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Exclamation I WILL Pose "Semi-Nude" on May 1!

Hi, and yes I will post a "semi-nude" photo of my upper body here on 3fc on May 1!

Why? Because I think that's the final incentive I need to reach my 175 lbs goal. Right now I'm 200 lbs (BMI= 27.7), and that's just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Let me explain.

I'm a 30 year old man with a lovely wife and two small boys. I'm a certified personal trainer with a bachelor's degree in sports. Currently I'm a full time PE teacher for about 250 pupils in high school. I should be a role model, but I'm not. I got all the knowledge I even co-wrote a small ebook on dieting so why am I dragging the extra (at least) 22 lbs around?

I'll try to figure out. Weight loss, on the face of it, is pretty simple: Take on less than you spend. However, the second Mr. Brain starts getting these other ideas 2 days into the diet, things start getting complicated.

This is more than a diet for me; it's more of an exploration and a life style change.

I'll be starting my journey on Febuary 1, with daily (I hope) weigh-ins and a piece of my mind. I'd really appreciate as many supporters and critics as I can get.

Sincerely, "Bloated Viking".
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I look forward to reading your posts.Best of luck to you.
I am a 43yr old female and I am an ultrasonographer,so I see the medical issues from obesity and I am appalled that I am at 170lbs. I did a 50k 2 yrs ago at 163lbs and wasnt near where I wanted to be as far as weight but I figured do the trail runs and climbing hills I was in really good shape and now I let myself gain 10lbs from that.I need some serious willpower from stress eating.
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After many years, I finally figured out that weight loss is not as simple as calories in, calories out for me. Yes, calories matter, but for me, the types of foods I eat make a difference. I have problems with white, starchy foods (bread, cereal, pasta, rice, and any food that could be processed into white starchy foods, like whole grains, etc.) and sugar, and when I cut way back on those things (I don't cut them out completely, but I only allow myself to eat them one day a week), losing weight is not a problem for me. In the past when I've simply tried to watch my calorie intake without considering the types of foods I eat, I always failed, sooner or later. I hope you find your ideal way of eating for your health, and I wish you the best of luck!

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For me, imposing a start date and deadline on weightloss is catastrophic. What are you going to do until February 1st? I know what I'd be doing and it's called "last supper eating" and probably add another 10lbs. And then what happens on May 2nd? A massive donut celebration? No, this is not the way to develop a healthy relationship with your body or with food.

I try not to focus on what I can't eat. I just try to include the things my body needs like lots of veg and nuts and carbs and proteins. When I focus on eliminating foods I get swept away with longing and desire for them.
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Sometimes its just the routine that gets to us, we need a fresh start, something a little different from what we've been doing for years to help us advance. I like your brain stimuli of posting your upper body pic, I think this will work for you.

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