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Hello everyone!

I am starting all over again... In 2014-2015 I managed to lose 40 lbs. It pisses me off because I have regained it all back. We got a puppy last easter and I just let myself go... But I guess there is little point in dwelling on the past, yes if I had gone on I would have been SO much closer to my goal by now, but I didn't ... Let that be a lesson for myself!

Anyway there are A LOT of news this time around... New Year, New City, New State, New Routine...

My husband starts a new job this week, we moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest... We went from a tiny town to a big city. I used to have a gym 2 blocks from our house, now I live in a pure residential area lol a trip to the store is a 15 min drive... So still figuring things out, specially since we only have 1 car.

For now.. I guess walking the dog through all the ups and downs around our home would be a GREAT workout! I just need to find the will to do it. I have never enjoyed any sort of exercise. Also, anyone has any tips as to what to wear when exercising outside, it's freezing!!

01/02/2016: 226.1
- 1 cup of coffee
- 30g of cereal (I need to get one less sugary)
- 107 ml 2% milk

- 1 Tortilla
- 64gr chicken
- 48gr lettuce
- 64gr tomatoes
- 2 tsp Mayo
- 2 tsp 2% milk
- 1 tsp mustard
- 6gr red onions
- 1 slice of cheese

- 1 Cup (cooked) Spaghetti
- 1 serving of marinara sauce

- 1 container of greek yogurt
- 1/4 cup granola
- 1 cup green tea
- 1 apple
- 6 almonds
- 2 crackers I stole from my husband :P

Didn't exercised at all but I cleaned the apartment. =/
Total Calories: 1280
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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I survived my first day back on plan! Now can I make it two?

W 161, down 1 after 998 calories
B egg and stuff on toast, coffee/decaf with milk
L soup

Goodfay, sorry about the binge. Sometimes I feel like posting my intentions means I definitely will screw it up. lol

Larry, as a home health nurse we advise people to call the doctor if they gain 3-4 pounds in a day or two, if they have a history of heart failure. If you have that going on, I hope you get it managed quickly. Scary!

Noshoes, hi and welcome back!

Diana, yes, I was like that in the store yesterday, looking at all the things I would have bought with the holiday excuse. Inching...err, millimetering back down.
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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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Daydream, we posted at the same time. Welcome! We are thinking about getting a puppy and now you've scared me. I do know it takes just a dab of new stress to send us spiraling. It's a lifelong struggle. but you can do it again.

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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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Hello all!
I was reading earlier and getting ready to post, then we decided to go to the rail trail, so got in day 2 of c25k, planning on some yoga tonight, have to watch my Achilles' tendon feels tight, so will keep stretching. Wow, it got dark fast, will have to go lock-in the chickens soon.

So, thanks to pizza and TTOM weighed 181.7 this morning, hopefully that'll be my last 180 for the year, we'll see. Today was really good.

B- fresh squeezed grapefruit, orange juice with honey and act
L- v8
D- big bowl of homemade chickpea and spinach soup, yummy
E- rail trail

Be back later for personals...Nichols amazing transformation Larry scary about the edema, at least you know what it is and what to watch for.

Best to all
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Hello Hello!

I missed yesterday and there are already 3 new pages, wow! Yesterday was not a good day 2, I had a tattoo removal appointment and after I was in no mental shape to resist cravings. It is a good thing the removal appointments are 10 weeks apart, if I can limit my worst days to those days I should do OK. Today I have been back on track with food, to avoid blistering I have to wait to exercise a few more days.

Nichols Wow! You are looking great! Awesome transformation
Daydreamer Welcome! That IS a lot of changes, but you got this!
Larry water retention can be a pain in the butt! time to cut some sodium!
flower I'll respond to however you shorten it, I'm most used to pixi or pixikat. There doesn't seem to be anyone in this tread currently that either would become confusing.
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Originally Posted by Larry H View Post
Takes about a week or less to adapt, hang in there. Add a lot of fats it is the key to appetite suppression.
I was on low fat low calorie for so long it was hard to think in terms of INCREASE FAT.
Seems counterproductive and as a heart patient I was very concerned.

My Cardiologist asked how I was losing weight and I told him Atkins Induction
with 65% fat 30% protein and 5% carbs. I thought he would have a fit but to my surprise he said "great keep doing it".

I have been doing this since April and at the end of October I had a complete cholesterol blood test.
Wow in spite of eating a lot of fats my readings were perfect in all aspects.

Oh before I forget. Don't even consider Zero Carb at this point.
In the future you may or may not want to try it but now at the beginning is not the time for that.
Concentrate on trying to keep carbs 20 grams or under and only the vegetables listed as Induction
acceptable in the book and you will do great.
Trust me, I won't be attempting zero carb any time soon.

My guess that your Doc is gung ho for Atkins because your weight was dangerous in combo with a heart condition, but I think my Cardiologist might get annoyed because I see him for high cholesterol...BUT the Lipitor is working very well. My Cholesterol went from 270 to 150. I just realized everything with my body revolves around the number 150. I'm also going to 2nd what CoolMom said and advise to at least call your Cardio just to be on the safe side. Sudden fluid retention in your ankles when you have a heart condition is not something to ignore.

