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Hi all.

Diana sending many prayers and light for Epe Reine on her birthday. When you talked about her here I must have been not reading and posting. Because this is the first I have read about her. Where is she from? I do hope she is okay. I too hope the costco sample lady doesn't call again. Listening to her was quite the challenge ! This time of year I eat granny smith apples. Have also sometimes been eating empire apples. NY state and VT have a huge variety of apples during the fall peak season. So then I eat all different kinds. Fuji are nice too. Hope you are physically doing better today

Ciecie Not surprised to see you write that your fitness goals have been attained today.
You seem to be very good at sticking to discipline. WTG

ZCA72 Great that you are such an outside activity person. Sounds very healthy

Angie glad that rice ball did not stop the burning of ketones. Maybe having that small bit of rice stoked your internal furnace and you will lose even more getting right back on plan.

BelovedWarrier Yes I surely did not hear the word "beautiful" when it came to myself as well. So I understand how hearing or reading that description of oneself can be pretty darned nice.
"Working on believing it" inside and out is a good thing. I am trying to find a way of posting a photo of my cards like Larry posts. The clickable small thumbprint. Otherwise it comes out huge here. I appreciate that you are so interested in seeing pictures of the cards. They are photo cards that I make. All of nature. Mostly flowers/plants. Some trees. RE; the sample lady, yes I do have caller ID. But even then I may feel obligated to return the call if she leaves a message. ugh I hope your day was great

Sundove. WTG with the .7 loss. Saturday's calories are AWESOME.

Hi to everyone else I hope everyone has a great Monday

Today weight was same. That is not good because I did have a semi binge day on Thursday I still need to lose what I gained then

B Coffee and 2 apples 320
L Chicken sausage and salad 310
S Frozen peanut stuff with sugar free chocolate sauce 190
D Chicken with salad 300
S: Frozen peanut stuff.... 190
Total for day 1310

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Height: 180


Brekkie - marmalade roll
Lunch - 2 mini pizzas
Dinner - one pot gnocchi ( mostly vegees)
Dessert - custard and yogurt

(All vegan)

I think I need to keep track of my calories in March, see where I'm at.
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Morning everyone.

been missing for most of last week as been so busy at work which is where I usually log in from.
OH (Other Half) is now back from his snow boarding holiday so tomorrow we should be back to a two car family and I can get back to the gym in the mornings.
After a terrible few days eating when he first went away I got back on track a bit and am realising that it is a boredom issue with me. When other people are around I dont seem to think about food in the same way, I don't crave the rubbish food like chocolate and sweets. But on my own its like the devil in me wakes up and starts whispering in my ear.
So i just need more will power and focus on getting plenty of protein and veg in my diet and up both the cardio and strength training in the gym, so that i both boost my metabolism and tone up.

So I hope to be able to check in each day again and make March a really good month!
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--------------------------HI everyone
Up early. watching a tv show last night and fell alseep so early now I am up and bouncing at 5. but then again I was always an early riser.

usually late to bed, early to rise

day of running a few errands
doing this and that.
weather is sunny and hopefully a good warm out there so I can get some more outside stuff done

eating is 100% on plan. I have gone a long time now without going off plan it is crazy Usually I would fall off LC for a bit and get back on......that was all when my carbs were calling my name. Going into a zero carb eating pattern has stopped all that. Now I stay on plan so easy Finally I found a easy way to do this, believe me I looked long and hard finding a way to make this work Deep Keto is my best friend.

simple food. ribeye steak for lunch
dinner, hmm, maybe a bunch of crab legs and butter for dip
if not crab then probably couple of pork chops with cajun seasoning
can of sardines and chunk cheddar if wanted
not sure what I want...just not hungry at all so will decide later.

Wishing everyone a great monday!

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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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Good morning all,
Hope everyone is doing well, 184.2, end the month exactly where I started, I have some travel scheduled for March for work.

Have a great day everyone
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Trying to live below 200
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Height: 5'6" 1/2


Good Morning, Everyone!

