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Inkrid, 'speed meals'--LOL--yea it has come to that now. I just got to where I hate the kitchen anymore
my poor family will survive tho, I am feeding them ok!! they just don't get the big indepth meals like old times. heck no one needs those meals did we? I think back to old days. pot of stew in front of the fire. family comes in, they all get a slice of bread and a bowl of stew. and that is what is for breakfast the next day --HA HA

Beloved----Question for you? and I am just curious on this. WHY do you have to eat veggies when you don't really want that? I mean, I eat absolutely what I love every day. (not saying go ZC in any way here) but what I realized is from all my past trying diet plans, I ate 'what they told me to eat' and it never was what I wanted. I am not a veggie person, never was. sure I have a few I liked but it wasn't what made me happy. shouldn't we eat by our bodies. the food we want that puts us in a great place? I kinda think of those pre-planned meals like Jenny or WW frozen meals. eat this crap we tell you to eat and you will be thin. for me it doesn't work that way. I eat the food I love to eat daily and lose lbs and feel fab. It just caught my eye when you said, can I eat this much veggie. can I get it into my day? pffft, I don't do that anymore to myself.....but if it is how you want to go, I understand. not saying anything bad about what you choose for plan or anything---just that it makes me wonder when someone is kinda fighting their plan in a way??? hope that makes sense.

got 1/2 lb gone. wee. it comes off alot slower now.
which is fine.
I eat the food I love. Just let nature take its course and drop the lbs as it sees fit. thing is it isn't big lbs anymore but I am stable on plan, don't fight the scale anymore, in a very good place with no hunger, and...geez, I can finally say after a long time finding my way, I found my path

cloudy but no rain for a while I think, so outside to get some chores done.
nothing big today....but I have 2 beauty ribeyes with my name on them YUM
such a beef hound, I love it LOL

hope everyone enjoys the day!!
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just finished 2 of the 3 miles of leslie sansone's hiit training party hits. off to run errands and power walk in a few minutes.
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I'm back up into the 170's. Just barely (170.2), and it's really ok. I'm pulling back on the low carb and going to a more normal way of eating so I expected a little gain. Going to try to see if I can keep calories around 1500. Sweets only on weekends. If I'm having too much trouble doing that, then I'll return to low carb where it's easy for me to keep calories under 1200.

See you all next week!

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will take a shower in a few minutes. then, have some lunch. then, i'll be off to run some errands and power walk again.
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Hi, All! I'm doing well this morning. I'm on a keto-esque style of eating. Yesterday was very good, although I did eat a chocolate truffle and a bite of truffle. But, basically, I ate protein and fat for a mid-morning lunch, and then an early dinner of chicken and greens with dressing. I didn't have any wine last night (yay!), but I did have a little fight with my spouse.

I'm getting really excited to buy new clothes that are flattering. Just another month or two to go. I think another month to lose, and then a month maintaining and I'll buy. Yay!
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Hi Gang!

I wasn't at home yesterday afternoon and evening, so it was a real challenge!!

The AM was on track, had two juices, a Berry Smoothie and a Green Juice with Whey Protein Powder in it.

After a meeting was offered Fruit Salad, Chips and Cookies.

Before another event had Salad with Chicken in it. After, there were Brownies!

So way too much sugar yesterday.

Today nothing is going on! Had a Mango Smoothie this AM and downtown had a Mango, Banana and Rasberry Smoothie. Will balance those out later with Rice or Coconut Milk and two Green Drinks.

for All!
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my 1st baby "Pepe le Pew"
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Good Afternoon Ė
I just finished lunch. Iím on track for another low calorie day. Iím having T-bone and Asparagus tonight. YUM! Still have a headacheÖ Itís got to be weather related! I was 264.8 this morning Ö soÖ maybe tomorrow Ė which is my official weigh in day. Iíve never been so invested and connected with my weight loss/health. I thank you all for helping along in that. I am very thankful for 3FCís.

I'll do personals later...
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will be off for another power walk and run more errands in a few minutes.
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