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Hello all!

Frogger- so sorry your DH 's been fired. I hope he finds something really soon. I don't know for sure but I would think his
electrician skills give him an advantage. I'm sending more strength vibes your way. And have a Happy Birthday too!

Empress- Am very sorry that this posting situation has happened.
I saw some of the poster's earlier postings and didnt like where it seemed to be heading and chose not to post. If this means anything at all, something was bound to happen and unfortunately it happened to you. You got trampeled under the rampage of that poster's emotions. I think ANYONE who seemed not to agree 100% with the poster would have recvd similiar treatment. In other words, I don't think you did anything wrong.

I agree with the idea that you at least stop by here once in awhile. Would you consider it at least?

Arabella, glad you had a fun time and are back with us.

Dollar- We can do this! Good for you down 2! Special thoughts for you and your daughter...

Punkin- Fire is so frightening-- Please take care of yourself!

Bobeena- I do better at parties if I don't go hungry-- and even plan to have something special if its being served. I get very upset w/ myself if I waste "something special" on pretzels or such..The big thing for me is to try to stay w/ the flow of the party rather than the food.

Wildfire-- You're so right-- I always make the same mistake- work thru lunch to "catch up" and then wind up stressed. I do know if I take a break I get a fresh perspective but still hate to leave the desk.... Thanks for making me realize I SHOULD get up and do something....

Cerise- How exciting to meet your favorite author! Can't wait to
hear more! A new coworker is an enormous fan of children's lit and I think will be very impressed when I tell them all about you and your "meeting"!

Eydie- How are you ? and what's new?

Ceara- I could never follow the "after 7 " rule. Just the idea of it makes me want something. "Optional" works so much better for me. Guess its that "control" instinct again.

Anagram- Can you believe almost 3 days of sun and no humidity?
Sweater weather!

Today's thought is:

"Where I was born and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest"
Georgia O'keefe

Today's question is:

"what is your favorite memory of a grandparent?"--
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Default mornin'

Hello, Ladies

thought I would check in before I start my partying weekend

Thank you, Thank you for all your advise!! I will be using it. I had some tricks up my sleeve now I have a whole coat full
I'll pass on the duct tape but isn't that a funny visal . . bobbing for food, Punkin you kill me!

Empress, you must come back to us!

to Frogger My husbands was yesterday! One of my parties this weekend is being thrown for him by his family. Tell your husband whenever a door is closed, a window is always open. Sounds like he needed to get outta there, good luck to him.

Dollar, SO glad DD is doing better. My own DD suffers from depression and anxiety, she is 12 and it is hard to imagine some one so little having these emotions. Take care of her but do take some time for yourself.

Wildfire, good for you, starting a walking club!! I bet your day is much better after your walk. Take it easy working that many hours, you don't want to run yourself down and get sick.

Cerise!! I love Evanescese(can't spell it, but love them!) Glad you are getting to meet your author, take pics so you can brag!

Well, time is running out. I know I missed a bunch, sorry girls.

to Ceara, Zadie K, Eydie and everyone else.

Have a great weekend, BoBeena

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Well, I am back!!! Short vacation, but as you know, I'm like that!

Sorry for always leaving and coming back. As you know, I'm just like that! I appreciate everyone's support by email, pm and on this thread, which I'm just catching up with. To anyone I emailed back, please disregard any reference to my not returning! I CHANGED MY MIND! I think that's traditionally a woman's perogative? To be honest, I feel much better and don't see any reason why, as I just emailed and pm'd a few folk, I should leave a group of amazing, enlightened women where I've posted for approximately four years because of a passing incident ... at least I hope it's a passing incident.

I'm intending to see this End of Daylight Savings/Time For A Change/Followed by Halloween Challenge through and intending to reach my goal and intending to remain myself, whatever that is! It wouldn't be much fun to reach my goal without being able to talk about it with you guys. In fact, nothing's much fun without talking about it to you guys!

