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caffeine free!
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Everyone in the office is at a meeting, so I can actually write for a bit. Not that I am abusing my position or anything

frogger - I hope things work out ok. It is tough trying to decide between car repairs and credit card debt (we waited forever to fix our struts becuasse of the cost). Do you know anyone who fixes cars that might be able to get you a deal? My boyfriend got laid off last April and ended up going back to school last September. The whoel savings thing is tricky. We prioritized and the one thing we always did was make certai that we could pay the mortgage. Hopefull another job will come along soon.

Gosh it seems like we are turning into a sickly bunch this week. I guess my favorite remedy is sitting very still and taking a good dose of television. And Zinc.

So, kinda funny story: my boyfriend got this strange rash on his arm and he went in to see the doctor. Now as a student he goes to the student health center. But they were understaffed so they were getting people from other departments to help in the general practice schedule. So he ended up seeing a gynecologist. It made me laugh really hard when he told me.

punkinseed - I can sit for 8 hours and get nothing done sometimes. I try, but some days...

So I am going to wisconsin on thursday and friday to visit my parents and see some plays. I thought i had someone to go with me, but she backed out at the last minute (not her fault, she has to take her sister to the doctor). everyone else I know has school or work that they cannot miss on such short notice so I have to drive 4 hours by myself each way. And I have a ticket to a play that I cannot use. O well, I will just donate it to the box office if necessary.

So, how is soccer queen doing today? It sounds like it was worth the pain.

Welsome yo-yo dee. This is an awfully nice place to be. I have tried posting on other threads, but this one is the only one I consistently come back to. So that must mean something.

Sounds like people had very healthy days yesterday. I did pretty well, except the cookies I ate. But I still did njot break the calorie bank so I guess it is a forgivable sin.

Have a great day all. And wish for rain in Minnesota.
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Spreadin' the luv.
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Smile Feeling human again.

Hello, Pootie-Pies one and all.

So sorry for being kind of AWOL for two days. I'm overwhelmed by all of the very kind inquiries as to the state of my health. I'm also very sad to have missed the Psychic Sunday challenge that our Hag introduced. Even if I'd known about it I'd have had to roll over in bed and groan at having moved.

My arms were sore. Tell me, O Queens of Fitness Theory, how do arms get sore from playing SOCCER?! God only knows. Everything else hurt as well, may I add, though Wildfire's timely suggestion of a bath with salts helped more than I can say. Thank you, O Burning One. I marched to work with my customary vigor and speed - well, it feels to me like speed, though everyone still seems to pass me. Pooey.

Kaylets, dang, girl! Sounds like you got the mother-and-father of all colds! I'm so sorry. Sending you loving-mother-to-lay-a-cool-hand-on-your-forehead-and-bring-you-veggie-noodle-soup vibes. I hope you're not miserable for too long. You're so very courageous for taking up swimming. Golly gee, it's hard enough to get in motion at all, let alone with the Fear obstacle in your way. You're my inspiration.

Anagram, is that YOUR 50th anniversary? Wow!!! Congratulations if I read that right! 50 years was sounding like a looong time to be married to Ramon last night, but we were fighting, so...

Everything's OK now.

What a drag that your comfy, well-lit pool has been taken away. It's so hard to keep the momentum of fitness-efforts going, especially when a stable bit is removed from your arsenal of fitness weapons. Easy on the knees, my dear. As if you'd forget.

Amarantha, I still feel good every time I see your posts. Thank you so much for staying - I know you did it for our benefit and I'm grateful. It feels to me like a lot of us are indeed breaking free of molds and limitations and are breaking new ground in our journeys towards health, body and soul. People have started to comment on how Ramon and I are doing things we've never done before, braving things that would have stopped us in the past. I feel like my obsession with my comfort zone is wearing off a bit, and I'm glad to know that I can do for myself even if I'm deadly scared of embarrassment.

Still, though, there are times in our life when we forge ahead and times when we...can't. That's when comfort zones keep us functional and alive, even if we can't do much more. I needed a jolt lately, but come wintertime I'll feel like I've done well just to follow my routines and get through the season. To all of us, forging ahead and plodding along - forward! Slow or fast, doesn't matter worth a damn.

Ceara, I hope you're sleeping right now...you sounded exhausted the last couple of days. Take some time if you can to ask yourself what exactly you need and do it for you, and for us. We need you! Cast off your slivey troubles and sleeeeeep. Sleeeeep.

