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Default Continual Blood Glucose Monitoring and Weight Loss

Hi all

I'm a Long term on and off dieter - thing is I suppose i am just a greedy pig !!!

Currently doing WW Flex and getting along Ok - weight loss is slow and steady which is often the best way I guess - 1lb most weeks occassionally 2lb

What I was posting for is I have been intrigued by recent referances to continual blood glucose monitoring.

I am not diabetic - but it strikes me some of the new tools that are being developed for Diabetes may also be useful in weight loss in the future - some of the tv documentary programmes i have watched recently are also alluding to this possibility these tool may be helpful to dieters.
I am not talking about the blood tests where you have to prick your finger - but rather the new devices that do continual monitoring and are worn all day to constantly monitor sugar levels in the tissue fluid rather than blood.

I also read that on the web that many of the activity tracker manufacturers are also looking at ways they could possibly incorporate continual blood glucose monitoring into the watches that could be worn

With all the recent thinking that we need to keep our blood sugar levels as level and low as possible when trying to lose weight and avoid foods that would spike the blood sugar - being able to wear a device that made it helpful to constantly know what your blood sugar was and how eating various foods affected the blood sugar seems to me a very much a no-brainer.

I was just wondering what other fellow dieters thought about this
The monitors are available to buy now - although I have no idea about how much they cost - or whether they are a good idea.
It mentions a small needle under the skin - and its possible medical supervision is needed - Not sure

Just wondered if other people have been wondering about them
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