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I am going to bed! Exhausted! Nothing to cheat on here so that is good!
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Hi all
Thanks for your positive kind words, and prayers for my mother. Now dr is thinking its not pneumonia. He wanted to do a CAT scan. She would not give permission until her regular dr said to do it, UGH. So I hope Tuesday they will do the CAT scan. I am trying my level best to stay positive. That's difficult when the anxiety is triggered. But onward.

Jen great re your hip being healed. I used to do healings for people at a free healing clinic. Of course I would never fly alone when doing them. I would call in lots of assistance from Divine. Anyway, what people used to say is when we give a healing we receive a healing. I think maybe it raises our vibration thus allowing healing to be received. Whatever the reason, I am so glad you got healing as well!

I hope your stomach feels better today.

G Nancy I hope your stomach feels much better today.

Syck that cake you got sounds really nice. I wish I had a piece (or three) now. your food yesterday sounds awesome. Pork and indian food.

Weekend I like your goals/intentions. Glad you fully enjoyed that spare rib. with no regret!

Ciecie I hope the eye doc appointment goes well

Larry Great that the ramp came out so good. That walden farm sauce sure does sound good. Are you still zero carb?

Diana I am glad you made an apt with the doctor. How far out is the apt? Ouch re being around junk food, with the kids. It would take a lot for me to resist. Hope the agreement with your friend helps.

Jules I hope you hear from the dr on Tuesday. I know that waiting can be difficult

Nancy L Sorry you didnt get that hike in. AND sorry DH has problems with walking. is it his knees? Feet? ...

Zallie :wave

Hi to everyone I missed

Today I succumbed to stress eating. Anxiety is sky high.
Coffee 250
Bamba 500
Chocolate covered salted caramel balls 220
chicken with low calorie feta and vegetables 300
salad with homemade Asian dressing 250
Hot chocolate 100 ...later tonight
Total 1620

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday
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Default Good morning

Diana, so frustrating about those awful shingles. Still praying for relief for you, dear gal.

Larry, Your spaghetti squash sounds good!

JulesMarion, hang in there, chick! Today is a new day!

Yesterday went pretty well. Met most of my goals. Still need to focus in on getting full amount of water intake. It's definitely doable, just need to focus on it a little more.

Today's goals:
situps, fiber, 2 liters water, 1200 calories.

Thinking of you all, even when I don't post personals about everyone.
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good morning! larryh, glad your wife is happy with the new handicapped ramp. i'll have breakfast and work out in a few minutes.
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Trying to live below 200
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Good Morning, Everyone!

Thank you for the support and prayers. I will call this morning to make the appointment with the Dr. This morning the rash area feels better.

Last night: Full Body Stretch and some exercises from the Dr. I keep forgetting to post my steps. Last night I finished up at 12,000 steps
This Morning: Oxycise

Calories for yesterday: 1515 +
Weigh In: 188.6
Down: .2

Have a Blessed day!

Copied from Crosswalk Devotions for Dieters

March 5

1 John 5:14
And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us.

'God just doesn't want me to lose weight!' said Stephanie. 'Each time I try, I fail. If God really wants me to lose weight, He'd help me.' Many people feel just like Stephanie. They think God isn't helping them because they aren't successful in their diets. The problem is that they want God to take the weight from them. That simply isn't the way God works. Instead, we need to know that He will work through us to make us strong enough to face the challenges and trials that await us. We take heart in knowing that God will not let us down and He will work with us all the way.

Today's thought: God will grant me courage that will not run out!

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Default Day 1 results

You guys made me smile yesterday when I was at work and needed a boost.
Such support of each other.


Met day one goal less than 500 cal yesterday 1200 avg for the week, as I fasted and just had tea and water 5 cal. Feel better. Less inflammation.

Played pickleball for two hours. Did tennis elbow PT and got 7 hrs sleep.

Today's goal is less than 700 cal as tomorrow I plan to indulge. No expectation of exercise today, except PT And try hard to zoom home from playing a gig and go right to sleep as I want to be at a bootcamp class at 5:30 am tomorrow. Won't get the 7 hrs but will try to get close.

Thank you for setting up this board and welcoming all in. Have heard shingles are painful. Sorry you have to deal with them. Yet you still did all that exercise. Good for you!

Good luck with your mother. Don't quite understand somebody questioning and thus delaying getting CAT scan, unless it is the cost? Sorry for your succumbing to stress eating. I too do that and did this weekend. Helps that there is another day to try again.

Hi. Nice that you have nothing to cheat on. And I like that one day at a time thing. And sleep!

Love Indian food. Vegetable korma a great favorite. Am starting to try to make different dishes at home, but they don't always come out the way they do in a restaurant.

Hi to all others. Can't write more. Gotta zoom to work.
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Good Morning 135.2 <hold> Hanging in there - still not tip top but, unlike yesterday, today is planned and I have already got in 9398 steps with a goal of at least 12,000 - once again a very busy work day. I also broke my popcorn rule yesterday and not to happy about that.

