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Midnight - Nice to meet you too!

Larry - Great job on the no carb day and 2lb loss, that's great!

RetroRabbit - Awesome on the no-binge! It's hard to not overeat when everyone else around you is so that's a great win!

Diana - Your daily food is always sounds so good.

Flower - How close to your goal are you? Must be soon...

Kelijpa - It's soooo cold here too. If it could stay fall all year round I would be happy. What ingredients do you use in your green smoothie??

Volatis - A drop is a drop no matter how small it is. I have learned to celebrate it all. So yay!

NicholasFam - Being accountable is something I REALLY need to make sure I am doing too. Have to get better at it.

Hi Penny Great job staying on plan!

pnkrckpixikat - Baked goods are a weakness for me too. Well anything sweet really lol... Having only one is good though.

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I am going to have another good day today! I can feel it

Breakfast - 2 small slices hemp & quinoa bread - one with earth balance peanut butter and the other with light cheddar and tomatoes + 2 small clementines

Snack - Apple

Lunch - About 2 cups Mexican salad (romaine lettuce, little bit of corn, tomatoes, avocado, sprinkling of manchego cheese, 2 tbsps of this awesome mexican salad topper and a lime / honey dressing). Also a little imitation chicken with smart taco seasoning

Snack - 4 whole wheat Breton crackers with a couple tbsps earth balance peanut butter

Dinner - I think I am going to have soup. Homemade spicy chicpea (it is low-sodium broth based) and a whole wheat thin bun

Dessert - I skipped my macaron yesterday so I may have it tonight. We'll see.

Exercise - 2 miles on the treadmill (I also use 5lb hand weights while I walk)

Have a great day everyone!
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So, I don't know how I feel about yesterday. I mean, I didn't eat more than I should have but, I ate some fast food ish?
We went to the mall to get some last minute shopping for my Husband's first day at his new job. The errand took longer than expected and I was starving... It was well past dinner time. We eneded up eating there. I had a Chicken Teriyaki Wrap. It was yummy, but by bed time I had the munchies (like I always do) and I barely had any calories left! Hahahaha

01/04/2016: 222.9
- 1 cup of coffee + 30gr cereal + 107 ml Milk + 168gr pineapple
- 1 Tortilla + 8gr Onion + 4gr Parsley + 1tsp Olive oil + Lime Juice + 31gr Tomato + 1 Can Tuna in water (4oz) + Green onions + 34gr Lettuce + Hot sauce + 1tsp Mustard
- Small Chicken Teriyaki Wrap + 1/4 Diet Coke
- 1 Greek Yogurt + 2tbsp Granola + 2 Red Vines + 6 Almonds

Total Calories:

flower123, You can do it! 1 extra lb!!
Leli, welcome!!!
RetroRabbit, oh noes! It's SO hard to say no when you are out and about with other people.
Volatis, Hurray No to chocolates!!!
Penny, I am a snacker lol. I have been all my life! So, instead of fighting it I am just trying to control it. Same with sweets, I LOVE them.... so if I am craving something I eat it, just not much of it. If I don't then I will just eventually explode and binge on EVERYTHING I find. Oink I am a piggy.
pnkrckpixikat Cheers!! Only one cookie, that's admirable!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good day!

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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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mornin', friends! I do believe we will hit that 500 thread post limit early this month. The usual January/February trend. It's hard to keep up! But I am reading everything and cheering you all on.

W 156.6 (down 2 pounds after 960 cals yesterday)
B egg and stuff on toast, coffee/decaf with milk
L chicken sausage wrapped in lettuce and stuff
D chicken sausage again if there are any left

I actually got to have three meals yesterday, by day 3 back on plan. It takes me a couple days to scale back my per-meal calories apparently.

