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Default Need some info!

Hey everyone so I first started off 566 lbs with high blood pressure and boarder line diabettic. I conqured the diabetic part but I still have high blood pressure which I'm on medication for . Anyways I did a keto diet which made me loose 53 lbs in a month. But all I really ate was bacon and beef and eggs and the odd coconut flour pizza. I didn't drink much water or excersise. So eventually I started getting panic attacks . Which led me to antidepressants.....well glad I got off them lol. I started getting horrible thoughts from them . Been off them 3 weeks now but I sometimes get these harmful thoughts not alot but mostly when I have mood swings. Now obv this should be out of the system by now. So my biggest question is this all because of the weight loss happening and fast. Does our mind like to play tricks with us. Mabey I stressed over the thoughts to much and with weight loss and that is prob why I still get them time to time? I'm on a very healthy diet right now and I mean nutrition one and I go to the gym 5 days a week? Am I going the right path and it's just gonna take some time ?
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I really am glad to read that you are choosing a good nutrition plan and a good exercise plan. I really 100% believe this is the healthy way to lose pounds.

Also, I know that diabetes is a really awful disease, so congrats on choosing a better diet in order to combat the diabetes. My b-i-l decided he did not want to change his diet, not one bit, and he has never exercised in his life (he is 56...) and he has been insulin-dependent diabetic for 8 years now. He broke his ankle in two places on Tuesday, is still in the hospital awaiting surgery....and the infection risk is REALLY HIGH because of his diabetes AND he could be facing AMPUTATION if there is infection. Sigh. He never took care of himself and this is where it has lead him. Sigh.
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Proper fuel and some activity are definitely key, and it is a big step to take! Most of the diets that promise you will lose a lot of weight quickly will fail at some point, keto included. (Obviously this is not true for EVERYBODY but the people I know personally who try things like keto lose a lot fast, cannot keep up with it because their diet isn't HEALTHY, gain it back, then repeat.)

You're right, stressing over thoughts of weight loss can really get you down because you're essentially telling yourself that you aren't good enough at that weight. It is hard to do, but when I catch myself in that thought pattern (where I feel I HAVE to lose weight to be attractive/loved/worth anything/etc.), I remind myself that my friends and husband have ALWAYS loved me, it was just ME that didn't love me, and that I didn't change my diet and activity habits just to slim down, but to be HEALTHIER and FEEL BETTER.

I've been on antidepressants (Prozac mostly), and struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life. But routine physical activity and eating to NOURISH my body has honestly helped a lot. I went from several panic attacks a week to maybe one per month. Obviously this didn't happen instantly. As I started noticing my body could do more (lift heavier, walk further, jog any amount, etc) I got PROUD of myself. Find what makes YOU proud and really pull the positive energy and momentum from that when you're needing it.

I wish you the best of luck. Remember to find a way to enjoy the process as you're going along. It shouldn't be torture.
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I would like to suggest you to meet the Best nutritionist in Chennai, They will help you in your weight gain problem.

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I'm on a very healthy diet right now and I mean nutrition one and I go to the gym 5 days a week? Am I going the right path and it's just gonna take some time ?
What kind of diet is nutrition one? I tried to google it and I found a website about a school lunch program, but I can't find a list of foods.
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