Last night I drank 2 Guinness stout (which were heaven, btw) and then wound up eating 2 chicken tenders and a few fries off DH's plate but oh well. I've done way worse but I said I was going to allow a cheat meal on either Friday or Saturday so I cashed in. Was it worth it? The beer was.

Nichols: I've said it before but you have done very well. I'm very happy for you, and impressed.

DayDreamer: Welcome back, I'm also kind of starting over. I had a 12p gain over the year and I was really pissed too but I'm doing what I have to do to fix it. The hardest part is keeping momentum. I used to be a workout beast so I don't know what happened that I lost the drive. I never quit going but I went from running religiously 5 days a week to more like 3 days a week and eating bad. The pounds started to add up...slowly. :/


Back on the hamster wheel tomorrow.

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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

So, today was a bit more difficult than yesterday. My brain was in total overdrive with food thoughts. I didn't have cravings, per say. My mind kept trying to talk me into things I didn't want to do. Also, something interesting. My breakfast yesterday tasted rather bland. That's because I was used to eating all of the holiday food. Today was fine with the seasoning. But when I finished eating breakfast, I still had that empty feeling. I didn't even feel like I had eaten a thing. I got through it all but it was tough. Today would have been so easy to fall off track.

GoodyFay Keep trying. Today was another weird stomach day of the opposite sort. Ahh the nasty effects of bad eating.

Noshoes Hoping that this year is a better one for you.

Treasa Hi

Nicholsfamily Great job on your weigh in!

Daydreamer Hi and welcome to the check-in. Good luck with all the new changes you have going on.

CoolMom How did it go today? I hope it was easier for you than me.

Kelijpa Great job getting the exercise in.

Pnkrckpixikat Good luck on the tattoo removal.

Novangel How is work going?

Waving Hi all around! Enjoy your evening!
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/182/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Total Approx 1070 calories +
I didn't have the extra coffee today like I did yesterday. I wonder if I had, if it would have helped with the food thoughts. I had it yesterday and yesterday felt better than today. Who knows.

Breakfast (325 Calories + coffee)
spritz olive oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Mediterranean Blend Veggies
14 g. Organic Valley feta cheese 30 calories
1/2 Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin or 1 piece Alpine Valley organic whole wheat bread 65 calories
1 T. pumpkin butter 25 calories
juice 75 calories or less
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (350 calories)
Salad w/spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled chicken, 5 small croutons & BHF's ranch 350 calories

Dinner (395 calories)
cooked together 2 Bilinski mild Italian sausages, zoodles, mushrooms, red/yellow peppers, tomato paste, Italian seasoning, basil, onion powder, salt, pepper 275 caloires
1 pkg cocomels 120 calories

Kathy Smith Project You Long Lean
2 Sections from Leslie Sansone's Walk Blasters
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Novangel, That's wonderful about your cholesterol numbers.
Pixi, Ouch. Tattoo removal sounds painful.
Kelijpa, The chickpea and spinach soup sounds delish! You did have a great day.
CoolMom, Yay for your 1lb loss!
DayDreamer, Hi! It's a new year and you're on a new path. You can do it! Bundle up good while walking the dog.
Nichols, I agree it's really inspiring to see people losing weight and improving their health. I've never seen the Biggest Loser. What network carries it? I need to watch.
Diana, Congrats on making it through the first day back!
GoodyFay, I just play music from an oldies workout tape (Richard Simmons has lots of them,) the radio or music I found on Youtube for dancing/running. Then I dance, my style, and throw in some workout moves. I glance at my Fitbit steps going crazy while I dance. It's easy to work up a sweat, but it's fun doing it.
Larry, Hope the edema goes away quickly. It must have been a shock to see those 9 lbs. Glad you knew what to look for. Salt is some bad stuff, and it does seem to be in almost everything processed.
Flower, Super on the calories!
Hi to Everyone!

Weight this morning- 167.4
B- egg & cheese tortilla roll up
S- baby carrots
L- bowl hot & sour soup, 2 choc kisses
S- big handful pistachios
D- hot & sour soup, 2 choc kisses
Exercise- Two 30 minute dance sessions
Tomorrow is lunch with a friend in town, and a walk on the Pamlico River waterfront after. There's a long paved and wood walkway there and it's popular for walking and runners. Can't wait!

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Default New Here!

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place! Starting my weight loss journey tomorrow and am hoping to use this forum as a support tool. I'm planning on counting calories and exercising. I'd like to lose 50 pounds by June 1. And another 40 by next Christmas. I'm excited! Can't wait to hear yall's stories <3

Some of your starting weights are less than my goal weight. Yikes.
Currently at 285, long term goal of 190.

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/182/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


LDF1970 Hi and welcome to the check-in.

Midnight Tomorrow sounds like it will be fun. Enjoy!
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Hello All & Welcome Pixicat & LDF!

Diana That's great you recognized the withdrawal from uber tasty food and stuck to your plan. That takes a lot of focus & will power to ride out the feeling of emptiness.

