June 2019 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

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  • grannynancy Those are stunning! I had some that were a very strong (color) red/purple-pink/orange/yellow. You can see some stronger colors on this page: https://www.almostedenplants.com/sho...archfields=The color was stunning and I always had butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. We had a colder winter and they died, not to return. It was a bit of an investment so I didn't plant them again. I might try again.
  • good morning again! will go for a power walk and run errands in a few minutes.
  • Good morning/afternoon to all
    We have not left yet since the party at the races does not even start the qualifying portion (who knew) until 5:30pm and then the actual main events at 7:30pm.
    WI down 1.0 at 154.6 but these are how my body has been lately, with swings and much as 2.8lbs in one day. So I am not optimistic at all.
    WO won't get one in today and doubt I will reach my step goal today. We are planing a meal out and since my sis is on weight watchers I am sure we will find a good friendly place to make good choices. Or we eat the food at the racetrack (please no no no)

    Granny and Diana your flower choices are wonderful. I don't have much in the way of flowering plants in our yard except for the lavender and the bee's love it. But I can't recall if they were crazy about the azaleas, everything else we have is of the evergreen nature.

    Well will try and check in later but not sure what my timelines will be.

    Enjoy gals/chicks
  • Quote: Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    June 15

    Romans 5:1-2
    . . .Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

    Some days we just need to stop and congratulate ourselves on how far we've come. Perhaps there aren't a lot of outward signs of our diet yet. Perhaps we aren't even close to where we hope to be. Perhaps we still have a long way to go. That's okay. Sometimes we need to rejoice in the progress we've made in order to have the energy to keep on going. The Lord created in six days, and on the seventh He rested. In every endeavor, especially the difficult ones, we need a break to sit back and enjoy what we've done so far. Even if the beginnings are humble, we can feel good that we are devoted to doing something good for ourselves.

    Today's thought: I'm better than I was yesterday, and I can't wait until tomorrow!
    I really really like this thought for today
  • good afternoon! power walked and ran errands on my way to and home from lunch. stopped off at home for a few minutes and then power walked and ran another errand. will get ready to go to church in a few minutes.
  • Well a whole bunch of yardwork done today and more to do tomorrow. According to Mr. Garmin, I have burned 1195 activity calories and walked 20,733 steps today and I would love to do it every day! Boy it feels good! I am running the sprinkler now on the last area so I can weed it tomorrow--- that Bermuda grass sure is sneaky stuff. I wound up with a contractors pack of Lantana (18 plants in a flat) so I am going to try it all over the place to see what is good. I would love to have a mass of it on one side of hte house. Also have to harvest blueberries and blackberries before the birds do. Today was a lot of shrub trimmng, about half the pine straw and weeding............ more of that tomorrow;

    Oh how mundane this stuff is but I enjoy it..........

    Oh. I was bad though. Costco had these pretzel caramel dark chocolate things on sale and I tried one. Yeah. That was a mistake bought the bag.
  • good night all! power to and home from church. ran an errand on the way home. will be shutting down in a few minutes to go to bed.
  • Hi Everyone!

    Total Approx 1470 Calories +

    Breakfast 260 calories +
    Organic Valley Vanilla Shake 260 calories
    coffee w/cream + sugar

    Lunch 410 calories
    Chick-fil-a Market salad w/BHF's ranch 410 calories

    Dinner 800 calories
    grilled salmon 500 calories
    spinach 100 caloires
    soft serve ice cream cone w/vanilla 200 calories

    1 hour swimming, padding, and pool waling/jogging

    Have a Blessed evening!
  • Good Morning, Everyone!

    Happy Father's Day. I am up earlier than normal. The ladies of the church decided to get biscuits for the men and church for Father's day. We decided it was easier to just get them from Hardee's. It's on my way to church so that's my job this morning.

    Last night: Stretches in the shower before bed
    This morning: Oxycise

    Calories for yesterday: 1470 +
    Weigh In Saturday

    Have a Blessed day!

    Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    June 16

    Hebrews 6:18-19
    That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil.

