June 2019 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

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  • good morning! just had breakfast and did 2 miles leslie Sansone! will get ready to go see dad in a few minutes.
  • Hi
    144.6 up .6
    1221 cal yesterday.

    Rachel- 8 pounds from maintenance. Fantastic!

    Ciecie - super on the exercise!

    Diana- all recovered from the weekend?
  • Good Morning, Everyone!

    There was a transformer explosion a little while ago, at least that's what I think it was. The power went off and then the generator came on. Praise the Lord for the generator!

    Zallie I never recover, LOL. I really need to get to bed earlier, but as you know, there's too much to do.

    Last night: Full Body Stretch and some stretches from Dr.
    This morning: Oxycise

    Calories for yesterday: 1515 +
    Weigh In Saturday

    Have a Blessed day!

    Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    June 11

    Psalm 33:18-19
    Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine.

    Hunger can be a terrible, terrible feeling. It is unbelievable that just being hungry can make us feel so sick and weak, but it does. We need to find ways to train our minds to ignore the pleadings of the stomach. We need to engage in activities that will occupy our minds and absorb us, so we won't think of the food we should not have. In days gone by, people used to carry a copy of the Gospels with them, and whenever they felt tempted to do what they knew they should not do, they pulled out the Bible and read Scriptures until the desire passed. God is a wonderful diversion to occupy ourselves with when temptations arise.

    Today's thought: I'm not dying of hunger; it just feels that way!
  • Ok my body has gone completly insane and is really pissed off at me for reasons unknown LOL
    WI up 157 that is a 2.8lb gain overnight with my official WI tomorrow grrr. Has to be some kind of water going on
    WO went well at the gym and 2 rounds of my ab thingy for 15 sec each...goal to be able to hold for 2 rounds of 60 seconds then re-evaluate.

    Last night for dinner I had two servings of pasta and I admit the sauce I used was a tad high in sodium so I think that is where this gain is from. So I will be pushing water hard today

    Rachel fantastic!!!!!!
    momwa I am sorry that nasty chest stuff is hanging on...get well soon
    zallie, youi do need to give those injuries a bit of a rest. And glad you got that ice cream craving taken care of now it can go rest and not bother you any longer (until next time)

    back later
  • Hi
    Grannynancy- forgot to answer that I don't wear a tracker. This may be TMI. Gave my fitbit to my daughter. I don't really think I am that active as I have a desk job and don't go walking 4 miles before work like you do. For me it is more that I like to exercise and I am hindered from doing more from time and injuries. Don't much feel the need for a tracker. I played pickleball 5 times last week, and only did boot camp and lifting weights once and yoga . Want to up the bootcamp and weights. And if the knee gets better add jogging in once a week. This all takes time, so I do not watch TV, except for a very occasional movie, but I do listen to a book or two a week and let paperwork slide way too long. Rather be outside in the lawn and garden than do that. Went to TRX and CRX today. Felt good after. Mosly avoided the exercises that would aggravate the knee and elbow.

    I do think a tracker is in general a good idea and applaud you all for doing do many steps!
  • Hi all. Back on track and chugging along. The days I start with the Bible and prayer certainly are far easier.

    My plan is to stick with eating 2000 calories and have no added sugar. I used to try to track 1500 calories and then eat workout calories but I find it simpler to just have 2000 and exercise for health. I generally burn about 400-600 per day in moderate activity. Fitbit has my daily burn about 2700 calories but I donít know how accurate it is. Sugar makes me nuts and then I turn into the Ďsugar monsterí and then all I want is sugar sugar sugar. When I just say no to sugar I go to veggies and fruit. I am coming to terms with the fact that I just donít do moderation.

    I havenít weighed in yet, I think I will wait another week or two. I am in no rush.
  • Hi Everyone!

