Looking for accountability partner

  • I would like to find someone to partner with to help hold each other accountable. I don't do well with posting every day so I would like to find someone willing to talk and text some. I spend between 8-12 hours on my computer for work each day and some evenings I just don't want to get on a computer.

    I'm at my heaviest weight ever and need to lose at least 100 lbs. I've had times in the past where I was able to drop weight when partnering with someone from work. Currently I don't have that and I struggle doing it on my own. I hate that I've let myself get to this point but I know I need to get it under control once and for all.

    I'm planning to focus on a high protein/low carb plan and need to start doing meal planning better. I considered trying ideal protein but the nearest location is over an hour drive and I still feel like I should be able to do it with whole foods in order to sustain it. My initial goal is to exercise consistently at least 3 days per week.
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    Your posting is word for word what I am looking for and also my current situation too. I too have been successful losing weight when I have a buddy, but I am struggling finding someone for right now. This is the reason why I was looking at forums tonight!

    I work best under postivite reinforcement and knowing that my partner is being successful.

    Do you know what kind of support you need?
  • Hi! I am definitely interested in having an accountability support system. I often struggle with eating healthy and motivating myself to go to the gym. Having a friend during the weight loss journey will definitely help. I can totally understand the long work day and often find myself so exhausted from work that going to the gym becomes a struggle.
  • I'm hoping to find someone I can chat with about how it's going, where I'm struggling, and help support each other to push ourselves to do better. I decided to start on a low carb plan today. I prepped a bunch of veggies and grilled chicken yesterday and made myself mason jar salads.

    I made it through the first day but I know there are many to go.

    Today's food:
    Breakfast protein shake
    Morning snack Greek yogurt with berries
    Lunch grilled chicken salad with cukes, tomatoes, eggs, spinach, romaine, little bit of cheese, and vinaigrette dressing
    Afternoon snack apple
    Dinner grilled chicken salad with cukes, tomatoes, spinach, romaine, mozzarella, kalamata olives, and vinaigrette dressing

    I've got salads prepped for the next two days and am hoping to do some type of keto plan. I'm considering the "17 day diet". My endocrinologist said it worked well for her husband.
  • I did the 17 day diet a few years ago and it worked well for me. My problem was that after that I went back to my old habits and gain everything back the idea here is to commit to a lifestyle change and keep it up. For me I know now that my body does well with a low carb diet and very minimal to no sweets. I have arthritis and this type of eating helps me a lot with my inflammation. If any of you still looking for accountability partner feel free to add me, I am open to post here in the forum or thru text.
  • I started on the 17 day plan and made it 9 days in and was doing really well. I was down 7 lbs. Then my birthday came and I did great until I got home that evening and my well intentioned mother-in-law sent home a platter of food. Not a plate but a giant platter!! The upside was that she didn't fix a cake b/c my husband told her I was on a diet. She had fixed my favorite meal that she prepares which is beef and noodles with mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn. I caved and the next morning I was up 3.5 lbs My husband said it didn't make sense b/c I only ate a small amount of it and he said there's no way that I even ate 3.5 lbs worth of food. But I told him I think my body tends to hold on to weight and I'm guessing the salt in the food she prepped didn't help.

    I wish I had got right back on plan the next day but we had a few days vacation and I foolishly indulged and have now struggled to get back on track. The upside is we haven't really brought anything bad into the house but I need to restock on lean protein and fresh veggies and fruit to begin again. Tomorrow I'm going to the grocery store after work to get the right things and restart on Wednesday.
  • Low carb diets tend to make you lose water weight. If you were eating low carb and then have a higher carb meal, you will retain water. Were you sticking to a ketogenic diet before that made you lose water weight? I'm not familiar with the 17 day diet.

    You can definitely do a good low carb plan with whole foods. I've been happily eating low carb Atkins style since January with no pre-packaged foods needed. It's so much easier on the budget than going to a weight loss center and buying their foods. There are so many great choices and recipes to eat healthy with just foods from the store.
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    hi! I'm new on the forum but I'm looking for a weight loss buddy to! I work from home and sit in front of my computer all day so talk or text is great for me. Let me know if you are interested in chatting more.
  • I would also like to find a buddy! Support is always a good thing!
  • Hi, I'm also looking for a weight loss buddy. I'm 5"3 and 210 lbs, I'm hoping to lose about 100 lbs but I know I should focus more on being healthy and happy. I tend to over do it when trying to lose weight, which makes it totally unsustainable , so I'm looking for someone to help me make healthier choices (and of course I'd help in whatever way they need too).
  • Just what I need too. Like to be daily accountable so weight loss will be pin point and fun!!!