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Default Cant believe I'm back. What is wrong with me?

I cant believe I'm back. I started off at my highest (that I know of) at 222. I got down to 155 and then gained a little putting me at 175. I then had skin removal and quickly got to 207 which puts me right back at the beginning. Just slightly better proportioned.

But for me this is not just about weight. This is an all out obsession with food. I'm currently binge watching 600 lb life and even though I am not near 600 I have the same problems. How do you fix your brain to not food, weight, scale obsess?

My goal is 155 and even though I've been there it seems impossible right now...

While I respect everyone's choices I know that restriction doesn't work for me. I did great with calorie counting and portion control. Basically telling myself I CAN have ANYTHING I want but is it worth the amount of calories its going to cost me... usually no. However for over a year I've been stuck in my "I'll start on this date or this date or my birthday" and I try to eat EVERYTHING I know I wont be able to calorie afford yet each time the date comes and goes and I never actually start. All the while my thoughts bounce between what I want to eat next and how I need to get motivated and finally do this.

Sorry If that is scattered. I'm mainly getting my foot back in the door because this was such a great support for me last time. And if you by chance have any tips with counteracting the food obsession I'm all ears.
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learning maintenance
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hi wannaB, good to see you back here!
I've just finished the losing bit of my journey, but i'm still obsessing (sort of) about food more than i'd like. I don't really have any advice for how you can stop that, but in my experience I was obsessing in a bad way when I started and this probably helped me to turn into an obsession to eat the right stuff instead. So don't wish your obsession away - just turn it in the direction you want it to focus! I figured out before that since my weight was on my mind in a bad way all the time, then how much better would it be if my weight was on my mind in a good way all the time. I'd be thinking about it far to much either way. It worked!
You've done it before, so you can definitely do it again. Just get started! The carrying-on bit is easier, but agree that starting is hard. Good luck!!
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What types of food are you eating? Are you getting a good dose of healthy fats (avocado, EVOO, coconut oil, dark (+85%) chocolate, Omega-3) and protein with vegetables?

Generally, if you get food cravings, your body is missing something nutritionally. Perhaps you could provide a typical meal plan for the day so I can take a look?
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In terms of tips, the only thing that works is elimination. Throw out or donate ANYTHING that is not healthy. You will know what these are. Be ruthless. Then, fill your home with foods that you can eat.

Once you train yourself to do this, and once your body adjusts to the taste sensation of real food, you won't want to go back!
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I'm back again too. I got down to the low 230's/high 220's the first time, and felt great. I had surgery and put some weight back on. Then got married and next thing I know... here I am back at the beginning. We're human so we are going to stumble. Here's to getting back up and continuing the journey.
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Thank y'all. I am allergic to avocado and some melons which sucks because I do love fruit. I definitely need to up my protein. I really need to sit down and look at the things that I cook for my family and figure out a way to tweak the recipe so that I have my meal and they have theirs. And as far as empting my house of "bad food" that's just not an option for me. I have to learn to resist the urge. No one in my family has a weight problem and doing away with everything just because I cant control myself doesn't work for them.

So yesterday I wasn't TRYING but here's my intake
10oz coffee 2 tsp sugar 2Tbs cream
6 almonds
1cobble stone round flat whole wheat 1 tbs mayo iceberg lettuce 3 thin slice oven roasted turkey
1 snack pk Doritos
1 cup white rice
2 oz pork chop and gravy
2 16oz bottle waters

some days are much better some days are much worse.
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If the iceberg lettuce on the sandwich is the only vegetable you ate yesterday, you should be eating more vegetables than that.
I'd suggest not eating Doritos. They're not healthy.
I'd suggest replacing the white rice with brown rice.
Is the 32oz water and 10oz coffee the only thing you drank? I'd suggest drinking more.
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I believe unrealized insulin resistance makes people hungry and craving things and sets them on a path that takes them right back where they started.
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Okay, it's good that you're starting again and, don't worry, I think you just need some motivation to keep hold of your spirit.
When it comes to motivation I usually depend on changing my workout routine, listening to music while exercising, sometimes a one week break from working out is essential. Try not to follow very strict diet plans as they lead to boredom, and don't forget your cheat meal per week as it's crucial to maintain a good fat burning rate, plus it also cuts the continuous routine of healthy foods which will keep you from getting bored. I usually workout 4 times a week, sometimes I compress them into 3 times to have some free time on the weekend to travel maybe, you might try to do this occasionally.
I hope this was beneficial. Good luck!
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I have done it a zillion times. I believe it simply is we wish an amount of calories that our body can't burn. Thus I can lose the weight but if I am not "holding on" trying not to gain.. I will. And the bottom line is that I have never gone more than a year without a stressful point in my life where weight cannot come first. I am out of ideas and have kind fo suspected this is going to be my lot in life FOREVER.

At the moment I am back on the dieting for one reason, I am heading into my 50s and I am afraid of health problems to do with being over weight.

My goal at the moment is to slow the dieting down and just lose about 20 per year at the same time gain muscle via 1/2 hour at the gym every day (at work).
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I remember you.. I'm back too. Gained every pound/ounce back a year ago that I lost in 2013 and starting all over again. Such is life. Join us in the July daily accountability thread. 👍
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I know it's really discouraging, but there's no shame in realizing you've fallen off the wagon, dusting yourself off and giving it another try. And it's 100% okay to include foods you enjoy even if they're not the healthiest. You'll never please everybody, so don't even worry about trying. Do what works for you.

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Nothing is wrong with you!! I'm in the same boat! It's been so long I can't believe I still know my password on this site! But so be it! I'm feeling very sorrowful about having to come back again- but thankful there are wonderful people and support here. I am a binge eater- and I don't have any solid advice but I read a book a long time ago called "confessions of a carb queen"; it was well written and I could identify with those feelings with food obsession and bingeing. It seemed to help me sort out some my own personal feelings and issues with food. Anyways, glad you've come back! Best of luck!
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I'm returning after like 4x! I remember you too. There's nothing wrong
with you. I just think in the way of life these days, battling weight isn't
as finished as we might ever believe. Just when we win our race, we need
to stay the course to watch things don't boomerang- which in many cases
it does. You can lose these again. You are a warrior.
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