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Rachel, congratulations! That is awesome and what a nice goal! Thanks for sharing with us
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Jen, I caved and had that stupid chocolate cake last night. I swear, that in bed I could taste sugar in my mouth, ugh! Needless to say, I pushed it aside and started again today. Have you ever tried those sugar free jello's? They are pretty good! THey are small little jello's with very little cals and not too much sugar, the ones I like are the mix of choc. and vanilla, it really can fix a choc. craving. We would put a puff of whipped cream on top too. Just sharing as I always love to hear of new products and substitutes you all may have. Anyhow, I found that it can help to have those in the house as a little dessert for when those cravings strike and just wanted to share. I am glad you didn't have a headache today and felt better. Keep at it! One day at a time as I always remind myself, sleep well and wishing you a good new day tomorrow. Hugs, weekend.
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Terri, it is so nice to hear of your germinating seeds again! I really always relished your stories and you just gave me incentive to start again. I miss that so much! I miss doing that, things got so busy and may be busy for some time but no reason I can't find time to start some seedlings again this year! TYTYTY! I am putting that on my goal list to get the packets when I shoot to the store, I so miss my morning glories and moonflowers! More on that later.
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GrannyNancy, yay on a good doc visit! I honestly think that you do so great and are so aware of so many health factors. Don't underestimate yourself, you really are a trooper! As for the white coat, I have that too and my BP skyrockets insanely. What is crazy is that I get nervous when I take it myself too!
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Default Evening All,

Evening All,

Am writing this in the hopes I do not eat one more thing tonight.
Just ate enough sushi to get up almost exactly to 1000 calories!
On plan today.
990 calories vs goal of 1000
500 bagels
240 eggs
250 sushi

Rachel Congrats on the 5 pound goal. Way too go!!!! I think will treat myself too when I hopefully get to 0's and 5's.
GrannyNancy- Congrats on being able to get off bp meds!!! Good eating and low weight and exercise. Tremendous! Also I love dogs. Used to go jogging with mine too.
Terri-good for you to go through a lot of papers. That is something that has been on my list for too long to do.
Jen- ditto on the feeling about paperwork.
kelijpa - 144.8 sounds great!
weekendboater- glad you had a good week and went right back on track.

Thank you all. Knowing I am going to post the truth has helped me so far. Still scared about it all when I think I need to keep going. Sprints are one thing- marathons another.

Very impressed with those of you who have lost 10 pounds or more. Some of you 50 pounds or more. That is just super. Makes it more believable that I might be able to do it.

And to anybody who is in warm weather right now, let me just say, I am a bit jealous and sick of this 17 degree weather. I actually am considering putting on new snow tires on now-- this late in the season, as I was sliding dangerously last week.

Hope to be in a better mood tomorrow!
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Hi Zallie keep it up, your doing great. I so hear you on not thinking too far ahead as when I think too far ahead I can get overwhelmed, thus the one day at a time philosophy. It really helps me to post too and ideally daily or as often as I can. It has been particularly a big help to me to post when I DO mess up, the chicks help me! It can be a long journey sometimes and we will hit some potholes in the way but it's about, I feel, being able to share those trying times and helping to lift each other up.

As for the weather, I see your in NY! Dear lord, I am so tired of the cold too! I am in Mass and it was in the 20's today but we change the clocks ahead tomorrow and I just knowwwwwww that it will get warm and mild here in a heartbeat! New England is famous for changing weather abruptly! Hang in there! Our nice weather will come soon! Hang in there and I hope you get a good nights rest, tomorrow is a w hole new day. IT's amazing what a new day can bring and how we can awaken to a whole better mood sometimes. Keep on truckin! Boater
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Did I say I was going to bed? LOL nope! I am swing over to my parents a bit to show them the pics I took of the place and then I will get to bed. So far so good on todays plan, it has been excellent but the night is not over yet. Again, nothing to cheat on and no I wont hit ma up! hahahah Night everyone and I hope you all wake up to a great new day tomorrow.
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

Total Approx 1565 calories +

Breakfast ( 400 calories & )
spritz olive oil in pan
2 large eggs 140 calories
veggies 60
14 g. shredded cheese 50 calories
1 piece thin sliced bread toasted 60 calories
Fruit spread 30 calories
juice equivalent to 60 calories
coffee w/cream & sugar

Lunch (415 Calories)
2 pieces thin sliced bread 120 calories
Smoked Turkey Breast 50 calories
Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge 35 calories
Siggi's vanilla yogurt 110 calories
Apple 100 calories

Dinner (750 Calories)
Steak 350 calories
side salad w/BHF ranch 200 calories
1 servings steamed carrots 200 calories

JS 1 Mile Belly, Buns & Thighs Walk, 12 Minute Fat Burning Power Walk, 1 Mile Express Interval Walk

Have a Blessed evening!
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Default March 2019

It feels really good to be back with this group

Wkend Boater and Jen, I am so elated that my seedlings are germinating. I have teeny little leaves on my drumstick primroses (they form a ball shaped flower). I really hate failing at stuff. Last year, I mixed up potting soil, and then never got to it...I have a hard time staying on track when I get criticized...

