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Amarantha2 09-01-2003 10:31 AM

End of Daylight Savings Challenge 8/31-10/26
I posted this on the WW board on Sunday, but I really like it better here on good ol' 3FC!! Since October 26 is the end of daylight savings time in the U.S., I'm doing a weight challenge to prepare my light-loving body for the TASTEFUL TEMPTATIONS :devil: :cookie: :chockiss: that sneak up on it in the dark and frigid nights (although where I live it is never frigid, nor is their daylight savings, but that's the concept anyway)!!! :encore: :)

At the end of this challenge, I'm gonna be such and slim and splendorifouristic Halloween Hag that I won't be TASTEFULLY TEMPTED by any EVIL HALLOWEEN :chockiss: !!!!

This is not meant to compete with any other challenge or thread; it's just a goal I set for myself and if anyone else is shivering and fearful of the horrid dark days o' wintery weather WITHOUT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, hop aboard and post a starting weight and goal! Report in when ya wanna!! :s:

Over and out! I'll post my goal below!

:s: :s: :s: :s: :comp:

Amarantha2 09-01-2003 10:34 AM

Ok, dokey, Hag, I'll take yur challenge 'cause I'm worried about that overeating thing after Daylight Savings Endtime, too, and I wanna be thin for it!!!

Starting Weight, 8-31: 158.5

Ending Weight, 10-26: 145.0

By my reckoning, that's 13.5 pounds! I can do this!

You bet!

Yowza! :encore:

Amarantha2 09-01-2003 02:01 PM

Day 2 on the March to the End of Daylight Savings, Midday Report: Amarantha be on track and she'll be back. Earned 4 activity points in gym (20 minutes weights, intense; 20 minutes light cardio). Having fun w/plan! Working! Avanti!

Kaylets 09-01-2003 02:13 PM

Hello -- This has my name written all over it, I LOVE IT WHEN THE TIME CHANGES!!

Was I shouting?? sorry!


It's dreary and humid and rainy outside. I did a little weeding this am but have to admit except for climbing the stairs doing laundry... I'm just a big slug today.

And am looking forward to a nap now too.

Geez-- you'd think I'd be reading a good book or something!

I plan on stopping by later...

Amarantha2 09-01-2003 03:13 PM

:wave: :dancer: Yowza, :queen: Kaylets, thanks for posting! You can shout any time you wanna so long's you're here!!! :cb: See ya later!

deleted2 09-01-2003 08:02 PM

Hi Kaylets and Amarantha---I'm in!

I'm going to go way out here and declare my intentions to be at my goal weight by Halloween or Daylight savings, one or the other. Scary to say...but I'm going for it!:yikes: :crossed:

Have noticed alittle self-sabotage going on with myself. :o I walked 5 miles on the treadmill today and I'm proud of that but I wanted to get in more exercise since I had the time. And scariest of all is playing fast and loose with counting calories----not good. This is what happens; I start feeling smug when I lose a few pounds and then I gain it back. Not this time! Constant vigilance!:sumo: :sumo: :sumo:

ceara 09-01-2003 09:09 PM

end of Labour Day!
SIX LOADS of laundry....geez! And that's no towels or bedding!

I don't know if the frozen product is chain wide...it is certainly throughout Essex County....and a lot of people don't like them that way....so....yours may be OK Wildfire....still. I look at it this way...it is one less temptation for me 'cause I used to love those donuts! Now it's no biggie!

Eydie! I'm with you...not with the arrival of goal, but the staying focussed and to be on constant vigilance! I know just what you mean. Complacency is a :devil: . It just waits to :s: up on you!
:cheers: to its demise!

Anyway, I had a huge (for me) dinner and lots of water, so I'm ready to call it a night...just in case the chocolate cake in the fridge starts calling me. I won't hear it if I'm upstairs asleep....right? On to Day 9!


Amarantha2 09-01-2003 09:29 PM

Yowza!!! Yowza!!!! Yowza!!! :cb: Ceara and Eydie are in the TIME CHANGE ZONE!!! :cb: Welcome, guys!

For me IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!!! I think this signals a change in the way I've been fiddling around and lying to myself that this weight loss is gonna happen all by itself. I think the END OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS is out there somewhere, at the very twilight place where the Land o' the Last Challenge ends and we set sail for new horizons ... ok, I've been doing too much research for my romance novel writing!!!

Anyway, the Flexpoints was the trigger for me. I've been able to cut calories and still feel comfortable because I've got that Flexpoint cushion ... a rabbit I can pull out of a hat for a last minute save. There's something psychological, for me, about being either ON PROGRAM or OFF! I was getting frustrated by always "cheating" on my program, even though all I was doing was eating more some days than others, which is exactly what this program is about. Whatever, it's been the turning point for me.

Eydie: I like your double goal concept ... if you don't get there by End of Daylight Savings Sunday, there's a second chance at Halloween, which is five days later!!! YOU WILL DO IT! YOU WILL BE ABLE TO "HOCUS, POCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!! :wizard: This is the TIME TO CHANGE ZONE!!! You're gonna do it!!!

Ceara: Dunno about you, but THE CAKE IN THE FRIDGE SIREN can call to me through the deepest slumber!!! My advice (not that you asked) is to place the evil creature in the sink and drown it in hot water! :jig: :cb: :encore:

Going to go read. Have two activity points left for day and will eat them later.

On to Day 3 for me on this challenge!

Bo-Beena 09-01-2003 11:10 PM

Count me in!
I wanna be in the TIME TO CHANGE ZONE! Can I? Can I? Please!

Hello ladies!

Goals for this challenge? HMMM. . .I have so many things I want to do. The walk to the healthy side of life really shows me all the bad things I have been doing to myself. Ignorance is bliss :shrug:

I am going to think on this and get back to you guys!