Last night I added on: Tamilee Webb's Total Body Stretch (seated)
This Morning: 1/2 Oxycise Level 2 workout

Calories for yesterday: 1280 +
Weigh In: 167.4
No Change

Have a great day and start to your week!
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Good morning All!
WI 168.8 up .2 yesterday,s cals 1015 carbs 50
B protein shake/coffee kombucha
L salad, chicken, lemon-evoo, WF balsamic dressing
S salted cashews (7), protein shake/coffee, protein chips
D protein bar, veg soup, sauteed cabbage/tamari
no exercise

Have a great Leap day everyone--20 days until Spring!

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This weekend was way too high in refined carbs for me. On Friday we went to that birthday party and I ate two fried mozzarella triangles and about 6 soft pretzel nuggets in addition to my two glasses of wine. I'd have eaten more high carb food but it all had meat and I'm Catholic and it was a Friday in Lent so I guess I should be grateful for that. Saturday was ok. Yesterday I made ziti and frozen BJ's meatballs with sauce from a jar for dinner. I LOVE ziti - it's one of my favorites but I bet I doubled my carb and processed food intake for the last month in a single meal. I could blame our budget and say I needed to make food that was hanging around the house, but that wouldn't be fair because I had lots of healthier choices in my house that I could've made. I really feel bloated today. I'm glad I'm not weighing myself and I hope it comes off fast.

Diana - I said some prayers for Epe Reine on her birthday and for you who surely miss your mom. Hope your health continues to improve! My husband likes the fujis. I really like red delicious, but I always feel like such a simpleton admitting it!

Ciecie You have got some great discipline! Way to meet those goals!

Good for you for sticking with your zero carb plan! Beautiful daughter! Cute dog!

Angie glad that rice ball didn't mess things up!

noshoes What's vegan yogurt? Is it tofu based? I'm happy enough with tofu ice cream but only if it has chocolate in it - hah!

BelovedWarrier I also carry some baggage (relatively light baggage, but still) from my childhood. I guess we all do. I often wonder what I'm inflicting upon my own children. BTW - you ARE beautiful!

Congrats on the loss!

Volatis - way to get back on track. Being out of a routine is always harder for me. Not just food. Everything.

Kellijpa - no loss is MUCH BETTER than a gain so good job on that!

Flower - Speaking of apples, I really like the Costco bags of apple slices - they're a nice mix of sweet and tart. Are you going to have to avoid the Costco lady now? I remember I stopped shopping at our local CVS because I was afraid I'd run into this man who worked there who I felt was overly friendly (not just to me, but to everybody). He'd comment on every item I was purchasing. Anyway, thank goodness for caller ID. I'd love to see your cards too but I have no idea how to post pictures either.
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Good morning ladies, ugg.

Friday weigh in, 165 lbs. Had a good day, stayed on plan and didn't use any WW extra points, kept my calorie intake below the 1520 goal -- worked hard in my circuit training class - 45 minutes intense HIIT --

Saturday morning weigh in - 165.6 -- WTF?? Saturday I rode my bicycle 55 miles, and only at a banana for the whole ride. I ride my bicycle a lot, but typically try to eat every hour to keep my energy level up, but I've decided that I need to stop that, and keep food with me in case I start bonking. So, we went on a group ride, with about 20 other people -- nice day, super excited because I ate great all day long, at the end of the day, my tally was a net of about 500 calories because I burned so many riding 3 1/2 hours on the bike.

Sunday weigh in, 166.4 -- seriously WTF???? ugg. So yesterday, I consumed a total of 1185 calories, well below my allotment and stayed in the WW range no problem there.... and we moved a big pile of large gravel/rocks in our yard for about an hour, got a good sweat going (we are doing some landscaping on a new home)...

Monday morning weigh in, 167. now seriously -- this is how my whole life has gone. I've been working hard at this for over 2 months, and I have been fluctuating between 169 and 165 - I've written down every single bite that goes in my mouth, riding my bicycle about 100 miles a week, and religiously attending my circuit classes 3X a week. It is extremely difficult to lose weight without (literally) starving myself. I have tried every diet and combination of diets known to man over the past 35 years. I've done LC, I've done NC, I've done WW, Slim fast, Optifast, lemonaid, cabbage soup... the list goes on. This is why I ended getting the Lap Band put in, I was so desperate.