I can only see one page from where I'm at, but gather that it's Frogger's birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful one, Frogger. I'm going to go back and read more about your dh's situation, but if I recall, that job is no real loss to him. I'm sure it's for the best that he's moving on.

Cerise!!! Enjoy your event! You be a tower o' strength!

Wildfire: Your walking club sounds like a great idea! I've been trying to get an exercise group together for years here. The closest I've ever come is the crowd in the gym at 5:30 a.m. ... and most of them don't come too often!

Bo-Beena!!! Party on!!!

Punkin, thanks always for being here! I have to go back and read about the duct tape!

Dollar: I'm also glad you dd is feeling better! It's so good to see you here again!

Ceara: I wrote you about my sword!!! Had to put it in a closet because Old Dog barks at it even lying on a table.

Wood Nymph:

Eydie: I'm really inspired by seeing your success on the journey. You're doing great!

Zadie: Hope all is well!

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, YOWZA!!! We are doing great!

QOD: My favorite memory is combing the hair of my Scots grandpa! He wasn't really a Scot, but his parents came from Scotland and he told stories they had told him about the place. He was an actor and director who ran the theater in the city where I grew up and he was also a historian and writer. I always sat on his lap and combed his hair and he told stories.

Avanti, all. I need to do some of the payin' work!
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YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!! Amarantha is back!!! Glad you reconsidered!

I just got in from work and saw your post and e-mail.

Now I'm off in search of a good pair of walking shoes. I'd like to find a pair I could wear everyday, as our office attire is casual. I can wear sneakers if I want, but I'd like to find something maybe in black that doesn't scream "sneaker". Probably won't, and then I'll have to buy two pairs...one sneaker, one casual shoe. hmmmm....I DO have all this overtime money....
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S/C/G: 209/140

Exclamation W-h-h-o-o-o

Guys I'm HAPPY!

I would think Empress A. that Old Dog is just waiting for it to fly around the room so she can bark at that sword....it is a playtime thing after all !!!!!!!!

What a treat to come home from work and see all youse guys posting away like little fiends....love it!

Wildfire, good idea on the walking club. I find that when I used to eat at work, I seemed to work through the break....I always left for that reason. Even if I pop in on my day off, people ask me stuff...nature of the job! New shoes are good!

Arabella are you MIA? How is the job?

Eydie...you're goin' to have to send those picts to more people.

How're you doin' Anagram? How goes the battle Dollar? And Bo-Beena....we want a finger to tongue description of every morsel! Kaylets...did you go yard saling today? I would think that this weather is perfect for that!

Anyway...gotta fly....either DD or DS is going to highlight my hair....The DS (16) is a hoot..."Mom we could be highlight buddies"....he wants his done too! I have great trust in my children as you can tell............

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Mayhap, Ceara, but Old Dog's just a big sissy!!! She's scared o' everything, though she be a'weighin' upwards o' 80 pounds! She's currently cowerin' against me leg 'cause it be thunderin' outside!!!

Wildfire!!!! Hope you find some good shoes! I have my eyes on a beige pair of the only kind of walking/running lil' number I can wear. I be thinkin' o' gettin' 'em next week!!! I saw some neat green ones at the mall that I'd like as well ... neon green, like the 70s!

I'm tableing work for today. Gonna take a nap, eat chicken. Tomorrow I'll know if the Flexpoints system had an effect on Demon Scale, that evil ol' creature!

I'm talking like a Scotswoman for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the large number of historical romances I'm reading as "research" for my book project!

Sure and begorra! Except that's Irish.

I'm confused.

But you knew that!

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Spreadin' the luv.
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Talking First Soccer Practice: Reporting in still alive. Barely.

Happy Birthday Frogger!!! *I'd put a bunch of smileys up here, but am seriously almost too weak to type; saving my strength.*

Thank GOD you're back, Beloved Empress!! *Again with the no smileys. It's not that I don't love you...*

Oh, my LORD. I'm DYYYYYYYINNNG. Soccer practice was great, the ladies nice, the coach sufficiently brusque and challenging but still nice. Oh, God, running for TWO HOURS. I'm still not sure how I changed buses and trudged 1/2 mile home after such a day.