    Total Approx 1515 calories +

    Breakfast ( 400 calories & )
    spritz olive oil in pan
    2 large eggs 140 calories
    veggies 60
    14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
    1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
    Fruit spread 30 calories
    juice equivalent to 60 calories
    coffee w/cream & sugar

    Lunch (415 Calories)
    2 pieces thin sliced bread 120 calories
    Smoked Turkey Breast 50 calories
    Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge 35 calories
    Siggi's vanilla yogurt 110 calories
    fruit equal to approx 100 calories

    Dinner (700 Calories)
    Salad w/grilled chicken & BHF's ranch 700 calories ----> I am ready for some salmon or something different. Sometimes I feel like I am going to sprout feathers.

    Leslie Sansone Miracle Miles 3 Miles

    Have a Blessed evening!
  • good evening! power walked to and home from my meeting tonight. my fitness goals for today have been attained.
  • Good eve
    Just popping in
    Skipped dinner tonight since my lunch was so late then ended up snacking....sheesh I know better
    so over all ww points...oh eaten lol
    but did think some of mystery water is gone

    see everyone in the am.....
  • Eeeek. I ate banana bread this morning. What was I thinking??? I'm feeling very fat and yuck today. Slept very badly.
  • Good morning
    Took in 1290 calories yesterday. I didn't get my exercise in.

    Today's goals: fiber, 1200 calories, 2 liters water
  • Good Morning, Everyone!

    Last night: Full Body Stretch and some stretches from Dr.
    This morning: Oxycise

    Calories for yesterday: 1515 +
    Weigh In Saturday

    Have a Blessed day!

    Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

    June 12

    Matthew 12:39
    But he answered and said unto them, 'An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.'

    Everybody wants guarantees. Everyone wants an escape clause: Money back if not completely satisfied. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way all the time. Often, there are no guarantees. Sadly, many people approach their faith in Christ in a similar fashion. They don't want to believe unless there are guarantees. They want to have some sign that will remove all doubts. There are signs of God's goodness and glory all around us, but we ignore them all too often. God does not promise us that He will take all obstacles from our lives. Instead, He promises to stay with us and help us learn to conquer them. We need no sign: God is with us, and His love is forever.

    Today's thought: Christ is all the guarantee of success I need!
  • good morning! will have breakfast and work out in a few minutes.
  • Good Morning. 136.4. BP 114/75. Another busy day at work. I sure wish I was in the yard planting things instead. Bought 3 lorapetalum, 2 Veronicas, and one Of these that I think will be a good contrast with my Lorapetalums https://www.monrovia.com/plant-catal...iatic-jasmine/

    Sigh. Still struggling with snacking and focus though basically maintaining. At least I weigh every morning and try.

    On hold on a con call at work so checking now for personals (If I go back a page I lose my post so I will save, then edit)

    Momwannabe - well you can't undo the banana bread Be nice to yourself and move on. I can empathize. Been there done that and hated myself for it.

    Nancy - kudos on the gym AND the age comment. Hope the mysetery weight came off and hang in there.

    Jules - a good reminder - and here Diana gives us these wondeful verses and things to think about.

    Rachel - way to go on the 8lbs from maintenance!

    Zallie - if you find a good hat let me know! I have dark hair and my head gets hot so I just keep my hair short. I hate hats. I do have an outdoor research hat I wear a lot but it is not as cool as without but good sun protection (and it floats) ..... https://www.outdoorresearch.com/us/e.../2434410910009

    For the fridge I started narrowing down to couple of vendors and Whirlpool (who also makes Kitchen aid and maytag seemed to be at the top for reliability for that appliance) so I looked at their models. I wanted freezer on bottom based on one we had years ago and the space needed a wider unit so I looked at french door models. Because of a wall and doorway we have to pull it out from counter depth anyway so we decided "counter depth" was not a good option (and why the heck are counter depth refrigerators MORE expensive when they are smaller?).......... Started with a no frills model (no in door ice/water) but when we went in and looked, the build quality of the 5 door model was so much better and it was on sale so..........Going on tomorrow night to order it.........it appears to be a popular model and I spent an entire night looking at reviews. I am buying the extended warranty. Never used to but these days with appliances it seems a ncessary evil. Oh and the handle design also "matches" our kitchen aid diswasher and GE oven ...... the only thing I don't like is it is standard stainless not fingerprint resistant stainless
  • good morning again! just got home from power walking and running errands. will work out with leslie Sansone in a few minutes.