Feeling unwell

  • Hello,

    I have been dieting for the last three weeks with the calorie density approach. I have not adhered 100% faithfully to the diet.

    I have not felt hungry throughout this period. I have not denied myself any food. I have been feeling very good, with a great mood.

    The only things I have cut down are oil, butter, nuts, and cheeses. I have not completely stopped eating these. I have eaten some junk food.

    I started a gym membership Monday and have worked out every day since then. This is the only thing I have done differently. I have been doing both cardio and weights easing into the routine. I have not pushed myself beyond what I could do. I have been drinking two liters of water every day.

    I was feeling fine until today, I have felt faint most of the day. I ate until full at breakfast and lunch eating a balance of fruit, vegetables including potatoes, meat, legumes, and rice.

    Tonight I made a bigger meal than what I usually eat off diet with meat and gravy, vegetables with butter and bacon, thinking that this would fix my unease.

    While that was cooking I ate 3oz of cheese and a handful of nuts, but felt very full. I had a few bites of supper, but was unable to finish it, as I was uncomfortably full. However, I am still feeling faint.

    I was thinking of drinking Boost meal replacements and going to bed early.

    I have been counting my nutrion data to make sure I am not missing any vitamins or minerals. My calorie count is around 1500-2000 calories per day.

    I would like your input, as to what I can do to feel better, and so that it doesn't happen again.

    I will not go to the gym tomorrow and maybe the rest of the week, depending on how I feel, and I will not diet for the next few days.

    Thank you so much for your support!
  • Sometimes too much exercise (especially if you arenít used to much activity at all) can cause you to feel that way. When I overdo it cardio wise I feel faint. Iíd lower the intensity or maybe try every other day until you are used to being more active, then gently increase the frequency and intensity.