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Originally Posted by nancylmrn View Post

Larry you are rocking this low carb diet. I do low carb/calorie too and have never even come close to those types of results. I keep my carbs between 15-30 per day and calories around Kudo's

Nancylmrn It's not fair but nature allows men to lose faster than women. I am staying under 5 carbs a day and most days zero carbs. I jokingly refer to my diet as the prisoner of war diet because in addition to keeping my carbs as close to zero as possible I usually end the day with somewhere between 600 to 900 calories. I eliminated snacks entirely and I am staying away from cheese as it is a trigger food for me. The amazing thing for people that know nothing about low carb to accept is I am never hungry. I take lots of supplements and vitamins to make sure I am getting what my body needs in spite of the low calories.

It's still not the strictest diet I went on. Back in the mid seventies I foolishly went on a forty day water only fast. I don't recommend anyone doing that. I ended up in an Army hospital in Hawaii with total liver failure. For some reason God gave me another chance and my liver started working again after the Army doctors had told me I was going to die.

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Jen thanks, I hope that's all it is and it goes away SOON!

so for dinner I had an Omaha Steaks chicken fried steak w/cream of mushroom soup (condensed) as gravy. And some edamame. I'm a little hungry now after almost 2 and 1/2 hours of studying! I think I have some healthy chip type things somewhere...

I'm burnt so I'm going to watch tv or play ps4 for a while before bed. goodnight!

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good night all! will be shutting down to go to bed in a few minutes.
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Larry - I totally understand even though I am not "low carb" - I think it is all about glycemic spikes. It is very easy for me to not want to eat more food by avoiding flour and sugar .......and the resultant spikes. I do eat some foods like potatoes and fruit that could cause a glycemic spike but those foods are eating in the matrix of other high fiber foods that slow down the response. Many different approaches that work but I do think that spike and the crash afterwards with resultant craving for food is central.

I know Atkins works. I tried it and could not manage it and my husband had a heart attack 4 weeks after starting it (in retrospect, I think it was the vioxx he was taking and not the diet)...but meat has always been something I have not much taste for and I was miserable and constipated on that one. We all find what works for us...many routes to go (kind of like when you pull up google maps and find 3 choices to the same destination)

Jendiet - There are a few articles that say ACV can be a helpful supplement and soften that glycemic spike, but that does make it a substitute for a sensible and healthy diet.
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good morning all! think diana has already started the December thread.
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