March 2016 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

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  • my fitness goals are attained for today. also got everything I needed to do around the house done today.
  • Quote: Diana, just this afternoon, and also about a week ago.
    Do you use yahoo? That's what I have. Earlier today, it took a while for yahoo to load. I guess they did some type of upgrade. Oh joy! Upgrades are always interesting.
  • Hi all
    Right now I am not able to keep up with personals on this wonderful fast moving thread. But I do want you to know that I care about you all. And am grateful you are here.

    , awesome to see your shiny glowing face again !!! Glad things are okay

    Coolmom good to see you again also.

    Everyone else, I am thinking of you. Please know that even though right now I cannot keep up with the pace, you all have a place in my thoughts and heart !!
  • Flower Hi I'm glad to see you check in. I was worried about you.
  • Total Approx 1380 Calories +

    Breakfast (250 Calories + )
    Organic Valley Vanilla Shake 190 calories
    Coconut water 60 calories
    coffee w/cream & sugar

    Lunch (400 Calories)
    Grilled chicken salad w/BHF's ranch 350 calories
    iced coffee my usual way 50 calories

    Dinner (730 Calories)
    waiting for DH I snacked a bit since I was starving!
    4 small pieces of melon 50 calories
    raw sweet peppers 25 calories

    Amy's light in sodium Mexican casserole 380 calories
    steamed yellow squash 100 calories
    blueberry Greek yogurt parfait 175 calories

    KCM's Cardio Pump - Cardio Shoulder Arms premix - w//12's
  • Quote: Flower Hi I'm glad to see you check in. I was worried about you.
    Thanks for the concern, Diana. And sorry I caused worry. I am good. Just not enough energy these to stay updated with personals.
  • I weighed myself today and the good news is that I didn't lose, but I didn't gain. Happy me!

    B: cheese omelet cooked in coconut oil, raspberries, blueberries, coffee w/ half and half
    L: grilled chicken leg and thigh, one banana, a few rosemary crackers, a handful of nuts
    D: homemade hamburger on whole wheat bun, ketchup, mustard, bread and butter pickles
    D: two squares dark chocolate, mint tea

    E: 10 minute walk, 5 minutes stretch and crunches

    Sundove Crack Slaw looks great! I'm going to give this recipe a try. However, I am really a lazy cook. Can one purchase ginger paste? and chili pepper paste? Or is that something I have to put together myself?

    Coolmom Good job on the five pounds!

    Diana Al Gore invented the internet? The things you learn on 3FC!

    Flower123 I am so glad you popped in to say hello! I am thinking about you too and sending you good vibes! I hope you are doing well!
  • good sunday morning everyone!!

    enjoy this beautiful day, we got sunshine

    easy simple day. off to visit Mom and my brother flew in for a fast weekend visit. will head over in a while. kinda feeling lazy this morning, not moving fast.

    ribeye with butter for lunch
    ribeye again or maybe some pork chops

    in a non-hungry mode again. no draw to wanting to eat right now really. which I always love
    simple easy day and will do one small toning weight lifting tape before I leave.

    day of rest mostly
  • Good Morning, Everyone!

    Last night I added on: Upper Body, Back & Hips sectioin from Perfect in Ten Stretch

    Calories for yesterday: 1380 +
    Weigh In: 165.4
    Down: .8

    Have a glorious day!
  • Flower I understand. No problem and no worries about personals. Just check in and let us know you are OK.

    Yay for maintaining. Well, that's what I heard. I don't think anyone would lie, would they?

    ZCA72 Enjoy your relaxing day!

    Today is a new day. I always have problems with parties and get togethers. It's like my personal OK to eat badly.
  • did two miles of leslie sansone instead of three. will do two more miles later on today. will go for a power walk and run errands in a few minutes.
  • just finished 2 miles of leslie sansone's heart healthy walking at home.
  • Hi all,

    Quick check in, I have a work trip tomorrow, a week of training in Alabama.
    Have been keeping up with the exercise, not so great on the food intake over the weekend, saw 187.5 this morning, yikes.
    It is what it is, on track today, won't have access to a scale, so may go into

    best to all
  • Hi Everyone!

    I was able to find my email passwords at the shop today. Woo Hoo I celebrate the little things!

    CieCie Great job!

    Sundove Good luck adding extra water.

    Kelijpa Have a good week and safe travels. Does your hotel have a pool? I hope you can check in while you are away.

    Waving HI all around! Enjoy your evening!
  • Total Approx 1125 Calories +

    Breakfast (405 Calories + coffee)
    spritz olive oil in pan
    XL egg 80 cal
    egg whites from carton 60 calories
    300g. Mediterranean Blend Veggies 90 calories
    14 g. Organic Valley feta cheese 30 calories
    1 piece toasted Alpine Valley organic sprouted honey wheat bread 60 calories
    1 T. pumpkin butter 25 calories
    coconut water 60 calories
    coffee w/sugar and cream

    Lunch (600 calories)
    Salad w/grilled chicken & BHF's ranch 500 calories
    approx 6 small not restaurant size tortilla chips dipped in salsa, not piled with it, hopefully the salsa won't kill me with the sodium 100 calories

    Dinner (120 calories)
    apple 100 calories
    1 butterscotch hard candy 20 calories

    KCM's Lean Body Circuits - combined workouts minus upper body - w/12's