Good news: I'm not a bad player. I'm not as good as the other ladies, but my footwork and strategy officially Doesn't Suck.

Bad news: Well, you know how out-of-shape I am. When I'm breathing in that whiney way (people kept asking if I had asthma), I stop thinking, definitely stop running, and can't perform any more. Poop!!!! This will hopefully improve, though if I neary vomit every week something'll have to give.

So, long story short - I'm nearly dead but happy. Still love soccer. And every agonized breath brings me one step closer to being an Athlete (dum-dadda-DUMMMM).

Thanks for listening, love you all, going to go die now. Die first, shower second. Pew!
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Hooray for Cerise, the Soccer !!!!

No smilies needed, Athletic One!!! If you're playing soccer, I consider you to be IN SHAPE!!!! Wowza! I couldn't play soccer if they offered me a million bucks! We need a soccer smilie, but this guy's dancing a jig at thy prowess!!!
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Well I have had a good day today staying op. I have also gotten in my excercise, I went to the drivinhg range today for about 2 hours and I just got back from walking the dog and playing some frisbee. Tomorrow we are playing 18 holes of golf. I just love playing golf this year and I am managing to play once or twice a week. I don't use a motorized cart either so Im getting lots of excercise.
Amarantha I'm glad to see you have returned to us just not the same without you. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I'm vacation is coming to an end and it is back to the grind on Mon. Frogger I hope you had a great birthday.
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Sorry favorite memory of a grandparent. Well I moved to Scotland when I was five until I was 6 and that was the only time I ever saw my grandfather on my mothers side and then when he passed away my grandmother moved to Canada to live with us. I never knew my grandparents on my dad's side. The one memory that really stands out for me is sitting around the dinner table at my grandmothers house and she was pouring milk in my glass and instead of telling her that the glass was full enough I just pulled the glass away and she continued to pour the milk all over the table. I thought that was so funny and I laughed so hard. When they sked why I did that I said I didn't want anymore and asked her why she poured the milk all over the table when my glass wasn't even there. All they could do was laugh.
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HMPH! My shopping trip was NOT successful! I wander into the first athletic store, stand around for 10 minutes, then walk up to the three salespeople who are standing around talking and ask if I can see some walking shoes. Sure, I'm told, just a minute. Ten minutes later I walk out without ever being helped. Okay, on to the next one....again, stand around for five minutes or so until I catch a sales girl on her way by and ask her if she has these two shoes in my size, I'd like to try them on, please. She goes out back to fetch them while I wait 10 minutes. Finally she returns with them, but I don't like the fit. Ask to see two others. Off she goes to fetch them....and never returns! I waited 15 minutes, then fed up, I put on my own sneakers and walk out, saying to the two behind the cash register they must be doing really well if they don't need to sell any shoes today! So down the mall to another athletic store. Can't tell the women's from the men's, so I really need help. Stand looking helpless. Wander store looking helpless. Finally catch a girl's eye and mouth "Can I try these, please?" while holding up a shoe. She nods, and I figure she's coming over to help me. Wrong! Meanwhile I spot another girl wandering the aisles, slow as can be, hands in her pockets....obviously wasting time waiting for her shift to end....Now I'm really ticked off. I walk to the register where two young guys are trying to look busy and say, "do you work on commission here?" One guy says, "well yeah, but we're not supposed to tell you that." I say, "Oh. Well, you see those walking shoes that cost $139.99 over there? I was going to buy them today, but since you're all too lazy to wait on customers, I'm going to buy them somewhere else. AFTER I call your manager on Monday." As I leave I tell the girl wandering with her hands in her pockets, "Why don't you try WAITING ON SOMEBODY???"


So then, I start thinking, "What....I don't look "athletic" enough to shop in your stores? What does the fat chick need new shoes for? Not like SHE can workout. She's not young and skinny and half-dressed so who wants to wait on her?" GRRRR again.

