• Hi, I'm new here. I just wanted to say that I love the 3FC website and def. find it to be a great source for losing weight. Ive been on a diet since late July infact, I had dieted before but ended up giving up.. but this time im keeping with it until I reach my goal. Ive been dieting since July, im trying to shrink my stomach so I eat less. Currently Im 209 and 5'9" and just.. unhappy.. my goal is to be 130-135.. even 140.. Im just tired of being this way. Im only 20 years old.. and used to be a thin child but somewhere along the way I gained a lot of weight and never took it off. But now I want to.. im tired of not fitting into the clothing i want to fit into... and im tired of carrying around this extra weight. i know I have a long way to go.. (roughly so upset i let it go that far.....)

    i think ive lost some weight, my scale was somewhat broken.. the first few weeks of the diet and i had to buy a new one. I started at around 215.. and Im now around 209-210. Ive been eating maybe once-2wice a day and trying to eat sensibly. I havent tried the low carb diet yet but ill do almost anything to get the weight off. I work out almost every day. I do an hour on the walker.. (its like a walker only it exercises both ur arms and legs) and sometimes ill do an hour on the bike or a 30min Tae Bo video that I have.

    But I have been staying away from soda and sweets.. and fried foods as well. there have been a few times i slipped up with the sweets (cookies, brownies) because i was at a BBQ etc.. im sure some of u know how that goes! and ive been staying away from all fast food, and french fries (instead ofgetting them as a side etc.. i ask for salad.. and sometimes my bf gets them and ill have a few... ) so hopefully i can reach my goal weight with all of this.... im trying really hard....

    thanks for listening, its nice to know theres a place to go where im not judged and im sure many of you are going through or have gone through what i am right now.. anyway thanks for taking the time to read this.. and good luck!!
  • Welcome xDas7x - you've come to the right place and well done for your weight loss so far. You sound very determined which is great.

    I am a little worried that you say that you eat once or twice a day - I'm sure most people on this forum would agree that you need 3 healthy meals a day to be healthy. I know it is tempting to skip meals if you want to lose weight quickly, but it doesn't help in the long run as your body just thinks you are starving so does everything it can to hold on to the fat that you have got - thus making it harder to lose weight! Does that make sense? Plus, you are also doing alot of exercise so the 3 meals ( or 6 mini-meals) is even more important. We don't want you to get ill!

    Anyway good luck to you

    Amanda xx
  • Hi Amanda, thanks for the reply.
    The thing is ive never really eaten 3 meals in a day.. i always ate (still eat) lunch and dinner.. but ill have a salad for lunch and sometimes periogies for dinner (the frozen kind.. they are low in fat..) i mean throughout the day ill snack on wheat things etc.. but im sure it isnt the best thing. im just not exactly sure what to eat then that isnt high in fat or high in carbs.. im trying to keep both low..... i mean sometimes ill have a subway sandwitch or quickcheck sub too for dinner.. but i still need a little help!
  • Hi, xDas7x! Sounds like you're well on your way! Pierogies are delicious, I agree. I rely on them for lowfat meals. I replied to your WW question, but forgot to say that there's a WW forum here on 3FC. You can find it by using the "Forum Jump" pull down menu! Likely they'd be able to answer your questions specifically.

    Feel free to join us on any of the "groups" here ... people here are very friendly and you'd be welcome.
  • Thanks for the tip Amarantha!

    See I know the perogies are high carb.. but super low fat.. and i guess its all.. me struggling with.. the fat and the carbs.. and again im afraid that.. im STOPPING myself from losing weight.

    so far the meals for today were 1/2bowl of wheaties with skim milk and i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwitch for lunch around 3 or so.... im sure ill be hungry in a few hours.. im thinking of picking up some more WW meals... i dont feel as bad about eating them and Ill def look up the WW forum! I wish WWOnline took check/money orders.... cause id join! I really need a set plan of foods you know? Cause I think I can follow that!!
  • Yup, I do know!! That's why I'm lovin' Flexpoints! I agree with you about WW being kind of expensive. But the answers are out there! (Sorry to sound like X Files, xDAS7x!!!)

    I don't have an actual URL for this but if you do a search on 3FC for the Laborious Losers thread, which was our thread previous to the End of Daylights Savings Challenge (where I currently hang out) and kind of read through that to near the end, you should find some answers.

    The magazine really has a good explanation also. It's basically really simple.

    If carbs are a problems for you, there are some poster here having success with the South Beach Diet. Instructions for this are all over the place and there's a book. It looks sort of healthy and it does have a structured plan.

    Anyway, good luck ... come see us on our End of Daylight Savings Challenge or any of the supportive threads here if you wanna~!!!