Oh, poor Frogger. Car troubles are a horror that no one can fathom until it happens to them. We forget how it throws our routines and money matters into total chaos. I won't wish you a clear head because it's obvious you've got one and you're using it. Maybe I'll send your birthday-money relatives a vibe...

I remember those ladies at work. Smug people who don't seem to care about much of anything, really. They were the ones who would smile indulgently at my happy stories of a new marriage and then tell me about how it would all unravel in the future like theirs did. Poopey on them, darling. We love you and value what you value and feel TERRIBLE about your car. Keep your chin up, dearest.

Yo-yo, lovely pubs. You've got a lot more willpower than me. Fortunately I don't live in Eugene, OR anymore, where there was a brewery on every corner (closest I can think to UK pubs). Ah, though, how I miss the Blonde Wheat at McMenamin's...

Ladies, do check out Yo-yo's picture at the UK thread. You're lovely, darling! Such a beautiful smile. Is that handsome man your hubby?

Hey, Dollar, how's DD? I feel for her, especially this month. Keep telling us how she's doing, OK? I'm anxious to hear...and yeah, your golfing sounds like a durn good walk to me. Yikes. 21 holes would have me curling up in the nearest sand trap for a nappies.

Eydie, Pilates? No wonder you look so lovely in your pictures! I've just heard from a friend here at Children's Hospital that Pilates can correct - but not reverse, sadly - and stop the progression of scoliosis in teenage girls. He was so happy to talk about how "his" girls could walk straighter and wear their braces for shorter periods of time...thank God for Pilates. You count calories? I'm teetering on the edge of doing it, just to get some control over my portion control and choices...I've avoided it because it seems like an unsustainable change to me, but I need walls, man, fences! Control! Whattaya think?

Wood Nymph, no one cares if you post about yourself! You're so good to keep us updated about YOU! Please don't trouble yourself about it...and thank you for staying around though your life sounds...difficult at the moment. Sending you strength.

Zadie, soccer's SO worth it - I have to get access to a treadmill, though, so this pain won't be wasted because I'm not running during the week...still trying to get a gym membership.

Love to you all - you're all my inspiration. I'd NEVER have done soccer without you. Never. And I think (I hope, I hope ) that soccer's the thing that might turn me around for good. Think for a minute - how many lives do you think might have been materially improved, even saved, by this and other threads on 3FC? Mine has. Thank you for being here with me! Thank you to ME for coming...

I'd like to thank the Academy for this honor, give a shout out to my girls at 3FC - couldn't have done it without you...and to my wonderful family...wait, no...wrong daydream.

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Yo! The Dr. P book is at Walmart! It looks good but I didn't buy it! Was standing there looking and a lovely lady came along and said, "Oh, is that his new book?" So we talked a bit about the "ultimate weight loss solution" ... which for me is now Flexpoints, as long as Flexie behaves himself at my next weigh-in. Of course, if he does NOT behave himself, the honeymoon's over. It's kind of like probation. I've put him on notice. The lady had not used WW since the days when, she said, they ate a lot of fish, so she stopped, because she said she couldn't eat all that fish! She didn't know about points. I've become quite the WW guru!

Cerise!!! Thank you for your words!!! You are always so encouraging! Glad you feel better ... I think I need to try one of those epsons salt baths!

Re plodding in comfortable routine versus venturing forth to conquer new worlds, IMO, both are important parts of life! Sometimes it's good just to BE ... to notice the beauty of who we are and of our existence, just by itself and independent of any circumstance or accomplishment.

Sometimes it's good to go forth and achieve wondrous things ... but it's nice to come back again, methinks.

On that note, it's naptime for me. Can't do the late meeting without a bit more sleep.

Zadie: Ahhhh, I remember working in the offices and newsrooms when everyone else was in a meeting ... greatest feeling in the world!!!! Enjoy!!!
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hello people - this is a great site another day down at the gym and no alcohol.. it's not so hard once I get past Monday after work

all your warm greetings I shall have to write all your names down and stick them on my computer then I can be more personal.

Which brings me to you Frogger.. oh boy do I know the feeling of having to fork out a **** of a lot of money for your vehicle I had the same sort of thing earlier in the year and had to use all our savings which was horrible and then we had to fork out 800 for a flue (chimney vent thing) that was supposed to have been done 2 years ago and wasn't!!! So we haven't had a holiday this year as such and we've really had to cut the cloth so to speak but we've got thro' just. It's hard when there's only one salary - BUT I'm sure something will occur positively for your hubby just hang in there even if it's by the skin of your teeth.