Hi Zallie….I am swamped with papers.

1) biked, did knee exercises.
2) did not use food mover, but I can recall everything I ate. (That is a good omen.) I had small chicken and veggies sandwiches today. Alas weakness are a half a piece of hummingbird cake and a not-so-small frappe. Oh, Wkend...I used to be able to eat 500 calories in junk food and still lose weight.
3) did not drink enough water, but I tried zero calorie Pepsi.(Just okay.)
4) poked holes in cups for seedlings/reading book The Library Book, about fires at libraries.

1) exercise
2) food mover
3) drink more water/buy a case of Pepsi (no cal).
4) figure out health insurance
5) transplant seedlings.

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good night all! jendiet, my appointment went very well. he did tell me that test I had December was inconclusive for glaucoma but that my optic nerve is fine, which was the second main concern of his. I do have to go again in six months. power walked to and home from supper tonight. ran an errand on my way to supper. will be shutting down in a few minutes to go to bed.
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Heading off to bed even though it is early on a Friday night but have my hike with sister in the am. Eating wise I did well and if you go by ww points I had 16 out of 23 today, earned at least 9 activity points and a few 'roll overs' from yesterday.

Personals tomorrow afternoon Thank you to all the amazing chicks who keep me sane and accountable
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Default Good morning

Granny, Awesome HDL at 92!! WTG! I bet your exercise did that?

Weekend, !!

Zallie, !!

Met yesterday's goals except for fiber. NEED to stay on top of that!! I will focus on that today for sure!!

Today's goals: , FIBER!!!, 2 liters water, 1200 calories.
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Hi everyone. Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Nancy: Sounds like the WW programme is really working for you. That's great! We have weighless here which is a similar programme and I've done that twice with fair results. It allows a lot of food, which is nice.

Teri: I admire anyone who can keep plants alive. I have killed a cactus - I have killed more than one.

Weekend Boater: sounds like the renovations are getting there.

Rachel: I was thinking the other day that I might reward myself with teeth whitening once I've lost my (very hopeful) 15 kgs. Let us know how it turns out.

Jen: Thank you for the support. Being a single mom was never going to be easy, but I signed up for it and I am priveledged to have a beautiful, bright, strong little girl. So I'm not complaining too much, although an extra hour or two of sleep would be really nice.

Hi to everyone else - good to see you're all "at it".

So I had an unexpected loss this morning since last night was date night which meant wine. I also had some bread which I haven't eaten in ages. I'm not sensitive to bread really, it doesn't make me feel sluggish like it does other people, but I just try to stay away from the carbs. But I lost .6 of a kg this morning. We obviously do kgs, but I've decided the pound milestones are really nice, so I'm claiming those - hit the 160s this morning!!! And have lost 10 pounds!!! Nice feeling. However, weekends are always harder for me than week days, and I might go back into the 170's before next week. I tend to eat a snack much earlier on a weekend day than I do on week days when I really eat for the first time when I have dinner. The scale is going in the right direction, though, so I'm not complaining!

Zallie: wow, you've lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time....I'm dreaming of 164. I don't think I'll ever get to 15
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Good Morning 134.0. Getting ready to curl up on the sofa, start reading Atomic Secrets and maybe take nap - a Saturday without having to be someplace and it is dreary out. Need to get out with the dogs but right now I am just cold and sleepy. Yesterday was 1465 in and 1746 out and 12,884 steps Today is planned at 1441 in . Another dreary day. Ick. Plan to do some house cleaning today and yardwork tomorrow along with some dog training but not a lot.

HDL of 92. You know I really don't know. And then I go "but it is on the verge of too high. Too high may not be good either" who really really knows all this stuff. I assume the exercise and the low Omega6:Omega3 ratio in my diet (2.6 for the past 6 months). I would like the LDL to be lower as well. Should be under 100. Like I said the doctor was delighted so I don't know but do they really know?

Momwannabee - congrats on your losses. That is wonderful
Rachel - Chia is a great way to bump up the fiber! It is my go to and the plus is omega 3s

COMING BACK FOR MORE PERSONALS. Really have the sleepies. got up too early. Naptime LOL.

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good morning! will have breakfast and work out in a few minutes.
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