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Default :devil: Scales!

those scales have me down the 2lb I put on last week - all purely due to drinking like a viking on shore leave!!! This brings my total loss now to 183 down from 215.

Why is the hill named 3 times you may wonder well Pen means hill dle means hill and of course it's also called a hill!!!

Of to cut the fruit up for tomorrow's breakfast - I think it's time to up the tempo a little in my exercising I'm not sure how but I'll give it some thought over the weekend.

Empress is there going to be another psychic walk on Sunday - if there is count me in

Keep and well

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Is it Friday yet?
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Hello loves!

So you don't hear from me for DAYS and now I'm back twice in one day... go fi'gurr.

What a reminder of just how small our world has gotten - YoYo Dee made the comment about the moon and for a split second it didn't sink in that it was the *same* full moon that I saw last night - like "oh, yours was beautiful too??" (yea, I know, DUH!... ). I just may have made myself look reeeeally stoopid, but, it was one of those moments where everything clicked in to place and you realize that my moon is same you all see too - seems like a simple statement, but really....damned small place, earth is.
(please note: weird psycho-babble moment has now expired - please make sure your arms are properly crossed for the best fitting of your "special jacket", the walls are soft and padded for your protection....)

Yo-Dee, you've just completely burst my bubble of what a Brit is supposed to be! Waaaaah! Coffee? No biscuits?? No pinky??? My great-grandfather is probably spinning in his grave... (he was born in Burslem, his dad in Longport).

Holy #&*! I just noticed I have Canadians in my family! Now, not that that's a bad thing... but curious haven't I noticed that before (being a tad jealous of the Canadian kinship here). I dug out my geneology to reply to Dee and lo and behold - the Brits married into Canadians! Waterloo, WNO (what's a WNO? I have a wino in the family?? ) is the place. Do I get a membership card or somefin' now????

Frogger, yes, you can walk right up to the walls - and in to the caves if you so wish (you'd be on crack to "wish" but to each their own...). The caves aren't deep - 20 feet or so - but the bat guano is well, it's POOP!
The drawings were amazing - that someone stood in the exact place I did last night, some 9,000 years ago and drew a picture of a woman in dark red ink-stain, was intensely spiritual for me.
See, there I go gettin' all wacky again....

Cerise, get in line for Mr. Rickman!

I don't blame you a single bit for your reunion reasoning! I've done it myself - avoid things because of my size - or was just completely mortified if there was no getting out of it. Jeez, when Bo-Beena got married, I was her Maid of Honor and they told me (and I quote) "they don't make your dress that big" (they did, she was just an evil woman bent on making me gain another 20 pounds in grief over ruining my best friend's wedding).
Believe me, had it not been my Beena, I would've ducked out - God forbid the "fat chick" take away from the bride's big day... and as it was, that day I spent telling myself they were looking at the bride and groom - not the 250+ pound woman in the green dress!
We're cruel to ourselves, and you're not going to change in a day, or a week, or even a year - you have to relearn your thinking and that can take a long, long time.

Ok, 2nd novel in 1 day - I guess I should go away and do some work now!

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Gonna be strong and fit!
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Thumbs down busy, busy

Just a fly by. Haven't read the last 2 pages of posts, will have to come back later for that.

Packing to go camping this weekend. Last weekends partying wasn't enough I guess! Thank you for all your advise, I made it though the parties beautifully!! Looks like I am working on a loss this week too

Have a great day, will catch up with you all later, BoBeena
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I am having a day horrid beyond belief. Thinking of having my previously scheduled meltdown and getting it over with. But my Empress said she'd like to see a post from all today, so I'm posting.

I will survive this day, I will. And I'm very proud to report that I refused dh's sweet little offer of one of his cookies after lunch. He thought it would make me feel better and at one time it might have but today I didn't even want it (nor did I even feel I'd want half the bag). I'm hoping that's progress.

Even the thought that I'm going to see my sweet little princesses on Sunday isn't doing it. And I love the full moon too so it can't be that. But I feel like a witch of PA and I don't like that one bit.

'til a more calm moment............
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Is it Friday yet?
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I'm so sorry Anagram,
I'm sending cyber hugs and wish I could beam you a few bottles of wine and a bag or two of chocolates. I wish there was something we could really do to make you feel better - you sound so unlike yourself... we're here when you need the rant - or a cyber box of tissues.

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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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S/C/G: 256/ticker/165

Height: 5'8

Angry Hello My Honeys!