Now to get back in the swing of things. Amazing how a few off days will throw things out of whack. Going to at least read up and get through personals! I can see I have a LOT of back up reading to catch up on - so just from yesterday....

Zallie - Hi! Good to meet you. Normally I post every single day but have mostly missed a few. This is definitely a supportive crowd!

Flower - I will pray for your mother and healing and openness on her part for the tests she needs

Rachel- water is a challenge and I know you are doing will. One way I do it is a have a 40 oz tumber that I fill 3 times a day and every time I pee I take a big swig

Diana - am so sorry about the shingles - you are back in my prayers-glad to hear Ms Connie is doing better even with the Shingles. Yikes what a lot to go through.

Jendiet - Thank you for praying. I forced myself to walk this am and am feeling some better. I will pray about your athiest family. I know often their "religion" is much more in your face than other Christians. I would follow Jesus' lead and love them but I would not take their abuse. I have a rule on my FB page - you can challenge a viewpoint of mine but if you are snarky and obnoxious to me or any of my friends. Poof. I delete your post. A good way to train people how to treat you. It IS your page.

Weekend - planning ahead and not having cheat food around is a recipe for success. Sometimes I think that is what I need every day. sigh.

Larry - glad your DW is so happy with her ramp!

Nancy - Will have to read up on your DH foot issues - I know it is a bummer when a partner does not go walking with you. Dogs at least help me. As much as big pointy eared dogs are a lot of dog to have they do give a feeling of safety (remembering your creepy guy)

Jules - Somehow I missed the post about your doctor results but whatever it is...EDIT ... OHHHH I remember! The dreaded scallions or worms or alien creatures you found. Good Grief how long does it take them to figure this out?

Syckgirl - I LOVE Indian food. I just bought some Frontier Herbs curry powder and it was quite good. I have not tried that particular pizza crust. I have some cauled "Caulipower" which is a knockoff but it does have rice flour in it as well and the one you mentioned does not. My daughter makes her own but mine never turns out as well. I want to make some cloud bread.

Ciecie-/ Kelijpa / Teri -

EDIT - update on DD2. The neuro says that while her spinal fluid pressure was normal it was some variability and she wants to do another later and gave DD2 some medicine to regulate spinal fluid pressure to see if it helps. DD2 is needle-phobic (as is my DH) and HATES medical procedures and is deeply opposed to going through it again. You know, I had a spinal and an epidural, DD1 had an epidural. And the only deal was transient nausea when the anesthesia went in and the BP dropped..... So we are trying to be empathetic but we were at the end of pregnancies and for whatever reason she said even with the numbing agent the spinal tap was very painful. ....... She did not get a post tap headache but I think we give her some time. We try hard to empathize It is odd. I do remember the deal when I was a kid with getting shots was that my mom would get me ice cream and a comic book after one so it was a good trade off - mom was honest with me and I was honest with my kids - it will hurt but just a bit - you can'r really say "like a bee sting" anymore because I used to get stung all the time but my kids did not - waning bee populations? Lack of clover in yard through which you ran barefoot as a child? Wasp control sprays?

DD1 is not needle phobic at all like me. DD2 oh dear. When she was 5 we had to chase her around the health department because she ran away and hid in a cabinet to avoid a shot. I remember having pump races at blood drives to see who could pump it out the fastest (don't do that! If your bleed time is too fast they have to trash the unit!!!!)

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Default March 2019

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for your warm welcome. So many of you are still here and doing really great. I sort of drifted away. There are lots of distractions. I need to keep the messages short this month, because I have so much to do. Nyahhhhh.

Been thinking about what I should be doing: accomplishments, goals to start...and weigh in later....
1) fixed ice water bottle
2) using up food in house.

1) bike or walk
2) use food mover
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Good morning/afternoon/evening (depending on where you are)!

No word from doctors. Iím not too concerned - I probably flipped out over nothing anyway.

I read all the posts and am thinking of you all, I just donít know that I am going to take the time to do personals this morning as Iím running a bit behind.

My goal for the day is to be intentional with my choices, and to not comfort or boredom eat. I just have a terrible time at night after the kids are in bed, I want to sit and eat. My husband and I are trying some different evening routines to help encourage different habits. I am almost through Atomic Habits - fantastic book! I highly recommend it. Many of the concepts outlined I have done in my health journey without even realizing.

I hope you all have a great day!
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Work in Progress
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Good morning/afternoon/eve to all
WI up 1.0 no real reason that I can figure out???? and my WI is tomorrow morning and I was so hoping to make my 5lb mark now it looks like this week will be a wash with no loss, that 1.0 gain put me a 0 loss for the week. Made it to the gym this am but only did 20 min on ellipitical with 2,000 steps then switched up to stair master and upper body weight training. Just was not feeling the love of the place today. I will get some 'laps' in later this moring though. Eating has been on plan all week and no devations or indulgences even though I have the 'points' for sure.