Have a great day everyone!
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Had a good day yesterday. Didnít eat the brownies that were on the counter. Got in my first couch to 5k. It went great. I was surprised at how well I did with it. It's a 3x a week program so Iíll be doing it MWF because itís too easy for me to make excuses on weekends. Tonight weíre celebrating our oldestís birthday which is actually between Christmas and New Yearís. Tonightís the first night the whole family will be here. Iím making cupcakes but Iím determined not to eat any. I noticed last time when I made them for my husbandís birthday they gave me a headache. Iím actually hoping for the same thing this time. Does hoping for a headache make me a masochist?

Sundove Ė Haha! I love the idea of pouring dish soap on the junk food! I may use that in the future. As it is, I fought the brownies, and *I* (amazingly) won.

Goodyfay Ė I hope your urges to binge are getting better. Mine are much better today than yesterday!

Flower Ė good plan losing a little more than you need to leave yourself some room in those pants! I did that over an international trip we took in April. But we walked so much I actually ended up being 3 pounds lighter than when we left so you never know.

LELi Ė Iím also getting really back into the weight loss thing since eating and drinking too much over Christmas and New Years.

Midnight Ė Loving the fitbit! It doesnít lie. I might try to pass off a day of shopping/shuttling the kids around to the various activities as a day of exercise, but if the steps on the fitbit arenít there, I know itís not true.

Larry Ė thanks for posting some sample foods. I was wondering what zero carbs looked like.

RetroRabbit Ė good for you on all that exercise! I canít wait for the day where I say I loved some exercise.

Diana Ė keep it up. You are doing fabulous!

Volatis Ė good job exercising even though youíre not feeling great. I always figure doing anything is much better than doing nothing.

Nicholsfamily Ė such an inspiration you are. Sugar cravings are tough. One things for sure, if you eat some sugar, it makes you want more. Or at least that's the way it works for me.

Penny Ė Thanks, I think the worst of my cravings are over. At least I hope so. Transitioning off Christmas/New Years was hard. At least I've identified that bread is definitely a gateway drug for me. Keeping a lid on the bread for now so I don't devolve back into that Milkway eating machine I was over Christmas.

Pixikat Ė so much good in your post. Trying to get a true weight shows youíre determined. Also, only eating one cookie is very good. I know how hard it is to eat well when there are kids in the house (I have four of my own plus a nephew who's with us a few days a week). Particularly little boys who are so full of energy and burn off everything they eat.

Daydreamer - you should feel great about staying within calories!

CoolMom - Oh no, Don't say that! I hope my motivation is here to stay!
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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Treasa, <fist bump> we will vow to make it past February! errr, maybe we better start with this week. minute to minute for me.
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Hi Everyone.
Treasa, Yay for resisting the brownies and getting in your exercise. Good luck with those brownies.
CoolMom, Congrats on the 2 lb loss!
Leli, Sounds like a good day of eating and exercise.
Volatis, Hope you feel better soon.
Nicholsfamily, Doing without some kind of sugar is so hard. I allow myself some each day, but wonder if not having any at all would speed up losing. Or create a horrible binge from lack of it.

Weight up 2 oz this morning to 166.8.
B- egg & cheese tortilla roll up
S- baby carrots, handful pistachios
L- green salad w/cheddar cheese, kalamata olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes, lite thousand island diluted with water, 2 chocolate kisses
D- lite Greek cherry yogurt, 5 peppermint puffs (The peppermints were only 100 calories total, but wish I hadn't eaten them. They were from a gift basket someone gave us.)
Exercise: 2 dance workouts, 43 and 26 minutes
More gravel being delivered tomorrow. It's 2" gravel which will be more of a challenge shoveling. It'll be good exercise. Our driveway is 3/4 mile long dirt road. We've had so much rain the potholes are pretty bad.
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This thread is moving really fast!

Diana: Work is so far so good.

I've come to the conclusion that Adkins is great for people that don't do any exercise or very low impact. There's no way I can eat like this along with doing heavy cardio and weights. I'm going to skip carbs as much as possible but when I cut back too much I'm freaking starving..No bueno.

Anyway, I'm still working on things.
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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Originally Posted by novangel View Post
This thread is moving really fast!

Diana: Work is so far so good.

