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Hello everyone😉
Hope you're all having a fab Sunday so far!
Thank you Magistra for the warm welcome😀
I'm down 1.3 today...well that doesn't usually happen at the w/e...the complete opposite but hey I'll take it😬
Didn't manage any exercise today but tomorrow I'm going to AquaHit...it's the most entertaining class I've ever attended! And so funny...if you can imagine 20 hippos in a pool with dumbbell floats trying to jog!😂
I usually go twice a week Monday and Wednesday and in between I try to do Zumba at home but sometimes I find it quite difficult with motivation...well that would explain no exercise for today then😳
Have a lovely rest of the w/e!🤗xxx
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Hi Everyone!

ZCA72 Keep riding that wave!

Steelslady I'm glad the whole family is still on board. It makes it so much easier. Congrats to you and your DH on the weight loss.

I hope the regular eating went OK today. I think you had tummy problems the last time.

Wannabehealthy Hi I think the person you are talking about was the moderator on the WLS board. That was very sad. There is another person whom I'm familiar with and she hasn't come back. She had cancer. I think she passed away, too.

Chickiechooo Congrats on the 1.3 pound.

Waving Hi all around! Enjoy your evening!
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Total Approx 1110 Calories +

Breakfast (405 Calories + coffee)
spritz olive oil in pan
XL egg 80 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
300g. Mediterranean Blend Veggies 90 calories
14 g. Organic Valley feta cheese 30 calories
1 piece toasted Alpine Valley organic sprouted honey wheat bread 60 calories
1 T. pumpkin butter 25 calories
coconut water 60 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (400 calories)
salad w/roasted chicken & BHF's ranch 350 calories
iced coffee 50 calories

Dinner (305 calories)
Soup made with:
6 Bilinski meatballs 180 calories
zoodles, carrots, mushrooms, a couple red pepper slices 75 calories
chicken stock & seasonings 50 calories

The Firm Hi-Def Sculpt w/10's
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S/C/G: 400/368/250

Height: 6'


I'm so happy to see everyone's having a good day! The last few days for me haven't been the best, choice wise. Friday my roomie and I both had terrible days at work, so we just ordered Chinese delivery and watched Iron Man 1 & 2. I had crab puffs and fried rice and sweet and sour chicken and beef and broccoli. Saturday was my coworker's baby shower, and all I ate that day was a piece of cake, a handful of crackers/salami/pepperoni/cheese from a snack tray I brought (it ended up being the only food!), and then for dinner I had a hot dog and apple sauce. Just wasn't feeling like eating I guess lol. Today I went out driving with my sister, because I'm terrible at adulting and still don't have my license at 26 years old @[email protected] Which feels a little... not hypocritical, but I definitely see the humor in me working in an insurance office and not having my licence. I either walk places or my mom gives me a ride. Gives me a chance to hang out with her <3 I love my mama. My sister and I let my 7 year old nephew choose where we had lunch, and he chose Jack In The Box. I ended up with a sourdough jack, side salad, and 2 tacos because I've never actually HAD their tacos before today? And I haven't had dinner yet, but I'm really wanting macaroni and cheese and some of the turkey kielbasa sausage I have in the fridge. I'm gonna pump up the mac n cheese with some veg, so at least that'll be something lol.

Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow I'm gonna jump back on the wagon and back into my better eating. This was the first weekend I've had since Taking This All Seriously This Time I Mean It I'm Gonna Do It This Time You Guys, and I stumbled but I haven't fallen completely! I can have a better plan of attack for next week and prepare for the weekend better.
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Originally Posted by feverpitchfiasco View Post
Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow I'm gonna jump back on the wagon and back into my better eating. This was the first weekend I've had since Taking This All Seriously This Time I Mean It I'm Gonna Do It This Time You Guys, and I stumbled but I haven't fallen completely! I can have a better plan of attack for next week and prepare for the weekend better.
Hi! Planning can make a huge difference. You can do it.
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S/C/G: 400/368/250

Height: 6'


I'm thinking of printing off a few copies of the meal planner from JustBento (I'd link, but I don't have enough posts) because I 1) love JustBento/JustHungry and 2) I love how simple and efficient it is. I've used the one that's just bento lunches before, but I'll probably use this for all of my eating. Keep myself on a plan. Will also help me make better decisions when I go grocery shopping! Instead of just... buying random things that look/sound good but never actually fit together into a meal, haha.
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S/C/G: 104/ticker/81

Height: 180


SW - 82.1kg
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hi all
I am back. Hopefully to stay. Being without this community for accountability and inspiration has not served me well.