OK enough of my rant and frustration, when you do everything right and still have setbacks It is a bit discouraging
I will get to personals later today, right now have to get back to the 'grind' ....well no so much of a grind at my place of work LOL
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Diana, so sorry you are still dealing with the shingles. I again command the virus to dry up in Jesus name and get out!!

Nancy I don't know where your post was when I was posting but I just saw it and I'm sorry sweetie you were up a pound I know that's frustrating but the only thing you can do is just keep doing

Larry, that's awesome and it's obviously durable...spaghetti squash sounds great!! I'm making zoodles/spaghetti for myself and regular spaghetti for the boys but I am requiring they try it..

ciecie, glad visit with dad went well. Pray eye visit goes well too.

Weekend, way to go, the only way to fail is to give up! One spare rib was probably well deserved. With my flat feet, could only imagine the problems from walking in slippers

Jules, food comforting is never good, but planning a treat is not bad. I pray whatever is disturbing your peace will be smoothed out in Jesus name.

Flower, that is interesting that non-biblical healers can do so based on biblical principles. I think your heart is golden and I believe God will always use a pure heart.

​​​​​​I hope to catch everyone else later..

179.4 lbs for today ..a little frustrating but I remind myself I am in PMS territory, if I can stay below 181, I should see an actual loss after TOM.

this cold snap has me frustrated about planting...but this should be the last one this year

I did food Ministry today and also went and got some tarps to help out the homeless camps so I try to stay busy today and not think about how hungry I am which is a lot more when I'm PMS even tried something new I Chris some rotisserie chicken skin up in a microwave and it was pretty good for a low carb snack my plan is about 1350 for the day

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Hi everyone I hope that you are all doing well today and having a good new day. It is cold here but really doesn't feel too bad as it is sunny and the March sun feels warmer. I stayed up late last night as you know and felt a bit sluggish this morning but now I am fine. We are going over my parents tonight, I am baking a cake in a bit and bought another for it (my bro and sis in law are coming as well). I wont have any, I am not the just one bite type of person! lol It's easier for me to not taste any at all. I willjust sit there and chat a bit, we will have dinner prior to going over so I will be satiated anyhow. Speaking of which, chicken and salad tonight.
Day 4 today (it helps me to count days) and so far so good.
Tomorrow will be very busy as we are going into Boston and then I may have my pc unplugged a day or two later in the week but will surely come in when I can. I will just keep focusing one day at a time.

FLower, ty for updating us and I hope they get the CAT scan done today. Oh on that spare rib, nope, no regrets at all! lol It was a lean one too, if you get the big bones ones (which my dad asks for) they are more lean and don't have as much fat as the little ribs with small bones. Hugs and keep us posted.

Rachel, congrats on a good day yesterday with goals met.
Diana, I am glad your rash feels better today. WTG on your workouts.
Zallie, I am glad your day went well and we got you smiling!

I lost a lot of the post, ughh! I did personal to everyone but lost some. Sorry! I was about to copy to be safe and then send and it went out on me. THe restore auto saved some of it.

Nancy, hang in there. Your doing great with your exercise and we still have a whole 26 days left including today. I have to run but hope to rewrite and catch up with the rest of personals soon.

I will be away tomorrow, wishing you all a wonderful day.
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Terri, it's great to see you!
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Okay, I made it through the night! I sat with 7 of us whilst they had dessert and I did not have one morsel. I just can't! I was bad last week and am just so adamant now. Warm weather is coming and I can't afford to lose another month. Taking it day by day is helping me tremendously.

I just got back a few minutes ago and tired now but we had a nice time and I helped mom clean up. I am heading off to lay on the couch and do some sofa surging a bit before bed. I had no time to talk to Dh about dinner tomorrow night but will be sure to do so when he comes back (coming back early for the appointment).

Wishing you all a good night and if it ended up not being so good let's all remember that tomorrow is a new day and we tackle it again. SOmetimes late at night I feel hungry but if I just sleep I swear when I wake up that feeling is gone, it passes. My fingers are freezing , lol, so I am heading off in a few. Talk soon, hugs
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

I called today to make an apt at the Dr's office. The Dr. couldn't see me until next week so I decided to be seen by the NP tomorrow.

Total Approx 1515 calories +

Breakfast ( 400 calories & )
spritz olive oil in pan
2 large eggs 140 calories
veggies 60
14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
Fruit spread 30 calories
juice equivalent to 60 calories
coffee w/cream & sugar

Lunch (415 Calories)
2 pieces thin sliced bread 120 calories
Smoked Turkey Breast 50 calories
Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge 35 calories
Siggi's vanilla yogurt 110 calories
Apple 100 calories

Dinner (700 Calories)
smaller salad w/grilled chicken & BHF's ranch and mixed fruit 700 calories

TF Fire 55

Have a Blessed evening!

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