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Awesome ! Good luck and keep up the amazing work!
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Updates! Sorry for the long delay. Busy with work and renovations that should have been done well over a month ago :/

My best most recent 10-day lowest weight is 248.5 (started in July at 270)

I signed up for another 3 months of weight training; however, Iím still not a big fan :/
Not sure if Iím not a fan vs that Iíd prefer to walk

I walked 5 miles last week with NO knee pain!

I still get 1-2 lb weight gain when I work that really sets me back. I work two 12 hour shifts in a row.
Iíve tried eating less, eating more, drinking less or more water, exercising before work.
I canít seem to maintain these 2 days. I really think itís just water weight. I purchased some compression
socks today. If anyone has experienced this and has ideas to combat these gains, Iím open to listening.

Slow and steady wins the race!
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Well, my partner has used compression stockings. But they were prescribed after he had a DVT in his leg. Which medical purpose are you using them for? They really are medical devices. I was wondering about them because I have swollen ankles, and my GP said she'd try and arrange it, but I'm really glad it never happened, because it turns out they're contraindicated when you have peripheral neuropathy.

Anyway, welcome back! Slow and steady is the way to go!

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I'm still hanging in there! Lifting weights, getting my walks in.
My knee is 99% better and I'm doing 5 mile walks without issue.
I signed up with my trainer until June as a commitment.
I'm wearing a size 18, down from a 22.
My lowest recorded weight is 238, started at 270 in July.
Hope everyone is doing well.
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You're doing amazing.

I just noticed your comment about weight gain during long work days. I experience the same thing. My busy time every month is from the 1st to the 10th, but especially the 7th to the 10th. I almost always gain 1-2 pounds during that 10 days. I've been averaging 7-8 pounds of loss a month, but it all comes from the 11th to the end of the month, plus whatever I gained during that 1st-10th each month. I'm not sure what causes it for me either. Possibly stress from the long days, or just water retention, because I do lose it pretty quickly once that time is passed.

I started in March at 267, so very similar size to you. I'm down to 216 now, but I started a few months before you and haven't been lifting weights yet.
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Originally Posted by LGW View Post
Thanks to all of you for your inspiring words and encouragement. That's one reason I logged back into this site.

Start Weight: 270 (started weight training with a personal trainer)
​​​​​7/3 268.7
7/4 269.4
7/5 267
7/6 271.5
7/7 270
7/8 267.3
7/9 268.3
7/10 268
7/11 266.8
7/12 266.8
7/13 267.1
7/14 267.8
7/15 267
7/16 266.4

Iíve been weight training for 2 weeks. Iíve NEVER lifted weights.
Itís ok; however, it doesnít bring the ďscaleĒ losses that Iím used to
with walking. Iíve noted (maybe) a small decrease in my stomach size.

I also donít get that adrenaline rush I get after a good walk!
Because of the knee pain, I have to hang in there with the weights so that Iím doing something. I also paid for 3 months to force myself to commit.
I did get in a short walk around the neighborhood and that felt good.

I decided not to go skating. I don't want to injure my knee early in the journey.
I do old school 4 wheel skates, not in-line. I don't even know the proper term for "regular" skates LOL

At least I have 1 NSV, I havenít had any fast food in 2 weeks!

Hey LGW,

I am so glad you decided to take control of your life and are doing what it takes to get the work done. Just a piece of advice from my own journey of losing 70 kilos is DONT SEE THE WEIGHING SCALE daily. Why? Like you notice, your weight keeps fluctuating and like you mentioned its not dropping; all these things demotivate you.

That's the difference between Cardio based weight loss and Weight training based weight loss.

In cardio, you are likely to lose weight easily (but not FAT). Your focus here is the fat; the reflection you see on the mirror and wish to change. That's FAT and not weight which you are looking to lose. So the effective way to burn it is weight training with occasional (2 or 3 times a week) cardio vascular training.

You need to burn 3500kcal to lose a pound of fat. Assuming you are giving a deficit of 500kcals daily, it will take 1 week to lose 1lbs and there will be time where because of weight training, you gain a bit muscle and your weight may not change at all (but you would have lost fat). Infact, it may look like its shooting up but as long as you are eating right within your daily calorie intake and are regular with your exercises, believe me, wonders will happen.

I used to (still do) check weights once in 2 months unless am not exercising, i do it weekly. I take photos every week/month depending on my program to check whether or not I am progressing the way I should be.
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wow this great
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