Still ill, but in EXCELLENT spirits! My flight is booked for Boston, Sat. Oct 4 - Tues. Oct. 7. Really looking forward to it. DH may or may not come with me. I'll have a good time in either case. Meetings will only be on Mon. & Tues., but there was a seat sale that meant I could go then, for $510 CA or it would either be over $1000 or involve a 5-6 day stay. The co. is paying for it, but they don't want to pay more than nec.

Yo-Yo Dee, I don't think I've officially welcomed you to our group - WELCOME! From my intermittent lurking since I started my new job, I can tell you were meant to be with us!

Boy, do I know what you mean with the gaining weight without noticing (this goes back a bit, don't have time to look back, but I think I remember the gist). HOW can we fool ourselves so well? I literally gained 50-60 pounds without ever allowing myself to realize it until --- OHHHH! It was too late. Then I saw a picture of myself that couldn't be denied. Rats. Stupid reality!

And Cerise, too! Alan Rickman.... uh-huh... I believe it was our Eydie that likened listening to his voice to liquid honey, and there was more color commentary -- if only I could remember the details -- something about laying back, warm honey dripping.... ok, now mmmmm that's enough. :whew:

Actually, I feel quite heartened that you are not always the pillar of self-esteem that I feared you were. When I feel unacceptable, since we met, I always think of you and how you probably never feel that way. And sometimes I feel worse for feeling bad, if you know what I mean. So I'm glad that we share that same occasional frailty.

Kaylets, a major CONGRATS! I'm so happy your transfer worked out! Wow, we're really in sync right now -- promotions (sounds like one to me) AND a killer head cold. Take good care of yourself, sweetie. Let's have a cup of that tea -- maybe make it echinacea.

Your Punkinness! I envy you so for the full-moon ritual. I always feel like we're supposed to pay it a lot more attention than we do -- why would it show off so otherwise! And I seem to take in the show way less often than I'd like. Well, tonight I swear I'll at least go for a little stroll under the (almost) full moon. I guess going to bed at 9 might have something to do with missing it...

Frogger, fingers crossed that your DH will get the job! Sending good vibes! :

Zadie, I concur -- chopping wood is major exercise! I know a woman who'd quit smoking and gained 60 pounds (doesn't everyone? ) She moved to the country, chopping her own wood, and took it all off again in -- I think -- four months.

Anagram, I gotta say I'm really liking Punkin's "Return to Satan -- uh, I mean Sender" idea. The nerve!

Eydie, yes, my head is still spinning! I was sitting at my desk yesterday, working, and thinking "is it possible it's a dream?" Amazing to me that these people who've never met me hired me for this very responsible position without even really considering anyone else. I'm honored!

Amarantha, I am so glad that you're with us. I have to admit that I thought you'd be back -- how can you stay away from those who love you so! Fortunately we didn't have to suffer without you for long. Because I was only able to read sporadically, I read one time and you were going and then the next read you were back. Ahhhh.... you know you're the heart and soul of this thread!

Wildfire, are things quieting down for you at all? Sounds like things were hopping, last I heard. Money is always tres nice, though!

Ok, I must be off again. Love to all!
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Spreadin' the luv.
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Angry Nice long posties from people...

Oh, anagram. Melt away. Sending you lots of love and deep concern. Please do what you need to do today, and I'm looking forward to your seeing your princesses.

Arabella, poor thing. I'm only 28, too young, not mature enough to be a pillar of anything much! I'm so sorry I made you feel that way. Now you know I'm all talk. I feel uncomfortable about my weight all the time, but I still stick my chin up in the air and pretend that it's all good. I'm just gonna have to get real more often, I see...
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Height: 5'8


Several posts while I was posting.

Anagram, sometimes all you can do with a day is get through it, feel what you need to feel and, then, well, you get to another day. And nine times out of ten it will be a better one. We love you!

Bo-Beena, nice to see you in here. Have a great time camping!

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Arabella, I'm very tired but I'm going to go for a 'moonlight stroll' before bed. You're so right--we need to pay attention to these things.

Punkin, the ritual sounds lovely. I'd love to hear more.

Anagram, lean on us all you want.

Cerise, when you were talking about the Japanese lady, it made me think of when I was married 17 years ago and was a 103 pound bride and I thought I was FAT! Haw! How obnoxious is that?

Out to admire the moon [that shines all the way over in England ] and then to bed.
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the sword bearer
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Angry Friday Eve!

Evenin' Ladies.....

Busy day...I'm with ya Bo-Beena! First chance to read and post!

