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Default A minor, and attempting to live healthy. Help?

Hello, Iím under the age of 16 and I am trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. Iím 5í2, and have been confirmed by my doctor to be done growing. Iím 140 lbs currently...a little softer than Iíd like. I want to be toned and fit, so I track what I eat in a day in an app called MyFitnessPal, and my goal is less than 1,450 calories at 50% carbs, 30% fats, and 20% protein. I usually clock in at around 1,110-1,200 calories per day, and generally have an OK time keeping my macro nutrients under control. I also lift weights in my spare time, go on afternoon walks, and do minor cardio every day after school. However, I have a problem with sugar. Iíve regulated myself to only one ďdessert-nightĒ per week, but usually end up eating a dessert every two nights or so. I always go over my sugar limit (57 grams) when this happens. I have a hard time keeping that craving under control...does anyone have any recommendations for how to control it? Any stories of their own struggle? If I can eliminate my sugar craving, then I will be able to meet all my goals more successfully.
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If you are under the age of 16, I doubt you are finished growing. Focus on getting fit rather than losing weight. It is vital you do not screw with your hormones and your brain while you are still growing (physically and mentally). Food issues and habits established at this time in your life are hard to undo, so make sure you are establishing ones that donít involve starving yourself or over exercising.

Strength training and cardio will help you tone, and eat for satisfaction - not to overfill. The book Intuitive Eating is a great book to read. Also finding healthier alternatives to your go to sweet treats is great. Look up banana Ďniceí cream! Itís so good!
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It's not about how much you eat. It's about what you eat. Eat the right foods and you'll lose weight. Don't starve yourself. If you're frequently hungry, it means that you're not eating enough.

Focus on eating mainly whole foods (e.g. vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds). AHA recommends limiting added sugar to no more than 25g per day.

If you crave sweets, then eat fruit (fresh fruit or frozen fruit, but not juice). There are many popular desserts that can be converted to a healthy fruit-sweetened version, for example 1-ingredient banana ice cream (made from frozen bananas), or chocolate pudding (made from avocado, banana, cocoa powder). If you tell me your favorite dessert, I'll see if I can find a good recipe.
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I agree with what everyone is saying. The most important thing is to eat for your health. I understand that sugar creates cravings. Its true. So trying to find healthy alternatives is a great idea eg the Banana Nice Cream that Jules wrote about. Sounds like you know to stay away from those fake sweeteners that people buy in stores, and products made with them.
IMO the more you can eat for health, the better it is. Hoping the idea of finding fruit recipes helps.
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First off Congratulations on being a kid who is concerned with eating healthy and living a healthy life. So many of your peers are sitting around the house drinking soda and looking at a computer. I would keep doing what you are doing. Your body will thank you in 30 years. So you're 140 at 5'2". You're not that far from a healthy weight. I agree habits made now will carry you forward. What ever you do don't compare yourself to others. Everyone is different. If you have a treat every now and then remember you're supposed to you're a kid ( I think it might be a law somewhere). Unless it is causing you problems I think you are doing just fine. At your age your knees, joints, etc. are probably in good shape so use them. Keep hiking, running, lift weights, join in on some sports in school. Remember you are in much better shape doing what you are doing than most people.
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Well I would listen to your doctor if he/she says you are done growing. They are pretty good at knowing these things...

As for the sugar cravings these other guys are in the right neighborhood. I always tell my patients that you can help your sugar cravings by snacking on some fruit. Banana Nice Cream sounds tasty, and compared to vanilla ice cream can save you roughly 150 calories per cup. However, as fruit goes banana is one of the highest in sugars. Cut the calories down even further by munching mango, apple, or papaya. If you want to go rock bottom grab some berries.

Your macros sound a little off though, especially if you are working out.
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