Cerise another essential oil for aches is black pepper oil - 3 drops max in a bath (I used to do aromatherapy stuff) Wintergreen is what the massuers over here use on our football players (soccer to you) the latin name is Gaultheria procumbens and is usually found in things like ointments for muscular aches. Hope that is of some help.

Right this is quite long for me :blush: and I haven't had a shower yet I don't want to knock you all out !

Thank you for the kind words about my picture yes that's dear heart bless him! It's horrible I didn't realise how fat I'd got - well I don't have any mirrors here at home and I certainly didn't look at any in shops etc ! It's all changing if I can sort the webcam out I'll try and take one as I am now.

Right I'm off c'yas later

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Cerise and everyone else who has asked about my daughter Thank you for your support. she is doing great right now she seems very happy, more so then I have seen her in many many months it is like having my daughter back again I just hope and pray thaat it will last because I sure miss the girl she was but no matter what I will alway love her with all my heart. She was my miricle baby. So thanks again for all the caring. Im sorry I can never remember what is going on with everyone when Im writing a reply.

So to one and all I hope your car is better, your cold is better and whatever else I missed and may you all suceed in all your endevours. Got to go time to get headed to my weigh in, have a good week all.
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Frogger, sorry to hear about the car problems. I always say that nothing will get to you like money worries. I don't live in any grand style and DH and I don't have any big debts but still we can't seem to save any money. I don't know how people do it.

Kaylets, whenever I'm sick, I chug water. I'm a great believer in the healing power of plain old water. I read this book years ago called "Your bodies Many Cries for Water" and was sold on the idea.

Amarantha, now I'm reciting Jabberwocky to myself! Over and over.....it's even starting to make sense!

Cerise, about the calorie thing: it's working well for me now, but I don't intend to do it forever. I think it's a great way to educate yourself about portions and a way to know exactly what you're taking in. I deluded myself for YEARS about my calorie intake. Yikes! I must say I reccommend calorie counting. It's the most basic thing you can do and it's really helped with my math skills!
And I agree, treadmills are great. Don't know what I'd do without mine.

I'm fiercely proud of the fact that I worked 9 hours today [lunch and breaks for 50!] and then came home and walked 4 miles on my treadmill and even did 15 min. of yoga!

Hey, would you believe I'm wearing SOCKS right now? The first socks of the season! Fall is almost here!

Now I'm going to find Yo-Yo Dee's photo. I'm so excited!!!
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Hello all!

I am still feeling like the beginning of a bad cold, but somehow managed all day w/o any kind of medicine-- Just about 1/2 a bag of eucalyptus drops--and double asprin this am-- So all in all, not as bad as could be but not my best for sure....

Frogger, I can relate- it stinks sometimes --just plain stinks--
I am sending you a big (((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))) from all of us. Is there anyone who could do some of the brake work other than rebuilding the rotors?

Thanks everyone for your good wishes-- I am getting things ready for the am and will be in bed shortly after-- Sleep does work best for me--
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Default Warning - mememe

Forgive me but first I have to vent. Didn't sleep well, awake at 2:15, downstairs at 3:15. Just a catnap or two between 5 and 7. Misty today as well. Then I come home tonight to another letter from another proselytizer (different species). At least this one said she/he hoped they hadn't offended me. But in many ways it was perhaps even more offensive than the first. Many more specific biblical references at least. All hand printed and at least a good page of lined paper long. And of course I HAD to read it. How can ANYONE think it's helpful to send a message that says "how do (sic) death a reward for being a faithful person?" and that "time and unforeseen occurrence from being in the wrong place at the wrong time is largely responsible". Mom was almost 87 for goodness sakes - wrong place at the wrong time?

OK - vent over and it does help!
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On to more pleasant things. Because life is still good. I still have my losers, and my princesses, and dh, etc, etc, etc.

Hope all those hurting and unwell are feeling better. And Wood Nymph, we just want to hear from you - you can catch up with us when you have time.

Eydie, you SHOULD be proud! And I really should follow your example. But not tonight, I'm afraid. The pool is not only great for exercise but is also very relaxing and tension breaking so I miss it on two fronts.

Glad your miracle baby is doing better, dollar. Nothing hurts as bad as having your baby hurt. YoYo - don't know if there's any wintergreen in Flexall 454 (my fave achy/pain reliever) but eau de Flexall is often my scent of choice.

