Lost 40 pounds, arms look the same?. (Pics)

  • Iíve slowly went from 170 pounds to 130 pounds over the past year and a half. I workout, lift weights, etc. Iím toned everywhere except my arms which are flabby and jiggly. I canít tell if itís loose skin or just fat. Im only 24 and they wonít go away :/ does it look like fat or loose skin? And any tips to improve them? Thanks

  • It looks like loose skin to me. I am not an expert, but I would think continuing to do exercises for your triceps will cause your muscles to get firmer in that area and tighten up the loose skin. Either way, you've done a great job and deserve to be proud!
  • I'm not sure if it's fat or loose skin. Do you do weightlifting? If not, then I suggest doing it, because it'll probably help your arms to look better.
  • Congratulations on your weight loss! You might like to try some port de bras movements from ballet.

    Here is a nice tutorial that explains the movement and also gives hints on how to hold the shoulders, elbows and hands. This type of movement can really help the arms and shoulders. You will feel it in the back as well, when done correctly.


    If you don't want to click on an unknown link you can search for the video in YouTube by putting in Ellen Davis ballet, or Teaching Classical Movement with Ellen Davis. That should pull it up. I'm not affiliated with Ms. Davis, but used to be a dancer years ago and ballet creates lovely arms.
  • Looks like 'an arm' to me!! From my non-expert experience, that's what arms look like
    I'd say enjoy your healthy lifestyle and if you're wanting better muscle definition then work on continuing to shape the other bits of your arm with shoulder/bicep/tricep exercises etc.

    Well done on your weightloss, that's a great effort.
  • First of all, they look smaller to me.
    Second, it looks like loose skin. you can look into laser liposuction (It's a laser to help tighten skin) or skin removal surgery. You can also build muscle to help fill out the extra space! (Strong is the new sexy!)
    Or you can love yourself and pat yourself on the back for your victory!!!
    (I have this "bat wing" too, and it's loose skin on me)


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