I've come to the conclusion that Adkins is great for people that don't do any exercise or very low impact. There's no way I can eat like this along with doing heavy cardio and weights. I'm going to skip carbs as much as possible but when I cut back too much I'm freaking starving..No bueno.

Anyway, I'm still working on things.
I'm happy if my carbs are under 100g. I'm not sure how I got that number but it seems to work.
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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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Hello all,
On the bike, so not sure how this will work...

Larry I'm way more generous with my mayo

Midnight sounds like a nice day with your friend. Your driveway sounds a lot like ours, I love and hate when we get gravel delivered it's fun at first, then grueling, then you can see the results, then you start thinking about the next delivery

Flower glad you're able to make your trip.

Pixicat great job just eating one cookie, that would be hard for me.

Need to get to the next page, but keep forgetting what I want to say...

Nichols hope you got your blanket time, it only got into the 30s here today, I know what you mean!

LELi my green smoothie is baby spinach, cashew milk, a banana and 1 tbsp peanut butter, today I had to use some baby romaine since I ran out of spinach, it was fine. It saves me 100 or so calories compared to the oatmeal concoction I was eating for breakfast.

CoolMom congrats on getting back on plan and dropping down quick, today was tough for me in the morning, luckily I had a hard boiled egg to eat with my apple, it got me through, instead of prowling around type break area looking for leftover treats someone brought in...

Novangel keeping tweaking, you'll find what works best for you, we have to keep trying, right?!

Daydreamer congrats to hubby on the new job, good job keeping it in check when you ended up out longer than planned!

Treasa great job with the brownie, best of luck with the cupcakes! I love couch to 5k, I've done it once a year for the past 3 years just started it again this year.

Diana hope all's going well, these 180's are stubborn, esp. with the TTOM, hopefully it'll stay away for awhile now.

Ok, a couple minutes left to go, then yoga if my legs hold up, best to all

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Originally Posted by kelijpa View Post
Novangel keeping tweaking, you'll find what works best for you, we have to keep trying, right?!
Yep. It's never-ending tweaking though!
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

Another quick one. I am still trying to catch up with my bible study from when we were on vacation. I am just starting Jan 1. Maybe I will be caught up by the weekend. DH wanted to go to Olive Garden tonight. They had some new Lite Fare options. I ordered one of them instead of my usual salad. There was a good amount of protein but for some reason it wasn't as filling as what I normally eat.

Total Approx 1350 calories +

Breakfast (325 Calories + coffee)
spritz olive oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Mediterranean Blend Veggies
14 g. Organic Valley feta cheese 30 calories
1/2 Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin or 1 piece Alpine Valley organic whole wheat bread 65 calories
1 T. pumpkin butter 25 calories
juice 75 calories or less
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (385 Calories)
Rudi's 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Flatz 100 calories
2 slices Applegate Farms Black Forest Ham & lettuce 50 Calories
Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge 35 calories
Greek Yogurt 100 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (640 calories)
Minestrone soup 110 calories
Chicken Piccatta 530 calories

KCM's Cardio Pump - workout 2 w/10's - this one is the strength training workout. The last 3 minutes are various chest presses on the floor. I did 2 minutes of push ups instead of chest presses and the last minute I held a plank for the minute. I was short on time today so I wasn't able to do the combined workouts premix.

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Ugh, so sore and not sure why! Maybe it's from yoga yesterday, but I didn't feel like I did anything too strenuous :\

Anyway, today was great! A typical workout of a 4 minute plank and 50 minutes on the eliptical. It was so tiring, it took all I had in me to not get off early.

B: nuts and dried fruit (200)
L: 1/2 bagel with tofu salad, chips, pickles, veggies (800)
s: cookie (900)
D: other half of bagel and rest of the bag of chips with tempeh and veggies (1400)
s: the last of the maple cookies (1500)

I also weighed in at 155 this morning, so not bad. The scale was acting a little funky though, so I hope it wasn't wrong.
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Default Aloha!