DH is coming with me tomorrow to try a few other stores. He says we're not coming home until I find something I like. And I AM calling the managers of each store to tell them they need to SUPERVISE their staff, because the staff obviously don't want to wait on anyone. Geez, when I worked retail it was "if there's time to lean, there's time to clean" and every customer was greeted within one minute of entering the store. Just a hello, can I help you, and if the answer was no, you gave your name and told them to call if they needed you. There was no standing around gabbing, no wandering with hands in pockets. What is with the people who work in these places now? Geez.

'k I'm done. I went to the grocery store on the way home and bought one of their fabulous lean grilling steaks and pounded the bejeebers out of it with my metal mallet.

Cerise, you did it!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Just remember, this will be the worst one. Every time you go you're going to get better and healthier and it will get easier! And I couldn't run for two hours. No way.

Amarantha, I love some of the retro sports shoes they're coming out with now. I like the colored ones, too. Have my eye on a pair of casual shoes/sneaker style that are tomato red with ivory stripes, and a neat molded bottom. Wish I could just buy those for walking!

ceara, good luck with the hair! Do yours first, so DS will do a good job knowing his is yet to come!
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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S/C/G: 256/ticker/165

Height: 5'8


Teensiest update -- Just FYI, my darlings: I've been frantically busy for weeks now, visit from MIL followed by usual End-O-Month complicated by hiking trip, followed by visit from ex-DH, followed by my first week on the job complicated by helping DH get ready for a trip followed by party last night followed by having DGS last night, who mostly kept me up from 3 a.m. on. His mom picked him up at 4:30 this aft and I just got back from shopping. NOW I'm relaxing, watching the Banger Sisters (felt like something EXTREMELY light). I'll get a chance to get caught up reading in the morning and post something that's not just me-me-me-poor me! Really, things are fine, but ... Whew! Busy! Love you all, though!
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Hoorah, Amarantha's back! It must be the love that brought you back!

Cerise, be sure to tell us how you feel tomorrow. It'll get easier--you're doing a great thing for yorself; we're all proud of you.

Wildfire, that's so neat about your walking club! There's a group of 4-5 local women who come to walk where I work. Since they walk 4 abreast, it looks like a girl-y version of 'the gunfight at o.k. corral'--all those women walking with purpose!
I know what you mean about retail these days. I hate it when I'm trying to catch someone's eye and they look away and practically start running in the other direction. Grrrr indeed!

Ceara, I've been meaning to tell you--thanks for sharing your pics and your site with us! Will we be seeing updates? [Please say yes!]

Dollar, sounds like you're doing great! Lots of walking!

Bo-Beena, you can do it. Report back after every party---eyes on the prize, girl!

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Whoosh! Hard to keep up with all our happy losers and all these posts. Delighted to see them all. Let's see what I can answer from quick perusal and, as usual, I'll try to catch up on others later.

Well, Empress, you're were gone and I didn't get a chance to expresss my wish that you return but you must have known my wish, because here you are. Glad you're back and no, you shouldn't leave or let any incident (and I missed that part , I guess) deter you from your goal and from sharing that achievement with us.

Cerise, just the mental part of getting back to soccer is more athletic than I am so I am in awe that you moved ahead so quickly and there you are, sore and bruised, but so HAPPY.

Kaylets, so happy that you're feeling better. Doesn't this nice weather help a bit? Did some good for me, for sure.

Eydie, that fruit club had thinly sliced fresh pineapple, cantelope, strawberries and either peach or nectarine in it. Yummer! It was very nicely plated with four thin slices of perfect nectarine fanned out over a drizzle of yogurt. Small plate as was a very small sandwich but rich in eye and taste appeal.

Happy birthday to Frogger, my fellow Virgo.
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I just don't get it. I am so frustrated. I posted earlier note. Then immediately started new reply that actually included everyone in one way or another. When I went to post, I was again told I was not logged in. I was, I was, I was. But the post was lost. I used to be able to hit back button and recover it but that's not working now either. I think I'll have to post to Suzanne and see if she can help me.

Too frustrated to start over.
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