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Omg...MADE IT THROUGH day 1 back on the diet...

stomach growling like mad with that weird empty sensation...but I like it...

thank you for prayers Diana. Always can use. I especially need prayers for work. Behind and I need motivation and energy to catch up. Yes, please pray I cut the toenail STRAIGHT UP and leave no jagged edges...it has to go from the bottom to the top...once I do that...I can get the annoying side piece out that is digging painfully into the side...it's really like clipping the whole side of your toenail...you just normally can't because of the edges of your toe, the scalpEl looks kind of like a wedge and you just take it up the side of the nail...I've watched nail technician videos (they can't do surgery) and it doesn't look complicated.

praying for good #'s weigh in

Nancy, grandkids are a joy!! probably some water retention

momwb, great NSV!!

Granny, I like 8pm outdoors stuff too in this heat. Problem is. I'm at work...blah!

Zallie, hope yesterday was better

so with kids commandeering my food and limiting snacks. I got in 1115 for total intake...

SO am very hungry today. Don't know if I will make it to 1pm with just coffee but we will see....
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Good Morning 134.4 fine with that! - BP 111/72.
Today is planned - yesterday I was pretty much on plan though I must admit my husband's full fat greek yogurt has gone into my mouth more than I planned it.

Got estimates on the surgery. Ok Tummy tuck AND arm lift = $12K no insurance. That is in the range of what I was expecting to pay. A lot of money but then we drive our cars for 15-20 years and are otherwise very prudent with our money. I have the money set aside without having to dig into retirement accounts. One thing I got was that the lower body lift which covers outer thighs butt and abdomen does NOT tighten up those abs. the tummy tuck is actually more restorative than the lower body lift. I think it the better choice since my ab muscles are beyond stretched out. Also getting a referral to a hernia doctor as I know I have a small incisional hernia left over from my hysterectomy and a hiatal hernia so we are going to look at fixing all that at once and it may be insurance can cover part of it with the hernia.....which is legitimate. Right now looking like probably August......

Jen - wow - I will be praying for you on multiple fronts. I cannot even BEGIN to imagine doing minor surgery on my own self. With the kids gone this is the best time to reset habits. How old are they? Maybe you can make a game of it and give them a lockbox and keys for their snacks?

Momwannabe - Have you seen the DOCTOR on this one? It could be pneumonia. Glad the dress fits well now. What a neat bonus.

Nancy - I agree some of it could be water - recfocusing when I got back was quite hard so definitely come up with a plan.

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Default Hi All

I had a long post and lost it at the hairdressers!

Will try to recreate.

Grannynancy- Awesome on the 134! So glad you have shared about the skin and surgery and all. I am interested in reading about your journey. If my daughter ever loses significant weight that type of surgery might be needed.
It does seem worth it to me too. I too would have saved up and done exactly what you are doing. Good for you! And I noticed the over 21000 steps . Yowza!!! Also thanks for the craving link. To me it makes sense that it is more the timing and triggers and habit than the body needing certain nutrients. It is a struggle for me. You are doing so well. And are a role model!

Nancylmrn- hope you are having a wonderful time despite the heat and you can get back on the horse when you are done with your vacation. If you can keep the eating somewhat under control on vacation, I call that a win. And she crab soup tastes like clam chowder ? What type New England or Manhattan?

Diana- Way to go on the calories! Thank you for keeping this going and for your daily devotionals on weightloss. They often resonate with me.

Teri, Hi!!! I have been thinking about you more than you would think as I have been watching my seedlings die in the ground after I planted them. I am very impressed with your ability to make them grow and thrive. How is that health insurance coming? I saw that you did something about it. That was a big step!!!!! And I am also impressed with your weeding in between th rains. We also have had a good amount of rain here. Beautifull now, but it is supposed to rain all weekend.

Now we finally have leaves on most of the trees. The new type of vibrant green leaves that are so wonderous to behold. If you ever get in this area at this time it is lovely- as is fall around Oct 1 to Oct 15 ish depending. Of course I am perhaps overjoyed because I truly believe we are done with winter.

Rachel- you are doing great with the return to 1200 or less a day! Way to go! Glad to have you back out of maintenance, as it helps me too when you are in the fray! How is your uncle?

