eAnna's journey 16/8 IF - start date 5/1/2018

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  • Current weight: 214
    Realistic goal: 170
    Dream goal: 140

    Copied and pasted from my intro thread:

    I have several autoimmune conditions that cause chronic pain more days than not. I've always been an emotional eater, carb addict and have struggled more with the compulsive eating since my pain ramped up in 2011.

    Thanksgiving of 2011, I weighed 172 pounds. A viral infection over the holidays kicked off fibromyalgia on top of other existing autoimmune disorders. I now weigh 214 and most of that was gained by eating when pain got so bad I couldn't sleep. Would get up and eat several bowls of cereal in the night when couldn't sleep due to pain. I cut back to part-time work August 2012 and weighed 223 then. So I've not lost much even though I rest a lot more not working full-time. Nothing--even the increased rest--helps much with the pain. Have tried so many RX and alternative pain remedies, but it looks as though I'm stuck with it.

    I do take Norco10 some days. The opiates don't help the pain a whole lot but the opiate buzz does help dim it a bit. But you can only take a few every few days or you lose the buzz effect. Chronic opiate therapy did not work. Also have xanax for sleep. I've tried to restrict both these meds due to side effects. The way I take them does not carry an addiction risk and I don't have an addictive personality other than food. Know that from heavy drinking in college (until I got a C in one of my chemistry classes so cut the partying!) and no problems gradually weaning off chronic opiate therapy.

    Counting anything ...carbs, calories, points even using great tools just doesn't work for me. Days I'm in pain, I simply don't have the motivation to enter foods, ect and am more likely to eat off plan.

    My doctor thinks upping med use at night to sleep is the lesser of the two evils when looking at meds vs obesity. At age 49, I do not have obesity related DM, HTN and my lipids are good. Realize as I age that there's more of a chance I might develop obesity related issues like those.

    So anyway, I'm going to give 16/8 a go. Plan to eat from 11-7 with a warm, comforting cup of soup or cereal just before 7. Then meds and bed.

    Not going to start out with a lot of food restrictions during my eating time other than continuing to try to avoid simple sugars ...an ongoing battle.

    If I can stick within the 11-7 widow, my caloric intake will drop significantly just by cutting out several hours of grazing when I'm not hungry.
  • Found old stats from 2015 at Low Carb Friends. In my "starting over" thread there, I was at 223 - all time high was 227 earlier in 2015.
  • Waist 44.25
  • S/C/G for the week

    214/212/170 is now 214/216.4/170
  • 210.2 today, waist 43.5
  • 209.4 today!
  • Hi - I would like to join you on your journey. I have just finished reading Obesity Code and prior to that was doing Keto "somewhat"
    I belong to a TOPS group here and we meet on Tuesdays, so I have my weigh in tonight with them. So am planning on my meal plan to be Keto with 16/8 IF
    Lunch at noon, dinner at 7 & no eating after 8pm.

    Congratulations on your weight loss! Keep up the good work.

    My weight has fluctuated for many years. Highest being 230 and as of last week was 196#. Biggest challenge is nighttime snacking and meals out with my friends.

    Bye for now
  • Way to go on your loses, Anna! And congrats on reaching wonderland, Gail!
    I would love to join you ladies. I've only just started IF this weekend past, with most days being 16/8, though I did do a 22/2 with surprisingly no troubles.

    Wishing you both an awesome day!
  • Hi everyone

    Salma - how is your IF going? For me, some days not so good but keep trying. I was down at my weight loss group 3# last week, so was very happy with that.
    I find weekends tough - good intentions but get side tracked easily.

    All - chime in and let us know how you are doing when you can.

  • Hi Gail - Well done on the losses! IF is going really well for me. I'm down 10.5 pounds since the first of the month, with no hunger. Even better is no headaches or migraines; I can't remember the last time I went a week without having one. I'm trying for an extended 5-day fast and am going into my 4th day. I don't think I will ever do a longer one though. Not that it was difficult - on the contrary, it's been super easy. Just that my husband says he feels uncomfortable eating dinner when I'm not eating, and sometimes he gets snappy. The night time munchies have always been bad for me - I'm hoping this extended fast will help eliminate it.

    Anna - I hope things are going good for you.
  • You are going really very well. Awesome work.
  • Didn't stick with it much this month, so gained a pound. 210. Did IF less than 25% of the time and made horrible food choices some days. I'm not finding IF that difficult, I just felt bad and don't do anything consistently then.

    Am back at it for a week now and am hoping for a better July!
  • Backslided - went back to 212 a couple of weeks ago. Decided to restrict simple carbs using the original Sugar Busters guidelines and going back on 16/8. Started nine days ago and lost 6.5 pounds!!! Now at 205.5. Haven't seen that since gaining all the weight in 2012 at the onset of fibromyalgia!

    Waist 41.5
  • 207.4 Back up with only two bad eating meals this week. Cannot wait to get out of the 200s...
  • Uggh. Blew it badly for four days and jumped back to 210.2 yesterday morning. 207.8 this morning.