Gotta run! :wave:


Amarantha2 09-02-2003 03:03 AM

'Bo-Beena, Bo-Beena' ... ta, ra, ta ... I wish I could remember the words to that song because everytime I see your screen name, I wanna sing it and it makes me feel cheerful! :cb: :dancer: :cb: :dancer:

Glad you're in the TIME TO CHANGE ZONE! Can't wait to see your goals ...

Later, gators, I should go back to bed, methinks!!!!!!!!

ceara 09-02-2003 07:54 AM


Apparently we are to get some sun later today which will be nice...after 2 days solid rain...which we need but I'm sure the farmers are NOT pleased. (what a sentence!)

I'm finishing up the white load and then maybe I'll throw in some towels....gotta a pile of stuff to do.

My friend has done a mini page on our puppy...if you'd like to see her and me....my hair isn't wild and curly and I set my sword down...here is the link...http://www.cambouvier.com/landry.htm These pictures were shot on Saturday at the dog show.

Goals for this challenge...I hate to set a number because I never know just how the bod will let go of things...so I will do NSC....at least 1 litre of H2O/day, lots of veggies, smaller portions, no sweets or junk and hopefully some EXERCISE! That is basicly what I've been doing for the last 8 days.

Was on Body Blues web site....saw some things that made me think....especially a graph showing calorie counters and journallers(at least 5 days/ week), sometime counters (1-2 days/week), and non-counters/journallers....interesting...it seems the most successful losers were the at least 5 days/week scribes. HMMM I may have to rethink my adversion to counting.

I didn't throw out the cake...or eat it either. I have a skinny husband, a normal daughter...who loves choc cake and a 16 year old son with a hollow leg so it'll be history soon enough. In fact son came down this am and said I think I'll have chocolate cake for breakfast....just to get a rise outta me. He didn't on either front and had pizza instead.....that hits the major food groups right? :lol:

Am off....get out the dogs and run into town for the am.



Kaylets 09-02-2003 09:19 AM

Hello all!

Am using a vacation day to enjoy the house to myself.
Am still very emotional and am trying to do small chores to give myself a sense of accomplishment.

I got on the scale today also to get beyond this "can't get upset if I don't see it" denial mentality. Don't know what it read for sure last week, know the week b/4 it was a few pounds higher.
Don't know if I will wait till I match the signature line or if I should just bite the reality bullet and change it.

Ceara- thanks for sharing-- You are a cutie pie- In fact, you if you're hair was auburn you would resemble one of my sisters!
And you are stalwart one to have chocolate cake in the fridge and resist!

Thought of the day :

"Sometimes a single feather is enough to fly. "
-- Unknown

Question of the day :

"If you went to a move with a friend and it was lousy would you leave?"
--The Book of Questions

Amarantha2 09-02-2003 09:25 AM

EENY, MEANIE CHILE BEANIE, THE SPIRIT'S ARE ABOUT TO SPEAK!! I'm doing great on Day 3 of my march to the end o' daylight savings/time to change challenge. Nothing can stop me NOW! WOW!!!

In fact, nothing can stop ANY ONE OF US FROM SUCCESS ON THIS CHALLENGE!!!! :nono: Failure to meet our DSE/TTC (Daylight Savings End/Time to Change) goals is NOT AN OPTION!!! :rollpin: Nope, nadda, the only option is HOORAY, WE DID IT!!! Yowza! :encore:

Ceara: You look great! And those pups, the big ones and the littles, are adorable. What fun you must have with them! P.S. Pizza DOES hit all the food groups, methinks!! Hmmm. That sounds good! :)

Later, gators! I gotta work out!


zadie k 09-02-2003 11:02 AM

Ok, Ok I am here. Actually I was out the weekend, so not in touch with the computer and I missed the grad kickoff of the new thread. Was there champane?

At any rate, I do not know where I ended up at the last challenge (although I kinda pooped out in mid summer), so I am going to pretend that my weight now is the same *** it was the last time I weighed myself:

start weight: 154
clock change goal: 143

So... we are looking at a theoretical 11 pounds.

Incidently, I get sworn in to the bar (if I passed) on the 31st of Oct., so the timing is good for me to look splendid by then.

I am thinking of signing up for community education aerobics classes. It is cheaper than a gym and not too far from work and they have classes five times a week. Unlimited durring the session for about 80 bucks, which is a lot in my world, but I think it may be worth it.

Cerise 09-02-2003 11:28 AM

Fall-Backers Unite!
Guten Morgen!

Ah, so nice to see you all again. I'm in for the time change goal-thingy! :D

I spent the weekend with my parents - watching my dad, who weighs about 350 pounds, is recovering from his 2nd hip replacement, and is now preparing to get his knees replaced, eat. And eat. And eat. It's grotesque, in a way, watching someone you love ruin, literally ruin their bodies. Since I live in abject fear of becoming my Dad in many ways (we're very, very much alike), you can imagine that his 225-pound daughter is frightened that she's ruining her body, too. I don't really have too much to say about my Time-Change goals right now. Still trying (as always, after a visit with Dad) to get around this crippling (literally) sense of inevitability.

Wowee, am I off to a GREAT start on this thread! Sorry for the self-centeredness of the post, and to be fair, all of our family inherits pretty bad osteo-arthritis, but I can't help thinking that it wouldn't be so bad if we were fit. Any thoughts on that subject?

As always, I'm glad that you guys are here. And Ceara, you're just lovely-looking! I'm still gonna picture you with a sword in your hand, though. Thanks for the pictures, love.

Tonight I'm going to Play-It-Again Sports to get some soccer gear. I have to have my own ball, shoes and shin guards to attend Saturday practices. I can't wait to have soccer stuff again!!

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