed as a precaution to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Trying to figure out exercise alternatives that fit with my limitations. We just tried to donate a old piece of exercise equipment but it was so old we couldn't donate it. It may have to come back into the house instead of heading for the dump- LOL.
  • 1408 days to go. Tenth day in a row for creating a calorie deficit. Today was a challenge because I ended up snacking in the middle of the night. Pretty unusual for me but I woke up really hungry. Meant to have a little snack but it was double what I intended to eat. Was able to account for it during the rest of the day to keep the streak going.

    Visiting area gyms while the rec center is closed. The old piece of exercise equipment is sitting in the living room as a back up. Will likely be able to recalculate again tomorrow if the scale plays nice.

    A few days back I calculated that I had to do what I've done four more times based on having lost 14 pounds. I was just reminded that 1 stone is equal to 14 pounds. Funny how the math works out. I have lost 1 stone and need to lose 4 more.
  • RECALCULATION- Confirmed Weight Loss
    729 days to go! I had a confirmed weight loss today so I have recalculated based on my new current weight. 679 days shaved off- YAY!!

    My new end date is Monday, March 14, 2022.

    53 lbs left to lose X 3500 calories/lbs = 729 days
    254.3 avg. calorie deficit/day

    Eleventh day in a row for creating a calorie deficit.
  • 728 days to go! Twelfth day in a row with a calorie deficit! Seems like something has changed. I had more energy and I was able to create a larger than usual calorie deficit without trying! Really, really hoping it continues!
  • 727 days to go! Thirteenth day in a row with a calorie deficit. Same as yesterday- was able to create a larger than planned deficit without a lot of effort. I hope it keeps up. The area gyms have closed so I am working on a back up exercise plan.
  • 728 days to go. Overate today and barely exercised. All the closures in the area due to the pandemic have really messed up my routine. Hoping to get back on track tomorrow.
  • 727 days to go. Looks like I will be creating a really good calorie deficit today.

    So with the rec center, the gyms, the ice skating rinks and Pilates studios close, I took a walk for exercise....

    It was 30F, 13 mph wind from the NNW, so real feel of 15F, sleet/snow (horizontal at times), in the open space with fresh coyote tracks- so fresh I felt it prudent to stop and look behind me occasionally (I suspect I passed within 10 ft of it but didn't see it)....

    I'm not necessarily feeling more protected from the cornavirus restrictions. They certainly aren't protecting me from all of my own questionable decisions - LOL.