June 2019 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

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  • June 2019
    I keep making entries that don't go through...
    ANYWAY, I hope you all are doing great!!!!

    I have wet feet. I am really tired. I just planted a half dozen tomato plants. Yesterday, I planted an iris. I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO. This is just a dent. I am just glad that I got something done...before it gets too hot.

    GranNan, I hope you find the right appliance. I wish appliances/cars, etc. were still made without computers. It is so expensive when they stop working.

    1) food mover
    2) exercise
    3) gardening
    4) sort.
  • good morning again! just did 2 miles leslie Sansone. will get ready power walk and run errands in a nearby community in a few minutes.
  • Good morning to all,
    7:45 am here and already 75 degrees outside...gonna be a hot one
    Offical WI this am up .8 for the week. I have been dancing around this loss of 14-16lbs now for 6 weeks. So I had to step back and think that in the past 8 weeks I have lost 1.5inches from my hip, pouch and waist. So I really need to stop being a whinny baby.
    Workout this am I did focus on my core with 3 sets or real planks 20 sec each...its a baby step start but I will take it. I will remeasure myself sometime in August.which will put me around the 6 month mark. Treadmill and I still have a hate/like relationship but it helps with the steps and overall cardio.
    I am still having pain across my left hipbone goes from the back to the front and if I sit too long walking those first few steps are brutal LOL Still not sure what I did not pull/strain that muscle maybe it will feel better after resting on the weekend.

    <Sigh> with you granny, I can't seem to get this late night snacking under control, I actually skipped dinner in leiu of a snack last night..was't hungry at dinner time then later in the evening the munchie's hit I have to find the balance I had 3 months ago when the weight was falling off and I was following the plan much more closely.

    Off for now but will pop in and out all day

  • Nancy, there are workouts to stretch your iliotibial band or IT band and I think those might help. Yes, you have been getting nsvs that are very admirable. Keep plugging on

    ciecie, I admire you so much...

    terri, wow, that is about as much as we would plant.

    Granny, glad you are ready to order!

    momwb, I wish my splurges were small. I ate so much yesterday. I would have been OK if I just limited movie fare to the movie, but we went and got some chik fila which I just ate a few chicken minis and a few waffle fries, but then I came home and continued eating without any real guide ..

    and the POPCORN!!! My stomach is so torn up from the movie popcorn.

    Rachel, still within reason! You are doing great

    Zallie, I have some wide brimmed with bows. People tell me they love when I wear a hat...it's interesting because I think I look ridiculous...

    Woke up to 184.2
    I did fine with coffee/xylitol/whipped cream until 12:15

    2 medium slush is, 7 twizzlers, 3 watermelon sour patch, 3 cups movie popcorn, 4 chicken minis, 7 pcs waffle fries, 1 pc chicken fried steak, 1 Oz gravy, 1/8 cup watermelon, 2 Brazil nuts, 5 peanuts in shells, 1/4 cup pretzels fish, 4 pcs lays potato chips, 6 sour gummy worms, 1/4 c popcorn, 1 pack toffifay,(140) 4 pcs dark chocolate almond dove mini (170)1 bite uncrustable, 3 striped shortbread with 1 c milk, 1 1/2 packs peanut butter crackers.

    I didn't log yesterday but I REMEMBER. I also just SNACKED all day, no set meals since the movies..got real hungry after playing in the kiddie pool with kids...

    I did follow my diet the day before, woke up to 184.4

    I had coffee/xylitol whipped cream

    Hamburger patty, 1/8 greenbeans lunch

    chicken fried steak, 1 oz gravy , waffle breaded chicken, okra (1/4 cup, chic peas ( 1/4 cup), mushrooms, mini pepsi, 2 Brazil nuts, 2 cups watermelon

    1/8 cup okra (snack)

    so my weights 184.4, 184.2 and today 187.8! You read that right. Pretty sure I didn't eat over 3500 even though I was snack crazy, I was mindful...but I'm sure the volume of food and the salt has me up.

    my stomach is also STILL in knots from the popcorn!!

    I have no idea what we are doing for dinner yet, but I'm tired and my stomach hurts

  • Hi
    146.2 up 2.2!
    Think it is due to eating some salty broth.
    1375 cal.
    Would have made the 1200 cal had I not eaten a plain tortilla after I had a tough conversation with my daughter. I was feeling upset and almost ate more, but went to sleep.

    Planning for under 1200 today.
    Did go to bootcamp Laying off pickleball fir a few days due to elbow.

