End of Daylight Savings Challenge 8/31-10/26

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  • Fly-by postie ... woke up from nap and making dinner, am hoping for a short school BORED meeting but these can go on all night if they're mad about something.

    Punkin, for you for recognizing when it's time to cry!!! Sounds really good for your mom, though! She seems to be through the worst of it!

    Anagram: That's odd about that logging in stuff. I usually lose mine when it says I have too many smilies or it says the server has "timed out." How dare it!

    WHERE IS WOOD NYMPH ARABELLA!??? Calling all wood nymphs! Report to the dark, scary forest, huh?


    Frogger: If I were your dh, I'd have dumped that job the first time they tried to send me home for being late after they agreed I could be late.

    To all, mentioned or unmentioned, avanti! Gotta go!
  • Hello, hello! Sorry to have been so scarce -- I got home late Sunday, to DS and ex-DH (not the comfiest situation with DH) and the house in utter turmoil. Spent labor day really laboring -- trying to climb Mt. Laundry, make the house at least semi-civilized. Then yesterday was my first day on the new job -- millions of e-mails, trying to work with new software and be productive, combined with still trying to get the house in reasonable order, help DH get ready for his trip day after tomorrow. And so on. Achy from being at the computer now, but just wanted to let you know I didn't end up hiking home from Fundy (Fundy was great, other than the 16 kilometer hike -- 8 uphill to the end, where we stopped for lunch and it promptly POURED rain). But DH was well-behaved. I didn't tell him I would hitchhike home if he was ornery, but I would have. I did make him promise that we were going to relax and enjoy ourselves, else I would just stay home

    Must go to bed now, getting psyched up for the new challenge and will have more to say later. Love to all!
  • Glad you're back from Fundy safely and all's more or less well. Good luck on new job.

    Realized one lost post contained my sign up for this challenge. So here it is - I'm going for the same old 205 I have not reached on the past two challenges. Third time will be the charm.

    Have had three good days in a row so far. Glory be!
  • Hello all!

    Need to leave early today so am trying to be brief--

    Glad to see nearly everyone has found their way here. I would 've missed you otherwise!

    Still raining here on the East Coast and its Friday Eve already!
    That's one way of getting thru quickly, take Mon and Tuesday off!

    Punkin, I can relate.... hope to go into more details later... for me I believe I need to learn how to deal w/ sad feelings and get by them......

    To everyone... would you care for a cup of tea? Its almost time to keep the kettle on all the time... Here's to the best for all of you.. because you are the best!
    Thought of the day :

    "What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?"
    -- George Eliot

    Question of the day :

    "Should elected officials do what they think is best or follow the will of those who elected them?"
    -- Table Topics


    Take care!
  • Golly, so many posts! I feel helpless to reply to everyone but I'm paying attention and will just jump in. Gotta be brief this morning, off to work.
    I'm doing well with my weight loss----too well, I'm getting scared! Very close to goal. And I'm fighting various forms of self-sabotage everyday. Such as playing fast and lose with counting calories, not wanting to work out [but I do anyway!], slacking on getting in my fruits/vegs and going for bread-y things instead. But at least i'm aware this time and it's not getting me; I'm just watching it happening...
  • Howdy,
    Just a quick post. Things are going well adn work is busy. I will check in later to chat
  • Yo!!! Glad to see that the Wood Nymph is back from Fundy (I love that name ... it sounds like "Have a Fun Day!" Glad ya dinna have to fash y'self and hitch a ride home, lass! Congrats on handling your first day in the new position!!! You're off and running!!!

    Kaylets, I can use that cup o' tea!!! How many points is chai!? Never, mind, I'll look it up!!!

    Eydie: Keep it up; you're almost there!!! No fast and loose now!!! You're my hero! I'm gonna follow ya to the Land o' Maintenance!!! Woohoo!!! Yowza!!!!

    Zadie: Your numbers are lookin' good there, sure and b'gorra!!! You're doing great!!

