June 2019 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

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  • Good morning
    Nancy, how awful on the credit card deal. That is really scary. Very disturbing.

    JulesMarion, mothering must be so very difficult. I don't have children but sure do admire those who do; it must be the toughest job in the world. Praying for you.

    Yesterday I took in 1800 calories. It's almost as though I'm on maintenance. But that's not where I want to be. I need to re-focus. I have 8 to 10 pounds to go til maintenance.

    Today's goals:
    1200-1500 calories, 2 liters water. fiber, veggies.
  • good morning again
    I've been thinking. I may ride out the rest of this month with maintenance. July 1st I plan to buckle down to lose the rest of my weight to reach my goal. Yeah, I like that plan. Just thinking out loud
  • julesmarion, so sorry your son is being a brat. you are wise to follow through with punishment. my parents did. went for two power walks today and ran errands both times. will go for another power walk and run more errands in a few minutes.
  • Quote: Rough day today. I did fine with eating, but my son gave me a run for my sanity. He and his sister turn 5 in a few days and they’ve both just reached some new developmental stage and it has been rough. My son is strong willed and has been screaming and yelling when he doesn’t get what he wants. Major tantrum and he hasn’t gotten it in his head yet that screaming and shouting rude/nastiness is only earning consequences. I hate to see him have so many privileges/things taken away but I definitely am not caving. I cried today, harder than I have cried in a long time. Feeling like such a failure as a mother. I know I’m not but it’s hard.
    Hang in there. No advice since I don't have children, just hang in there and do what you think is best and stay firm.
  • Good Morning, Everyone! Happy Weekend!

    I slept in this morning! It was awesome and I really needed it.

    Last night: Full Body Stretch and some stretches from Dr.
    This morning: Oxycise

    Calories for yesterday: 1615 +
    Weigh In: 187.4
    Down: .2

    I am happy for being down the .2. Last Sunday was Father's day. I ate off plan but tried to improve my behavior from the past. Last night we went to eat BBQ with our friends. I tried really hard to eat in moderation and I did. Normally, I would say that I was out with friends and I will eat like everyone else, but I didn't. I enjoyed in moderation. In fact, where we went last night, there were absolutely no options that were healthy, so I am happy with how I handled things. Still working on things and my behavior. I'm afraid, this is a lifelong process.

    Have a Blessed day and a great start to your weekend!

    Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    June 22
    Psalm 37:40
    And the Lord shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.

    Beth thought the program would never end. It had taken her years to control her weight, and it was still hard to be around scrumptious food for very long without overindulging. All through the evening, heavenly plates of food moved around the room. It was all Beth could do to resist. Whenever the temptation arose, she closed her eyes and quietly prayed to God for strength. It seemed like an eternity, but the evening finally ended, and she had somehow made it through. With a sigh of relief, she said a quick prayer of thanks as she walked to her car.

    Today's thought: When I can't make it, God can!
  • good morning again! will be going for another power walk and run more errands in a few minutes.
  • Good morning to all!
    WI 154.6 so down, not sure what happened there unless sleeping in, having the PF swing by and very little food the day before did it LOL...tis ok with me I will take it.
    WO will be none today just errands, the pain over my left hip bone seems to be getting better and I will continue to rest and apply heat/cold to it. I really think I need to lay off the hard treadmill and elliptical until this is done. Which may mean no hard cardio for 5 or 6 days and light walking since it is the jarring motion of walking that seems to aggravate it.

    Jules, as a parent raising children is a super hard and thankless job. Your children will really thank you when they are older and wiser that you kept your boundaries firm for them. Children need those boundaries to feel loved and safe, they will always test those boundaries to see if you are paying attention to keep them safe. I look back at my own upbringing and there was a period I truly acted out (8-17) it is a wonder I am alive today with the stunts I pulled. However my parents were firm yet loving and saved me from myself. Hang in there.
  • good afternoon! went for a third power walk this morning. also ran errands. will go for another power walk and run errands in a few minutes.
  • June 2019

    Its been a few days since I have posted. I will be really busy this week, so I may be absent a few days.

    Jen: I saw those toe pics. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. That looks really painful. I get upset when I can not get splinters out of my hands....My toes don't look as nice as they did when I was younger and the nails sometimes split...

    Zallie: I have been around elite athletes when I was younger. I was not competing at the same level, so I was not a threat. I found that they challenged me to work harder and improve my skills. I think we live in a winner take all society, so we see a few at the top cash in and the rest get very little. I don't particularly like that. There was a big athlete in the city who was accused of rape twice, but was never held accountable, I think, because he was such a valuable athlete. If he was an unemployed black person, he'd be in prison. I have also met athletes who were in chronic pain because of college sports activities.

    I have not been doing much, but I did get a dozen plants in the ground a couple of times this week. I am having problems finding space to put the plants in. Where I want to put them, I have some nasty invasive plants that I don't know how to get rid of....


    1) Food mover.

    2) Exercise.

    3) Gardening.

    4) Sorting.

    5) Work at a camp.
  • Teri What type of camp are you working at?
  • Hi Everyone!

    Total Approx 1330 Calories +

    Breakfast (260 calories + :coffee)
    Organic fuel vanilla shake 260 calories
    coffee w/cream + sugar

    Lunch (450 calories)
    salad w/grilled chicken & BHF's ranch 450 calories

    Dinner (620 calories)
    cabbage 200 calories
    Amy's mushroom risotto 240 calories
    Siggi's vanilla yogurt 110 calories
    cherries and berries fruit 70 calories

    1 hour pool jogging, swimming and paddling around

    Have a Blessed evening!
  • good morning! power walked to church last night. took advantage of the weather and did lots of stuff outside.
  • 9 mile hike done with a nice dip in a hot spring at the end. Great day with good friends and the time away helped with my patience with my son. I got 25K steps and burned well over 3000 calories according to my Fitbit. I ate yogurt with a little peanut butter and and honey and an apple with ice coffee for breakfast. Had a meat/hummus/pepper wrap and protein bar for lunch with a few servings of trail mix throughout the day for snacks. 2 fig newtons and cherries while riding home. Hubby and I had Thai food for dinner (I had veggies and tofu with rice). I finished the evening with some more yogurt and peanut butter and one Lindt ball.

    It stresses me out to not know the calories in everything I ate, but realistically I know that if I wasnít quite a few under maintenance, I was not over. I was hiking and moving all day. It was nice to be talking and moving all day. We saw moose tracks and bear poop. Thankfully we didnít see either animal though I did go with someone who carried a gun and I had bear spray.
  • Good morning
    JulesMarion, Wow! A 9-mile hike! That's amazing. I'm impressed. Way to go

    Yesterday, I took in 1780 calories. I'm grateful to have you chickies to be accountable to. To do this every day is very good for me. Moving along......

    Today's goals: 1200-1500 calories, 2 liters water, fiber, veggies, situps and stretching.
  • Good Morning, Everyone!

    Last night: Full Body Stretch and some stretches from Dr.
    This morning: Oxycise

    Calories for yesterday: 1330 +
    Weigh In Saturday

    Have a Blessed Day!

    Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    June 23

    Galatians 4:7
    Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.

    Kerry knew God loved her when she was fat, but she felt His love so much more now that she was thin. She knew it had nothing to do with how much God really loved her, but with how much she loved herself. Now, she could look in the mirror without shame blushing her cheeks. Now, she could hold her head up and not worry about what other people thought of her. Once she had been a slave to her body. Now she was free to be everything she wanted to be. She had once believed she would never be free of the weight that burdened her not only physically, but emotionally, too. God indeed worked wonders!

    Today's thought: With God's help, I will be free from fat.