I have gained several lbs while I was away. I always had a healthy fear of food. Knowing it would be all too easy for me to fall off the wagon and begin a new/ old habit of eating fattening foods, eating too much. And so it is.

Because I am still in maintenance, the weight gain can be easily corrected with a few weeks of seriously dieting, low carb and low calories. Just getting back in the diet mode is a bit challenging. It is a matter of sedating the craving monster. I do know how to do that. Tomorrow I will reluctantly return the unopened jar of PB2. Finish what I have left of the opened jar. Then lower the carbs and calories. Tough love.

I am going to keep personals very short in the future. I apologize in advance for this
Sending best to everyone.
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There's always tomorrow!
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Height: 5' 5 1/2"


On plan today! Feels SO GOOD!

B: cheese bagel, coffee w/half and half
L: grilled chicken, lots of baby carrots
D: grilled salmon, strawberry, coconut kale salad, butternut squash
S: handful of nuts, a few medjool dates
D: two squares dark chili chocolate, mint tea

E: Leslie Sansone's 1.0 mile happy walk

Diana LOL! I guess you were supposed to skip that exercise. Maybe it was a sign that you needed some rest.

ZCA Glad you are feeling good deep down. That is so important. I only like 90 degree weather if I've got air conditioning.

Steelslady Congratulations on the 10 pound loss. I do hope you find the extra work you are looking for. Good job on the exercise!

Inkrid I hope you enjoyed the best of the bad.

Wannabehealthy Hey, Thanks for popping in and sharing with us! I do try to post on other threads, but this one is my favorite. I may bump into you on another thread and I will always remember that if I don't see you posting, well . . . Knock on wood! (Does that actually work?)

Chickiechoo The aqua class sounds delightful! I have trouble motivating myself to exercise too. I have found though that once I get going, grace begets grace, and I have to keep going. It's getting started that's hard. Good luck with your exercise!

feverpitchfiasco Two of my kids waited until they were in their 20's to get their driver's license also. This seems to be typical with millennials so I think you are perfectly normal. Take your time, and get it when you want it. I second what Diana says. Planning makes a difference. I had my eating plan in my head, but recently I decided to write it down, and that helped me. Good luck with your goals!

Sundove Glad you had a good weekend! Sometimes unplanned indulgences do work out. I try to NOT feel guilty about that and just enjoy! The days are lovely and long now.

noshoes Hi!

flower123 So glad you are back! If you can't do personals, no problem! I decided that I would rather post every day or at least every other day and not worry if I can do personals or not. When I can, I do them. I need this accountability. It helps me like nothin' else. Good luck with the craving monster. Hope you kill it! You can do it! Hugs!

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Good Morning, Everyone!

Flower Welcome back! Sending you some to get through the next few days.

Last night I added on: Sports stretch from Perfect in 10 Stretch
This Morning: 1/2 Oxycise Level 2 workout

Calories for yesterday: 1110 +
Weigh In: 168.6
Down: .4

Have a great day and start to your week!
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Whaaaaaa I just wrote a long post, then went back to comment individually on successes, and I lost my entire post. Shoot. Long story short... Great on plan weekend even with lots of temptation. Love the visual of the 20 hippos doing water aerobics. Good luck with the job search, Steelslady. The market is tough...my BIL has been without a job for nearly a year and my sister has been supporting her family on her monthly check. Not easy. My husband has had health problems in the past, it feels like we will be paying medical bills for the rest of our lives. Glad to read most everyone's Easter candy is now eaten, or at least out of the house. I made the mistake last week of having a few holiday peanut butter cups. Like I could stop at 2? Right...I know myself better than that! Needless to say, they are gone and they are not tempting me anymore
Have a great day everyone!! Julie
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Height: 5'3


Yes, Diana, that is who I was speaking of.

, I posted with you somewhere before but I'm not sure where. I do post on this thread once in a while. I think I got a good recipe from you, but can't remember which one. LOL I recognize most people by their avatar, and some by their posting style.
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S/C/G: 215/173.2/125

Height: 5'2


Weigh in: 136.0 (A ton of water weight! – TOM Is here and a mixture of bad eating over the weekend)
Calories Today: 1220
Exercise: Already got in 20 minutes on the stationary…hoping to get a lot more in today.

I woke up all during the weekend at 6 o’clock ready to go…work day gets here and I’m dragging. Weight was up a ton this morning. I will now go back to my “lifestyle change” all during the week with maybe one cheat day per month. The not counting calories on the weekend is only causing me to gain weight..clearly I’m not good at it. However…I’ve been working my butt off working out so that’s a plus. I hope everyone has a lovely Monday
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Hi Gang!