Frogger, sorry about car problems and overwhelming money problems at the moment. IT WILL GET BETTER.

I agree there are times it's important to get out of our routines and times when we need them for comfort. I'm trying hard to get back into some old routines - not the FOOD ONES of course. In fact, my food today was good again and truly I am very proud of myself for that. I think I deserve a half gallon of ice cream on the basis of that letter alone. Oops, sorry - old thinking! Consuming calories won't change a thing.
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I know, I know, third post. Still not too trusting of getting things through. I read in another thread that someone else was having same problem. Mine seems much better now though. So far.

Punkin, BoBeena, missing you. If you're feeling overwhelmed, o'Friday, here's a or

Cerise, no 'twasn't my 50th anniversary but that of some longtime friends. I'll be celebrating next month but ONLY 45 years. Will really celebrate at 50. Hopefully I'll be so slim I'll be able to get in wedding dress. And of course, we never fought

Wise advice on the prioritizing, zadie - and so tough on people when they're laid off, etc. So much of that in the country right now.

Have a great trip, zadie. And, Empress, hope al goes well at tonight's meeting.

And a great day tomorrow, all, on our journey to fitness and health.

Whew, I'm longwinded tonight. But it's been great typing at ya.
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Yo!!! Fly-by, guys!!! Just got back from school BORED meeting and talking to publisher, which made me feel somewhat better about some issues, I guess. Driving through the mountains at night with jazz playing and it was coolish out for a change and I'm very sleepy!

Got my WW at-home kit and the bars are so good I went even deeper into the Flexpoints for the week. I need to be careful to save some for Friday and Saturday, so need to cool it tomorrow. I'm much deeper into the Flexies than I was this time last week.

Re calorie counting, I also heartily recommend it. I'm into points at the moment, but as Punkin said once, points are just another way of playing with calories. Calories count! And I do intend to count 'em forever.

Anagram: I can't believe that church is hounding you like that when. You need to tell them not to contact you again, IMO! Sheesh!

Well, my cutie, aka Old Dog, is bumping up against my leg, which meaneth that she wishes me to get off the computer and lie down on the couch so she can lie next to me.

Eydie: Yes, the Jabberwocky makes perfect sense ... when we listen in the right mood.

Gotta go!
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Hello all!

Really rough around the edges this am, one of the dogs was up most of the night -- needed to go out about 3-4 times-- Have to go in for 2 meetings..... one of them might have the announcement I've been waiting to hear. ( Looks like the transfer I requested is for sure!)
Today's thought is:
"To exist is to coexist" -- Gabriel Marcel

Question of the day:
"If you were to change places w/ your parent for a day, what would be the most difficult part for him/her?"
--Table Topics

Pass the tissues please, I'm going to sneeze.....

Take care!
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Cerise, I was wondering if you keep a food/exercise journal?
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Height: 5'8


Oh, Anagram, thanks for the dispensation! I read the posts, and there's so much I want to respond to but I know if I get started I'll be here for an hour I can't spare. I think I'm going to try starting a word file with responses so I can just add a bit at a time.

Kaylets - you & I seem to have been struck with a single stroke, because I've got a horrible cold. Reminds me that once I'm feeling better I need to REALLY work on my health. Surviving 'til then.

I want to be absolutely on top of my game in a month because I just got word yesterday that the co. is flying me to Boston for a couple of days to meet with the site editors! I was positively FREAKING out when I got the message. Y'know, to go from being a struggling freelancer to this sudden -- if modest -- success is really stunning. And I am suitably stunned.

Must go get work done. I'll be back! Love to all. Let's take this day and do the best we can with it.
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Kaylets, sorry to hear you're still sneezy, etc. And GOODLUCK on the transfer coming through.

Empress, this one wasn't from the same church. From a totally different denomination/group/whatever. Considered writing back to this one too but decided it's not worth my time.

Awake at 4:30 again this morning. This is not me. I'm about at the end of my hay fever season and things should look better in a week or so. DH and I ran away for a while yesterday but lack of sleep made me too tired by late day to really enjoy it enough and then the stupid letter blew me away when I got back.

Eating out with friends tonight but should be able to keep things in line.

When I read your tag line, Eydie, as I do all the time - my "Queen in me" sassed me back a bit and said she wasn't up to feeling queenly yet today. I'll have to take her firmly in hand. No excuses for royal personages.
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