Got this stupid writeover thingy goin' again....this may be an exercise in frustration....

What a busy thread today.....I just wanted to say that I'm sailin' onto Day 19 tomorrow....and am going to be trailer trash for the weekend up in Goodells MI at the fairgrounds....another dog show...this time with the baby....the basicly untrained baby! I'm sure she'll try to embarass me!

Anagram, vent all you want....we'll pick you up after...but we won't feed you!

Arabella and Kaylets...the job s! It must be so exciting for both of you!

Will not be around to participate in the psychic walk on Sunday..but will think of you all....It may be the only blue ribbon I get!

Punkin...that moon was so cool...even my DS...Mr.16 noticed it and made me go out to see it early in the eve...when it was so orange and low and huge....I would consider you a benefit to the Canadians...come on over!

Anyway...I gotta go and do something...I think Sunday has finally caught up to me.


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Yowza!!! Since I can't use the reply screen (software issue), I can't see all the posts as I type, but I did read them all and am so happy to see everyone here today!!! So, my replies are gonna be spotty as befits my aging brain!

YoYo! Thanks for the pm and the Pendle site!!! It was a sad story that fit somehow today! And yes, I think we should have the Psychic Superwalk Sunday again!

The psychic part started, I think, with Ceara having gone for a walk before I put up the superwalk challenge. So I said, "Ceara must be psychic!" At least, I think it was Ceara. Anyhow, I think the psychic part should be that we all take a walk and think of this group and feel our psychic connection as we grow fitter and fitter!!! (Emile Coue? "Every day in every way, I'm growing more and more fit!) Er, I digress!

Ceara, though thou be off for the weekend, thou canst substitute any exercise and psychically think of us ... or of Punkin and the moon ... that should work! Methinks that should earn thee an honorary blue ribbon.

Wood Nymph: Thou knowest me too well, alas! Thanks for all thy kind words and support.

Frogger: Hope thy dh receives the position he desires! I can't remember the smilie for fingers crossed, but consider it here!

Punkin: I read about thee and the moon but can't find the post now. I was noticing it a night or two ago driving into the mountains for a late meeting. So amazing!


Not sure who asked this, but Old Dog actually issomewhat geriatic, though not into advanced dementia yet! I need to get some weight off of her and stop giving in to her demands for cat food and a sedentary lifestyle.

My beloved Flexi has taken off for the weekend (e.g., I've used them ALL!)

That's ok, he'll be back!

He knows I can't live without him, the rogue!

To all, mentioned or unmentioned, I gotta crash now! Later, gators!
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YoYo!!! Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 pound drop!!!

Your total loss is fantastic!!! Keep a'goin'!!!

And to YoYo and anyone who reported a loss that I missed, may I just say:

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Hmmm. Three in a row? Ok! Trying to stay away from FOOD, since my protector, Flex the Magnificant, be on sabbatical until Sunday! But I forgot to note that I heard a news story about the USDA or whoever is planning on redoing the food pyramid to come out in 2005. They have apparently come to the amazing conclusion that many Americans are overweight and sedentary and should eat fewer calories and they are thinking of making the new pyramid or whatever shape reflect that with advice that will result in many folk being advised to eat between 1500-1800 a day, which is, so the news story went, approximately 1000 less calories per day than they currently eat. This will be hard, the news story concluded. All this is preliminary, the news report said, and the debate is on about whether this is a good idea or a bad idea.

Doesn't it seem, sometimes, that some government folk have too much time on their hands?

P.S. I'd also like to report, in case said government folk are listening, that Krispy Kreme is now being sold in convenience stores all over my area.

Also like to report that the new WW dining out companion has incorrect (according to me and the points counter) points numbers for some varieties of Krispy Kreme. It's off by 2 points for the maple iced and the raspberry filled. To be safe, I had only ONE original, which WW correctly lists as 5 points.

I'm going to get off here now! Really!

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Hot Stuff
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I sat and posted to everyone last night and then lost it all in a barrage of pop up windows. I was too ticked off to retype it. So, Congratulations, sorry for bad days, keep up the good work, and love to all! Use as needed.
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Hello all!

Just a short one-- Glad to see so many of us checking in---

Feeling the same, cold seems to be in my chest also, back is screaming, scratchy throat, ---- did find some over the counter medication that really cleared my head but you do feel parched most of the time.
Today's thought is:

"What you will do matters. All you need is to do it"
-- Judy Grahn

Today's question:
"What stressed you most this week?"
-- Table Topics


Take care all!
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