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Default How can I keep on my plan?

I am just wondering if anyone has this experience: of going great with your healthy diet/eating plan and then just when you seem to be making progress, something derails you and you go off your plan. Does this happen to anyone else? If this happens to you, I'm curious to know what derails you. Holidays? Eating out with friends? Bordom? Does anyone have ideas of what to do to make sticking to a plan easier?
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All the time! The only difference now as compared to the past is my mentality. I used to see an off day or a holiday as a failure and take that as I have failed at life and so I should eat everything - now I see it is an indulgence and as soon as the next opportunity comes up I make better choices.

Also, I'm a firm believer that the majority of people who "diet" are setting themselves up to fail. Diet mentality is not sustainable as a lifestyle, and in a diet any deviation from the plan is seen as a failure. In a healthy lifestyle there are events and times that you can indulge a little more, and it's not seen as a failure -just part of life.
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I don't have anything to add, I just want to back everything JulesMarion just said 100%. That is a perfect sumup right there. Couldn't have said it better if I tried!
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Yes, yes and yes. I usually get sick a few days after I go back on plan or start walking outside. I strive to eat healthy even when I am sick, but it is hard.

I work for a food company, they have lots of working meetings with catered lunches, the left over food is 20 feet away from by desk. I have to really focus on what is more important, that cupcake, muffin, sandwich or sticking to plan and losing weight.
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