Wish me luck eating real food!! Sounds weird, right?? LOL!

After the Morning Contemplative Service had a little Baklava, and a quarter of a muffin.

Will blend cole slaw mix, carrots and a green juice to make a Triple C Juice for Lunch and a snack.

For dinner will make a Steamed Vegetable Salad and Avocado Cream of Mushroom Soup!!

And have some nice Oolong Tea!

from to You!!
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my 1st baby "Pepe le Pew"
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Height: 5' 4"


Hey all … just checking in. I’m having a great time. Enjoying a little wine. I decided a little wine over the week versus any “birthday sweets!” So far – awesome! Watched Pride and Prejudice last night (never seen before). LOVED IT! Sat in hot tub yesterday and have made some VERY GOOD life decisions. MORE decisions to come.

Sundove: Mr. A**wipe… oh my! I can’t wrap my head around it. Just too funny! I think there is nothing more pleasurable about losing weight than seeing the results in your underwear! Thx for BD wishes… you ROCK! Literally LOL re: the zucchini getting rid of its water! How hot is crazy hot for today? We’ve had indecisive weather on Sat & Sun. Sunny and blue skies, sideways snow blizzard no visibility, oops… here comes the sun again! Crazy. You know what they say about Wisconsin? If you don't like the weather-- wait 5 minutes! I had ice on my car doors and they were almost frozen shut – AND I WAS INSIDE THE CAR!! That’s a new one for me! Your recipe sounds yummy.

Magistra: re: sign idea – I think that would be helpful. I hope to do that when I get back, and to add 8x10 before pictures so I can really see myself. Good luck with the power of the WHY! (psst – sorry to hear about the migraine. Yuck!) Thx for bday toast! YOU HAVE kids in their 20’s – did you have them when you were 10???

Hi Chickiechoo: 145 – IT’S DOABLE! Yes you can!

Hey Sassy: Thanks for the warm BD wishes. I saw your loss on the other page. WTG!! Happy ANNIVERSARY!!

Nichols: YOU CAN and WILL do this. You’ve put in a lot of time already, and it has paid off. The last 12 are just around the corner! Sometimes the closer to success – well, the more we play with our plan. I’m one who fears success. I don’t know why! But for now, as far as my goal is concerned, that’s a way off for me. I’m not sure if you have a fear of success… I do know that you look AWESOME in your avatar picture, and that you can do this!! Be kind to yourself as you continue down on this journey.

Inkrid: Thank you for the balloons. GREAT news about your son! I hope your new plan works well for you. You mentioned izza: -- I have to say I am totally afraid to have pizza at this time; and, sweets! Just afraid I will turn away from my plan. I’m sure I’ll feel okay down the road … but today they are poison to me Good Luck on eating REAL FOOD!

Diana: Thank you for singing and cheering me on for my birthday. The week is good … and I have more to process. Oh… about finding the obit, that would make sense. Oh… the first T is for the word “that.” Funny I go to the word terrible, I guess “THAT” makes more sense. I guess you read the “sign” correctly - it's bed time! WOW low day on calories, Sunday! WTG!

ZCA72: glad to hear you are feeling better. I like your explanation about a “PLANNED” Carb day! It’s so nice to hear you explain how GOOD you feel; I enjoy your ramblings. WTG at all the hard work!

Steelslady: nice to see you again. Hope all is well. RE: weekend job – have you considered delivering pizza’s or newspapers? I know both require a car and that might not be doable – but one you get done early early, so you still have a weekend. The other does make some great tips, and David Ramsey always suggests it for folks. Awesome weight loss in two weeks. Great hard work! I forget, what plan are you on again?

Hey Wannabehealthy: thanks for stopping in. I see you are almost HALF WAY to your go… one more pound and you are dead center! WTG! See you when you stop again. ENJOY!

Fever: Love Iron Man … it was fun to watch! Love your little kitty (I may have said that before and probably will say it again sometime ) So here’s some to “a better plan of attack for next wek and preparing for the weekend better!”

Noshoes: you are VERY close to goal! WTG!

FLOWER!! YEA!! Missed you … No apology needed. I wouldn’t mind you writing zero personals, as long as you are here.

Well, I got it finished! I did this instead of something I should be working on… can you tell I’m not wanting to do the other thing?? Ah – yeah!

So, just want to say “HEY” to Angie … and “Miss ya” to Larry. Then to everyone else ENJOY your day! - Gail
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