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S/C/G: 170/144/135

Height: 5'7"

Default Hi All

<1000 cal today
>2000 cal yesterday.

Well last week I did not meet my goals.
I seem to be on a binge then good then binge then good schedule.
My own fault.
Unlike Muse, nobody is pushing me to eat more.

Well a new week and new month.
Today I did fine and did not crave.
I had slid back into using artificial sweeteners and now am getting back to basics without the sweetener.

I noticed that it is easier to cross my legs now, than it used to be. Small things.

Hi Kelijpa welcome back!

Rachel- good job on the average cal for the week!

Diana- seems like you have really figured out brocolli and apples don't work for you. Good for you! Hope your neck feels better.

Muse- sorry you have to deal with food pushing relatives. I like the ideas others have suggested. Some people think pushing food is love and it would be cool if they can learn that for you not pushing food is love. Drinking water a lot can help one feel full. If I were to eat ahead though, for me, bread would not be a good choice but an apple would be . Bread is mostly empty calories and I just want to eat more and more once I start eating it. Everybody has their own things that work and don't work though. For me doggy bags are too much of a temptation; I am likely to eat them right away, instead of saving the food fo another day.

Ciecie- hurrah for all your power walks!

Nancy- another month a new start to getting to our goals!

Teri- Nice that you can associate gardening with your mom. I tend to like gardeners, and I tend to like to be outside rather than inside in good weather. I do not have a green thumb, but I try to keep up with it, maintaining it. Put in some grasses and weigelia last month and am wondering if I should add stakes to support the dogwood.

See you in October!
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good night all! just did 2 miles leslie sansone. will get ready for bed in a few minutes.
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Hi Everyone!

Total Approx 1515 calories +

Breakfast ( 400 calories & )
spritz olive oil in pan
2 large eggs 140 calories
veggies 60
14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
Fruit spread 30 calories
juice equivalent to 60 calories
coffee w/cream & sugar

Lunch (415 Calories)
2 pieces thin sliced bread 120 calories
Smoked Turkey Breast 50 calories
Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge 35 calories
Siggi's vanilla yogurt 110 calories
fruit equal to approx 100 calories

Dinner (700 Calories)
salad w/grilled shrimp & BHF's ranch 700 calories

KCM's Lean Body Circuits, upper w/8's, lower w/8's, Hi-Lo

Have a Blessed evening!
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happy 1st of october! went for a power walk this morning. will have breakfast in a few minutes.
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