A question a suggestion from personal experience

  • #1 comes the suggestion, which I have gained from personal experience -

    I have noticed that my stomach/abs/tummy area is quite large and owing to this reason, ab/core exercises, when routinely performed, result in speedy overall weight loss for me. That is, more so than any other form of exercise (cardio: treadmill/elliptical, walking), ab/core workouts always result in more effective and speedy weight loss for me!

    So perhaps that gives me the opinion that workouts should be based on individual body shapes? Anyone has thoughts on this?

    #2 is my question -

    I know that weight loss results in ab areas shrinking proportionately too. But, has anyone truly achieved the much-dreamed about 6 or 8 pack abs here? If so, may I know how hard has it been for you - how long, what exercises, etc?

    Thanks a bunch.
  • There's no exercise that targets fat in a specific part of your body.

    To lose fat in your abs area, you have to reduce your overall body fat. The best exercises for burning fat are the exercises that focus on large muscle groups, because they build more muscle and burn more calories. The more muscle you have, the faster you can burn fat. Some good exercises are squat, bench press (or pushup), pullup, deadlift, overhead press. If you want to start with just one, I'd suggest squat.

    However, as you've probably heard before, losing fat is 80% diet, 20% exercise. If you want a 6 pack, you need a good diet.

    Edit: I just noticed in the other thread, you already added squats to your routine and already do chest press, and you said your diet is well-balanced, so I guess you'll probably continue to make progress.
  • Sound suggestions for losing belly fat, mjf. Thanks. I will incorporate some more from the good list you have given.