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rose2423 06-23-2016 03:57 AM

Needing Help Losing Weight
So I'm about 17 years old and I've been struggling with my weight my entire life. I know I'm a pretty girl, not to sound conceited, but I've always been deemed the "ugly friend" due to my weight. I learned to get comfortable with my weight because I wore it well since I'm very tall, but recently I moved to a new state with no friends and became very depressed. When I moved a year ago I weighed around 280 pounds but in the past year have gained 40 pounds. I feel horrible looking at pictures of the way I used to look and seeing the new stretch marks develop from my weight gain. I've tried dieting before and cutting out the junk food, but I always get tired of the healthy food and resort back to my old bad habits. have also tried things like weight watchers but I am terrible at counting calories and keeping track of things like that. I also have a terrible problem with eating out of boredom, and above all that, if I mess up on eating right I hate myself for it and then give up. So now here I am, a 17 year old girl who weighs a whopping 320 pounds. My mom has promised me that if all else fails she would pay for me to get LapBand/ Gastric Bypass surgery. I would much rather lose the weight myself rather than going under the knife but at this point I feel like I've tried and failed at everything. My Senior Prom is in May of 2017 and I would really love to lose 100 pounds, if not more, so I can fit into this beautiful dress that I'm in love with. I wanna feel truly beautiful for my prom and feel confident and gorgeous after it, so I'll take all the help I can get.

JamieAlison 06-24-2016 03:17 AM

Hey, chin up, things will get better. Sugar is the cause. You can eat foods high in fat (olive oil, hemp oil, fish oil, etc), you can eat lots of protein (meat, tofu, etc). Sugar and fake sugar causes obesity. Beware of labels that say "No sugar added," however!

A popular fruit cup you can buy which bears that label only has 1 gram less total sugar per CUP. However, they added several other ingredients to it that are much worse than sugar. The fruit cup of the same brand that doesn't say "No sugar added" actually has NO added sugar, either, it just has more of the fruit juice.

My only effort to control my weight is to limit myself to 20G sugar per meal - no snacks, only water and non-sweetened tea (with LOTS of lemons - whose sugar I do not count). I don't count carbs or anything else, but I have a lot of fiber in my diet and eat almost no red meat (though I had a steak last night :p).

I have maintained the same weight, exactly, for years and years. Despite a very sedentary lifestyle. Good luck!

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