Today started off fine but I gave in to impulse when a co-worker decided to share a lb of candy with us (See's Calif Brittle, aka green kryptonite). After that, I got back on track--- for awhile. After logging in the calories from the candy, I surrendered to 'oh well I already blew it' mentality.

It wasn't a total binge but I say that mostly because I think of binges as solo events.

I'm looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow & relieved that routine is back!

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Originally Posted by CoolMom75 View Post
Larry, as a home health nurse we advise people to call the doctor if they gain 3-4 pounds in a day or two, if they have a history of heart failure. If you have that going on, I hope you get it managed quickly. Scary!
Thanks. I have no history of heart failure at all. But I did have a double bypass one of which was the left main artery also known as the widow maker. I am a lucky one as I never had a heart attack and as such I have no heart damage.

I had some angina five years ago and underwent a coronary catherization and when the catheter was in the left main it and the blockage stopped blood flow. I went into vfib and I was shocked back to normal heart beart.

The other heart issue I have is bradycardia which a pacemaker handles nicely.

Today I lost 7 of those 9 pounds.
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Height: 5' 6"


I lost 7 of the 9 pounds I gained yesterday. Can you spell rollercoaster.

Another in what is becoming a long string of zero carb days for me.

I ate grilled Swai fish for lunch and I experimented with trying to make a zero carb chili with ground beef for dinner. The experiment was not as good as I had hoped for.
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hi all
I started writing personals. But was not able to write all of them. I had to stop at page 4. My neck and shoulders are burning. So I cannot continue. For those who posted on page 5, there will be some more personals to come

Diana Turmeric is great for inflammation. I cannot take it because it is too hard on my stomach. Chamomile looks great ! You asked about frozen lemon protein thing. Its like lemon ice in a bowl. I put in the blender some ice cubes, some organic lemon juice, stevia and whey protein powder idk the name of the whey protein powder because it is private label for the health food store. The private label company is called reliance. But I am not supposed to know that . Sometimes I add in a T of tart cheery juice. Good anti inflammatory. Blend in put in bowls that have already been in the freezer. Then I put it back in freezer until frozen again. I scrape to eat.

Nichols congrats on being in the 130s. that is a huge accomplishment. Sounds like you have lots of good things coming up in the schedule soon. Including birth of a nephew. Again, you look amazing in your picture!

Kelijpa the inflammation was due probably to 2 factors. Christmas and making of all the cards. Thats what triggered it the last time. I was using milk at the time, which is known as an inflammatory. But I stopped right away and did not see any relief. I eat a very clean diet. a few veggies and chicken, stevia, low acid decaf very good quality coffee, cashew milk, protein powder and lemon juice. thats it. So I am sure it is not food related. I have heard that wheat is a problem for many because of the way things are grown these days. Its not the same wheat as our grandparents ate. idk if that is true. But it is what I have heard more than once. Glad your DH was able to figure out that his body does not like gluten.

Coolmom thanks for the kind words. As I said before, I know that you will get back down. I know that doesn't change how you likely feel in the moment.

Larry I hear dinosaur meat is good when stewed with a good bottle of Chianti..... Sorry to hear about the Pitting edema. I hope it resolves very soon, idk if it makes a difference with water retention. But I always use celtic salt. It has a lot of good minerals in it which does make it healthier than normal sea salt. I think Himalayan salt is pretty equal to celtic.

GoodyFay your binge list did make me laugh. I loved the inclusion of a can of chef boyardee ravioli. I used to eat that with cheese on top every night in the early 90s. I would lay them out very nicely on a heatproof round dish. Then I would put cheese on top. I think it was a combo of parm and mozzarella. Then I would nuke it all until cheese was melty. This was my dinner every night. Congrats on that binge. Sounds like you did great eating with gusto.

Noshoes again, welcome !!!

Novangel, yes the luggage has wheels. But I do have to manage the carry on. Plus I have to lift the suitcase at some points to get it in the luggage compartment of the megabus. And get it out. To get it in the trunk of the car. Its a big old suitcase. The carry on is heavy as well. Although this time I will have to leave my laptop at home. It just adds too much to the weight. Hang in there with the low carb diet. My cravings really subsided after a while, when I was on it.

Treasa thanks again for the suggestions. I looked up Salonpas. I cannot use it because the menthol in it might well antidote the homeopathic remedies. wishing you amazing success starting the weight loss "attempts" on Monday. You can do it. Here's some help :willpower:

Midnight glad to hear that DH is feeling better.

Penny I am glad you are able to assign those leftovers just for breakfast. Smart way of doing it

hahaha "what a bunch of losers". You are doing great in that dept. 50 lost. just 20 more to go. you are doing great!

coolmom sorry you are not able to go for a ride on your bike now. I heard from my cousin that there is snow in Portland. Driving, she said, was horrible. She had to put chains on her 3WD. Sounds like you are getting back on track with the calories. I know its hard with cravings at the beginning.

okay quickly, weight was okay this morning. Still want to lose another 1.5 lbs I may go on Friday instead of Saturday. Or i may not go at all. Its complicated.
Ate about 650 calories today. about 13 grams carbs
Hoping everyone has a great monday.

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