So, it is hard not to be discouraged, but I'll keep going... likely one day this week I will have a good weigh in, and eventually I WILL lose it, it's just so very difficult. I have a really hard time keeping a positive outlook so any encouraging words are appreciated.

rant over.

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Weigh in: 136.2 (So my mess up days on the weekend have really taken a turn for the worse…according to my weight!)

Exercise: Hoping to get a mile in on lunch and cycle and weights tonight.

Calories: 1200

It’s been a short weekend and my Monday has been long. I’m tired…and feel like I’m lacking sleep. We had to do a run to the ER Saturday because my baby girl got smacked in the head with a baseball bat. Luckily, she is okay and she just has a huge hematoma on her head….We had a BBQ yesterday that ruined any chance of me staying within my calorie range and my weight clearly showed this morning. I’m going to shove as much exercise I can in today and stay on the low end of my calorie range and we will hope it comes off before the end of the week like it has before.
I hope that everyone had a relaxing and warm weekend!
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Good morning all,
I had a bad weekend with little water. i had fast food and no gym time. 4 meals total all weekend. Today is a better day. I'm up to 6 glasses of water already!
I'll post my meal chart tomorrow.

Hi BelovedWarrior. Thank you, I added photos all taken this month so it is pretty new. I use MyFitnessPal to track my meals. I weigh everything on my good days. This weekend was as is seeming to be the pattern, a nightmare. I couldn't eat to time and had to resort to fast food. I had 2 meals Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I'm just happy that with all my shenanigans I am down 0.8 of a lb since last week Monday.

Sundove: thank you!
Hey flower Thank you! My profile pic was from my wedding day. I change from the cat though to a more recent group of photos. I cropped my MFP chart from the website. It's pretty efficient. I'll try to convince hubby to let me buy teas as well

Diane: If you're still wondering about the rotis see here and over here. I had a paratha roti

Angie: I'm really trying this week to go for 600+ on 3-4 days. It's the one thing I miss nursing for. On really busy days I could burn an extra 450-500 cals in an 8 hour shift.

Treasa: DH let me buy frozen veggies after much convincing. I hope I don't get sick of them.

See yall tomorrow
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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Hey everyone!

Today will be day 25 of my 30 days on plan and no weigh-ins. I've noticed myself cheating a little here and there, like not counting the cooking oil or underestimating serving sizes. Can't trust myself for a second!

Diana, I have that hormonal teeth thing too! mostly at night pre-ttom.

Flower, the sample lady story made me laugh. She probably feels like she was a shining beacon for her cause.

Nichols, I'm glad your little one is okay. scary!

Belovedwarrior, I love the new avatar! It's nice to see you.
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Tonight is a Ladies Shrine dinner at a local country club. I was told there are five entrees to choose from but no one seemed to know what they are. Today makes 316 days on plan without a cheat. At this point I feel that nothing can entice me to vary from A72 Induction Zero Carb. That being said I know that I must be ever vigilant and on guard from the Carb Demons.

I may be just socializing while others eat and if that is the case it is fine with me. It is funny how my not eating seems to really bother some people. Especially mothers, that motherly instinct comes out strong and I can almost hear my own mother telling me to eat all my food, think of the starving kids in China.

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Hi Gang!

Back after a few months!!

Didn't have a lot today.

Had an Orange for Breakky, and a handful of Almonds and a couple of Dried Mangos. Had a couple cups of Coffee with Cream and Sugar.

Dinner: Marinating a Steak right now in OJ, Ginger, Garlic and Pepper. Will stir fry the strips with Red Pepper, Carrots and Broccoli. And serve over Wild Rice.

Larry H I scold EVERYONE that they aren't eating, why don't they eat!! It is bred in the bone!!

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B- banana and peanut butter
L- half of a huge bacon ranch salad with lots of veggies
D- the other half of the bacon ranch salad
S- grilled chicken strips in a little extra ranch
D- an apple and some peanuts

Larry: how inspiring that you've been on plan that long! Way to go!

Inkrid: that marinated steak and stir fry sounds amazing!
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