Jen- Way to do on not binging!!!!! Awesome!!! Did you do that toenail? It sounds like an awful thing to go through. And this is from somebody who lost one or both of their big toenails once a year for 20 plus years- from playing squash. Yours is above and beyond. Hope it goes well and you get some relief. Congrats on getting back to the working on weightloss. You can do it. I see such motivation in you. If there is any way to reduce the opportunities for food that are triggers, go for it. I know it is hard withkids. Mine seemed so into mac and cheese for such a long time, but now they have on their own turned into sushi lovers.

momwannabe- I am concerned about your cough. But sometimes they do just take a long, long time to go away. Good for you on maintaining despite the illness!

rdanielshanner- Hi! I see that you have been posting often! Super! For me that is very helpful. Hope you find that too. What is your classical stretch? And what is your exercise history if you don't mind me asking? I personally have gotten a lot out of yoga, as I am very, very tight by nature. I am at least less tight , due to it. And I am always interested in learning new stretches.

Ok- so I have been the worst that I have been since I started this diet in March.
I now weight 147.8 as of this morning when I weighed 145 two days in a row earlier in the week.
Totally understand why. I ate 3025 calories at a party I had on Monday. I expected to do that, but what I did not expect is that I have continued to eat leftovers all week. I finally threw out the worst problem offenders yesterday. Chips and crackers. i only ate less than 1200 calories one day this week, if you don't count today.
But there is still a lot of fruit around. Next time I am sending more stuff home with friends.
Live and learn.
I don't think I have a chance to make the 1200 cal or less average per day for the week, as I have only had 1 day less than that this week. Today I am doing well, but I would have to basically fast this weekend to make it.
Tough to do that on a weekend as I am home and not at work. But I will do what I can do.

So today I have eaten zero calories and am about to go to bookclub and drink a one or two glasses of wine. If I can not eat, it will be a good thing as I ate way more ritz crackers than I would have liked this week!

Ideally I would keep both Saturday and Sunday to 500 calories or less.
Not sure I can manage that, but will try.

One last thing. I have had folks working in my house since I started on this diet. They are now gone and since they started I have lost about 25 pounds and now my house has had a facelift. The rest is up to me to do. I kind of feel like both the house and me are looking better. Now it is up to me to finish the job! Not easy but I hope doable.
This was the first real facelift of the house in 25+ years and it needed it.

Happy end of May!!!

Onto June! See you at that post area!
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S/C/G: 217 /*/140

Height: 5'5"


Granny, wow that is so amazing to look foward to.

Zallie, I do that without parties around...

OK food today
Coffe, xylitol, whipped cream
2.5 eggs, 2 pcs bacon

2 pcs roast beef, 1 tbsp goat cheese, 1 tsp mayo
3 tai peI chicken egg rolls
2 packs duck sauce
1 mini can pepsi, 1 mini can sprite (drank 3/4 of this)
1 cup honey dew
1/4 cup Reese snack mix

1 green tea icee.

I have to log calories later but so far so good. A little tempted to go too far with ds3 and I munching Reese snack.

I woke up 188.2 yesterday, and peed 3x and went to office and got back home and weighed 187.

I woke up today to 185.4. Pleasant drop. Great to see it...motivation enough..

toe was a disaster today...the tools WERE too small to do the job...wedge needed to be sharper...did manage to get just a sliver more cut away from the inflamed skin...but went ahead and got Dr. Scholls ingrown toenail softener. I hope it takes the pointed pain away...
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

Total Approx 1435 calories +

Breakfast ( 400 calories & )
spritz olive oil in pan
2 large eggs 140 calories
veggies 60
14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
Fruit spread 30 calories
juice equivalent to 60 calories
coffee w/cream & sugar

Lunch (415 Calories)
2 pieces thin sliced bread 120 calories
Smoked Turkey Breast 50 calories
Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge 35 calories
Siggi's vanilla yogurt 110 calories
fruit equal to approx 100 calories

Dinner (620 Calories)
Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad I omitted their dressing, which is in the total calories and subbed BHF's ranch 620 calories (actually less)

KCM's Amped Up Cardio, combined workouts, no drills

Have a Blessed evening!
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Height: 5' 5 3/4"


I worked out Thursday morning, slept in Friday and getting back on track tomorrow. New month, I have to meet my goals.
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Height: 157


I have lost 3.8 kg in 26 days
Where is my tracker?

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/197.4/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Join us at the new thread: https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/wei...ml#post5389893
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