    When waters get choppy and the foul weather blows in, those who sail know enough to drop anchor so they won't be capsized or dashed onto the rocks. We can learn a lesson from that. As we fight to lose weight, we may find the weather a little foul and the waters a little choppy. Thank God that He is our anchor in all situations of stress and turmoil. If we remember to place our hopes in Him, He will protect us from the temptations and desires that threaten to sink our diets. Call upon the Lord, and He will answer you, and you will be saved.

    Today's thought: God makes me immovable in my determination to lose weight!
  • Good Morning. 137.6 YIKES but I was expecting it. I hurt all over and have learned hard muscle work causes you to hold water. I did not pee nearly as much as I normally would and was not really all that sweaty..........so I will hope for a whoosh later. Getting ready to get out and tackle the other side of the house.
  • good morning! will have breakfast and work out in a few minutes.
  • Good morning
    Diana, thank you for encouraging me with "You've got this"!! I needed to hear that You suggested using a phone app for monitoring extra steps, etc. I guess I don't know how that works. Do you have to have your phone with you (on you) all the time?? I know about fitbits, but don't know if I want one of those on my wrist. But I'd be interested in learning more about what you're talking about. Yes, I'm a bit technologically ignorant, by choice I guess

    I took in 2000 calories yesterday. If I lose my focus, I can easily do that....got into the chips and snack crackers...... the calories add up so quickly. Also had granola and chocolate chip cookie plus my regular food. Poor choices on my part!

    Today's goals:
    1200 calories, 2 liters water, fiber, veggies.
  • Hi All
    Thurs 1408
    Fri 1025
    Sat 1074

    Catching up.
    Had hoped to see below 144. Oh well

    Had a great time yesterday at a pickleball clinic. I have watched every video and listened to every podcast by Mark Rennesson so it was fun to meet him and learn from him. Had to travel to do it, but it was worth it.
    I would love to do a clinic everyday.

    Such fun exercise! Thinking, learning, sweating, focusing, competing. Love it! Fabulous way to destress.
    No thought of anything else. This is better than candy for me. And that is saying something.

    Back to real life.

    Grannynancy- Hats off to your huge amount of steps! and anything with chocolate and caramel and pretzel is pretty hard to pass up. The perfect combo of sweet salty, creamy gooey and crunchy. invented by the devil. The flowers look gorgeous. I have zone envy. I try to aim for zone 2, but over and over I see a lovely zone 4 go for it and murder it with the winter.

    Rachel - I laughed at your describing taking your 85 year mom to 3 hrs to watch cars go in circles around a dirt track. How was it?

    Diana- yay for the pound! And thanks for sharing about the not drinking in order to weigh less. A very human foible. It reminded me how I would aim to lose weight before an annual doctor visit and then I would still be fat, so I would reschedule and reschedule until I lost a little weight. If I felt ill, I would not go to the doctor because of the scale.

    Nancylmrn- way to go on the pound down! Understand your hesitancy to embrace it, so I will cheer for you!

    Jen- you have such a heart. Love your openness About the binge, think of how well you did up to it. Probably most of the day was in control. So there is only a little piece of time to modify Is there something you do or can to distract or calm yourself when feeling stressed ? Perhaps it could be limiting doing that hard chore for 10 minutes then taking a break. I have not yet conquered this myself. But sometimes the do the hard thing for a short time works for me. But I also avoid by going to sleep. That is still better for me than my drug of choice, food, but it means I don't get things done.
    By to be honest, I was not getting much more done the way I was eating before...

    All this writing has made me hungry.

    Do you ever think all the focus on not eating, and on food makes it harder to not eat? A conundrum.
  • good morning again! just got home from power walking and running errands. will power walk and run errands on my way to lunch later on this morning.
  • Hi Everyone!

    My breakfast was coffee w/cream & sugar, Vanilla Siggi's yogurt, chia seeds, berries & cherries fruit blend

    Lunch and dinner was grilled fillet, baked potato w/butter, steamed yellow squash, grilled lobster tail, croissant, strawberry shortcake

    No workout to report

    Have a Blessed evening!