Diets are so stressful. The only username I could think of was nomodiets because all I can think of is how I cannot go on another diet. I like to experiment with food and I was a vegetarian and then vegan for a total of 4 years. I was 140 pounds and so healthy! Then I stopped being vegan and now weigh almost 200 pounds 4 years later. Talk about depressing. I've been trying to get back on the bandwagon ever since - trying diet anfter diet after diet.

Right now I am focused on eating real foods. I started cooking a lot again but I am almost positive I have an intolerance to dairy (gas and bloating RIGHT after eating it). I go back and forth between wanting to eat mostly plants but then failing almost immediately because I love proteins and dairy and then deciding to eat dairy but feeling sickish afterwards.

I'm looking to make a lifestyle change and commit to eating vegan most of the time but still allowing myself to indulge in life's luxuries. I associate veganism with being healthy - which was true - I just went hail mary when I left that scene and life got in the way.

Anyways - I am happy to be here. Here is what I ate today.

* = Homemade

B: 2 eggs with sage, cherry tomatoes, & a *butternut squash puree on a *whole wheat biscuit

L: green smoothie - 2 cups of mixed berries, 1 banana, mix of kale and spinach. chicken and brown spanish rice w/ olives. grapefruit ACV water cleanser.

D: bites of leftover ham and beans while I was cooking real dinner. potato and cauliflower chowder with bacon and cheese. soooo much bacon.

AD: green raspberry tea with bit of milk of honey
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Hi all

Kelijpa great job posting while on the bike. Now, I am just guessing this is an exercise stationary bike. Otherwise posting while riding might be a bit problematic. Good job staying on plan today. It was 3 degrees here also this morning. I do not appreciate Jack frost and the way he nips at my nose or other areas, for that matter.

GoodyFay "morrocan themed lunchbox" sounds amazing. How are you feeling physically?

LELI good to see you again. Great job staying on course during the holidays. Your dinner sounds AMAZING

Midnight Congrats on the new fitbit. Great exercise tool.

SunDove I too have used the dish soap method to render food inedible. It works very well As far as saying no to sweets at work, that would be so hard. Maybe some of you there could make a pact. So it would cut down on the number of temptations that happen.

Pixikat so sorry the eradication of the tattoo is so painful. Blister and all. It is so much harder to stay on plan when there are cookies and other things in the house or workplace. I don't know if I could resist them. How long are your friend and her daughter staying?

DayDreamer I SO agree with you. We all ARE to be admired.

I think any days you can stay on track now is great. I bet things will settle in when you get back to school.

Diana I think getting back to work after a vacation is not easy in terms of [/B]having to deal with increased work load. Minimal posts here is great. Just popping in to say hi and update everyone. Sometimes that's just the right thing to do

Volatis woohoo. great that the scale is showing steady decline. Awesome work

I so admire your ability to be brief. I am incapable of doing that in most cases.
Sorry sugar is being such an active foe at the moment. That stuff messes with people's heads. The white terror

Penny Great that you stayed on plan yesterday. Sorry re: those pesky sugar craving hormones.

Weight was up. But that was partially because I had no sleep last night. Not even a minute. I thought my digestive system was wonky because of hiatal hernea and valves that had to be out back in place by the chiropractor. It always works. Although I must say dig. system was VERY nasty. I went to the chiropractor today and the work she did didnt hold. So I knew something else was going on. I called my friend who is a nurse and alternative practioner. She muscle tested and said I have a stomach virus. And many people do. She told me what to take. She said it is mild. She said I also am having gallbladder flair up that's adding to what's going on. That's easy to treat. I know the thing to take for it. SO I am hoping I will not be contageous on Friday. If I am then i will not go. I DO have ways of knowing. Both she and someone else who muscle tests say I will not be contagous. HOWEVER, if the stomach thing does not turn itself around then there is NO way i can go, for other rather intense and TMI reasons. Today I had
50 cal coffee
100 cal lemon protein thing
220 calories chicken sausage
160 calories eggs
150 calories fish
Total cal for the day: 680

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