    Anagramatic: Glory be and sure and b'gorra, you're doing wonderfully well to hoe the line and not be steered off course at this time!!! Keep a'goin' ... you're doing great!


    To all, mentioned and unmentioned, au revoir, a bientot, er, avanti!! TTFN, ol' building and loan pals!!!
  • Friday eve!
    Hello everyone!!

    Just a quick hello! I am glad to see that everyone has made it to the new thread.

    I am looking towards a crazy weekend coming up and trying to decide how to handle it. I have 4 parties, 2 on sat and 2 on sun, one right after another I need all of your advise on how you handle parties!


  • Bo-Beena's a party girl, baby, YEAH!
    Hey, darlin'. Here's what I do: drink myself into a stupor (the level where you have REALLY deep conversations at very high decible levels) before I can get hungry. No, just kidding. Soda water with a twist. Lots of it. And I bring raw asparagus, my favorite nibbling vegetable - requires no sauce. And I dance like a demon.

    I like that word - nibble. It used to make me nervous when someone said it; back in junior high in my trashy-novel-reading days.

    Hel-LOOO, Amarantha!

    Howdy, Zadie. You're on a roll - like five OK work days in a row. Is boss lady behaving? Darn tootin'.

    Eydie, sorry, you can't just jump in. You have to go back and respond extensively to Every. Single. Post. Got it?

    I'm sorry to hear about your struggle. You're right, eating in awareness is better than snarfing in a daze. Ride out the storm, baby. Calm waters ahead.

    Kaylets, I'm sad that you have sad feelings. Gettem out and let's talk about them - or you can tell us what's up and we can tell you how wonderful you are and how much we love you and that you'll push through your troubles in your usual manner.

    Arabella, welcome back from Fundy. I'm glad DH was a good boy, but distressed by your account of Labor Day. Poor lady! Makes me think about the laundry piling up and chuckling madly in our bedroom as we speak. Pooey.

    Anagram, I see...a number in the crystal ball. Hmmm. 205. 205. Does that number mean anything to you? Anything at all? It's in your near future. The spirits have spoken. Thanks for your words on Dad. It's hard to remember that he's in pain. He's a champion whiner, always has been, and we all get sort of a "boy who cried wolf" attitude when he talks about it. I DO remember that you got a knee replacement, and thank you for giving me his perspective, sort of. Though I've never heard you whine...

    Frogger, time for hubby to Moooove on. Man, electricians just have it hard. That's all I hear about. Good luck to him in finding something tasty and nearer-to-home.

    OK, cats, I'm draggin' my tail today. Anyone else tired from...well, I don't know why I'm tired. Makes the walk home interesting.

    Adios, muchachas.
  • Hello,
    I just had a very gross food experience. It was downright comical. I tend to eat just add water stuff at work, so today I was going to have vegitarian split pea. Well, I added the stuff the the cup of hot water and it instantly turned into this glue type substance. To the point that it would hardly even stir. And it smelled funny. So I did the whole cover and wait thing and then I tried tasting it. It was sooooo bad. Fake bacon flavor. The bulk of the soup was an entirely bland mass of green glue. Adn there were dehydrated carrots that never rehydtaed becuase they were deprived of water by the green glue stuff.

    At any rate...

    Arabella: welcome back. I am very gald you could show up

    Cerise, I am there with you on the tired for no reason thing. Today is dragging. Maybe the walk home will wake you up.

    Hmmm, that is a lot of parties. I am a bit party adverse so I really have no good advice, unless you think "hide in corner and leave early" is a good strategy becuase that is what I tend to do.

    QOD: I think elected officials should do what they think is right. As long as it is what I want them to do. Very tough question. Especially since so few people vote and the public is very fickle in polls. But no, I think that they should do what they believe. as long as a politician is up front about what they believe this is why we vote for them. I still miss Paul Wellstone.
  • Eydie
    Oh. My. God.

