I wanna eat my feelings

  • Ughhhh, On Tuesday my ex that left me 2 years ago after our 10 year relationship to move in with his HS sweetheart in Florida (Im in the DC area) popped up on me unexpectedly at the dog park. It was like I saw a ghost. Apparently he is getting a divorce and has moved back up here(in with his parent, who live 5 mins away from me). He got himself a Rottweiler (same breed that he abandoned when he left me) so I imagine, I'll be seeing more of him. I am really not ready for that and have no desire to change my life bc he's an a$$hole that thinks it would be a good and fun idea as if nothing ever happened.....as if I was not left heartbroken after 10 years of my dedication to him. All I know is I am upset and sad and annoyed and I want to eat all the food in the world and it is taking everything in me not to. I am trying to stay incredibly busy at work. I have had some goo workouts since Tuesday when I saw him to help boost my endorphines, but damn, I want to eat ALL of my feelings. I've been praying meditating and generally exercising will power.
    What do you guys do when you feel some emotional eating habits starting to build up in ya?
  • I hear you. My ex is a huge trigger for me as well.

    I find that when I get those feelings that going and doing something that is relaxing and that I enjoy helps the most. I even keep 1 hobby specifically for those times and if I can't find the time to get involved in it than I get myself out of the house with the kids and go do something fun or different. Try going for a swim, not allowed food in a pool and I find it to be a fun relaxing exercise.
  • funny you should say that. I swam 20 laps thins morning before heading into work. Swimming is a time when I can be with my thoughts. Its kind of meditative. If I didn't have to go to work, I would've stayed in that pool all day. Its just breathing and mantras. I worked out some feelings while I was in there, but alas, here they are again. I might need to go for another swim tonight. At least I know I will be well hydrated today bc I am drinking a ton of water to fill my belly so that the thought of eating something awful will just hurt. It sucks bc I am not even hungry. I don't know why my brain is telling me that food will make me feel better. My rational brain knows that it wont
  • I remember you going through that awful time, Kiwi ... I feel for you being blindsided by running into him. That had to be hard. You're a lot stronger now than two years ago. You have been fighting the fight for your healthy body and nothing will be derailing you from that goal. Stay strong and focused. Maybe take a bath and put the lights low and the music up and just "be". Talk out what you're feeling (out loud to yourself) in there and why food isn't the best option. Sometimes hearing it verbalized reinforces it in our brain. Hang in there!
  • Kiwi, you got this! You're self-aware and adopting smart strategies. Hang in there and keep doing what you *know* is right. You're far too smart and good to let that man derail you. Emotions and heartbreak are so hard. But you can do this.

    He doesn't sound anywhere near good enough for you, fwiw. But I know feelings don't think in that kind of way.
  • Kiwi - I remember when that all happened. You are SO much stronger than you were 2 years ago. You've overcome that, your plateau and this will soon become the past as well. If all else fails, just remember if you eat food you know you shouldn't you'll have 2 problems, instead of just the 1 you are currently dealing with.

    Feel free to message me, but you've got this
  • Thank you guys. I am also in awe that some of you all remember that crappy story as it was 2 years ago. You are all truly a blessing in my life. I am surprisingly doing a lot better today. I managed to not eat anything I wasn't supposed to yesterday. I drank so much water and oooo, I bought myself a treat. I got an essential oil diffuser and used the lavender oil last night when I got home. It calmed me so much and made my house not smell like my fur baby. When I headed up to bed, I did a basic EFT/tapping session and felt ok. I was able to swiftly fall asleep and I slept like a baby. Today I am feeling fine. Wednesdays and Thursdays I don't go to the dog park bc of my work schedule, but I will be there today. Lets see how these emotions develop throughout today when I will be there. Hopefully I am not too anxious prior to going, being there....and most importantly hopefully he just isn't there. haha
  • I am so sorry about your bad experience with your ex. I am reading a book called "Visualization for Weight Loss" by Jon Gabriel. It has helped me focus on my weight loss goals and visualise myself in better shape. This visualization has allowed me to meditate, breathe and relax, and take my mind off stressful triggers that promote weight gain. In fact, it has assisted me in my weight loss journey by minimizing my appetite and helping my body crave only healthy food.