    Momwannabe- I do so love banana bread and for me it is hard to stop. Today is another day.

    Have get back to work.
  • Totals finished:

    yesterday: 2913
    day before yesterday 1134.
  • good afternoon! just got home from power walking and running errands in a nearby community. will go for another power walk and run more errands in a few minutes.
  • Hi Everyone!

    Total Approx 1515 calories +

    Breakfast ( 400 calories & )
    spritz olive oil in pan
    2 large eggs 140 calories
    veggies 60
    14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
    1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
    Fruit spread 30 calories
    juice equivalent to 60 calories
    coffee w/cream & sugar

    Lunch (415 Calories)
    2 pieces thin sliced bread 120 calories
    Smoked Turkey Breast 50 calories
    Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge 35 calories
    Siggi's vanilla yogurt 110 calories
    fruit equal to approx 100 calories

    Dinner ( Calories)
    Salad w/grilled salmon (no chicken, woot! woot!) w/BHF's ranch 700 calories

    no workout, work got in the way

    Have a Blessed evening!
  • HI everyone much better day. 1414 calories today.
  • good night all! power walked and ran errands before supper tonight.
  • Morning
    144.2 -2.4
    Back down after a sodium blip.
    1075 cal yesterday.

    Jen- way to be honest in your confession and get right back down to low calories the next day! It was interesting what you ate and didn't eat in that confession. Like just a few nuts, and stopping and a few pieces if this is or that. In a way it appeared to show a degree of control.

    Teri- that is a lot of planting!

    Nancylmrn- that plateau - what a pain. Good for you to be losing inches! Way to keep up that gym work!

    Grannynancy-when it comes time to buy a fridge I will look at one like yours.

    Rachel- shout out to you! Lets keep on, keeping on.

    It has been hard to stay away from pickleball this week, but I have done it so far to rest the elbow. Have a training out of town this weekend that I want to feel better for. Will see if the orthopedic elbow specialist has any tricks that can improve it. Knee appointment is in July.

    This hunger is tiresome.. I think I am on the edge of a potential transgression, when I wake up hungry, yet it would be better to fast as I am going out to lunch tomorrow.

    Instead of fasting, may splurge and eat oatmeal which is dangerous as it can be a trigger food.
  • Quote: HI everyone much better day. 1414 calories today.
    Great job!
  • Good Morning, Everyone!

    Last night: Full Body Stretch and some stretches from Dr.
    This morning: Oxycise

    Calories for yesterday: 1515 +
    Weigh In Saturday

    Have a Blessed day!

    Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    June 13

    Revelation 21:3
    And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, 'Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.'

    Indeed, there is strength in numbers. When we stand alone, we are very vulnerable, and it is easy to give in to trial and temptation. When we stand with others who can relate to our situation, we find a special strength that allows us to cope. Our Lord put us on earth to live together; to draw upon the strength that comes through fellowship. We have fellowship with one another and with God. He is with us wherever we may be. By His presence, He turns our weakness into strength and helps us hang on through the tough times.

    Today's thought: God makes my hopes reality!
  • Good morning to all
    WI down a bit 155.2 but still a long ways from that cool low I had of 153.0.....such is life
    WO 30 min elliptical, 25 min of strength training upper and lower body, 3 sets of 30 sec planks and some formal stretching

    So today I am wearing a sleevless blouse to work.....I know right????.....I don't think it looks too terrible

    Jen way to go on the calorie count
    Zallie, maybe just have a high protien food in the am to counter that hunger surge? Yeah for the salt bomb being gone
    granny believe it or not I am exiced about your new frig LOL makes me realize that I really need to start shopping. We have a Sears scratch and dent place within 30min of us so may start there
    Diana, I am curious about the salmon you ate. Alantic? Pacific? Farm raised?

    Ok off for now must start work
  • Back down to 185.2. I am in PMS mode so hopefully won't see too many above 185.

    Zallie, if I don't expose myself to the food I'm craving, I show NO CONTROL when I'm alone with it. My stomach was MAD ANGRY last night, like how dare you only give me half of what you gave me the day before...and Facebook ads and my kids late night snacks didnt help. I wanted to go for a walk but not with this toe!

    Diana, thank you and way to go on being consistent

    Nancy, yeah, that is a big thing. I go sleeveless which is why I can tell my upper arms need to be toned and get smaller.

    my poor mom has terrible upper arms and a huge scar to boot from when she almost died from necroti zing fasciitis.