    Uh, guys? Guuuys? Eydie just emailed me pictures of her and Susan Powter and WHOA! Eydie's so beautiful.

    Girl, you're a damn knockout!

    OK, I've SERIOUSLY got the bug. I want to see everyone's pictures now! Puh-LEEEEEZ?
  • Yowza!!! Gettin' ready to dip into more Flexpoints. Don't wanna waste those lil darlins' !!!! Covering a surprise meeting tonight, so I'll be brief!

    Zadie: Sorry yur soup turned out glurpy!!!! Re parties, I have another WW thing (sorry, I'm obsessed) ... in my kit that is probably backordered forever, there's a POINTS bracelet that I think I can wear to parties and conferences and the like so I can keep track of hor d'oevres, etc., that I'm eating and no one will know!!! Seems like you could make a calorie counter bracelet or whatever kind of tally you do out of a charm bracelet also, just move the charm around until it reaches a goal charm or ... uhh, I seriously need to rest!

    It's been an interesting 3FC kinda day!

    QOD: I think politicians should do what they promise their constituents before the election and then there shouldn't be a problem unless they lie to the voters! And we KNOW they would never do that.
  • Weigh in this a.m. Down .2 - but that's down and now only 2 lbs above lowest in years. Work, work, work on it. Had lunch downtown after lawyer. Very interesting "club sandwich" = fruit wedged between 3 slices (small) of banana nut bread. Different, refreshing, disgustingly expensive. DH said "is that all you get for that?". His, same price, was suitably bulky but mine suited me and diet more.

    Little party this evening for friend who returned to area. So had meatballs, veggies including some delicious asparagus, Cerise, and a little bit of dessert. A slimfast bar this evening if I need any thing more later (at most). Ooh, Zadie, I love parties. Not quite as much as I used to. I'll go w/you next time and keep you out of the corner.

    Tired too. But a couple of reasons including hay fever. Understand our area made No. 1 in the country for bad allergies according to TIME magazine. Of course, everyone around here is saying we're no worse than other places but some days I sure feel it. Take pills, feel even more tired. But it will all go away in a little bit. Stress level improved since seeing attorney but still will have a lot to do.

    But the sun was out this evening!!!! And supposed to have three nice days or so coming up. That will do a lot to restore mental health too.

    I've seen those Eydie pics and she is indeed a doll!
  • Robin McKinley is coming! Robin McKinley is coming!
    Huzzah! My favorite author of ALL TIME is coming to a book signing in Seattle in October. Robin McKinley!!!

    THIS is part of the reason we moved to the bigger city. I can finally meet the woman whose books I've voraciously read, all of them, at least 4 times each. Yes, yes, YES!!!

    **Robin McKinley is an author of fiction, fantasy mostly, and her favorite thing is retelling fairy tales. She is pigeonholed as a youth fantasy author, but I'm an adult with discerning tastes (or so I think, naturally) and LOVE her stuff. Plug over.**

    She's so great - has answered my worshipful-but-desperately-trying-to-be-casual emails very...nicely. Not fakey-fakey, just real. And willing to really talk with a fan. Eydie, now I know how you felt when you got to meet Susan P.

    I'm so excited I'm about to lose control of my....uh, gotta go.
  • Hello all!!

    Cerise- Thanks for asking, I am feeling more myself today-- I believe the death of my uncle this past weekend and being so far from nearly all of my relatives is what I was feeling. All to be expected really. Yet, when you have a "control instinct", can be disconcerting. Thanks for asking.

    I want to see the pic too! I didnt receive one and I am very curious!
    Today's thought is:

    "People have the power to make a difference in their lives, "
    --Oprah Winfrey

    Today's question is:
    " If you could buy any ONE material object, what would it be?"
    --Table Topics

    Frogger-Sorry to hear your DH's issues w/ his job. I am sending
    you strength vibes to help you cope. Is he back on his medication yet?

    Must go in early myself. Take care all!