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Nichols - You are beautiful! If I'm honest, I'm a little jealous. I have no business being jealous because my scale just shows me how hard I'm working. That makes your before and during pictures an inspiration to me so thanks for sharing.

Novangel - good luck with the low carbs! The first few days are always the hardest.

Goodyfay - I hear you on the binge. With all the Christmas leftovers and now all these parties for New Years and kids head back off to college, my eating is way off course. Sometimes when I'm in one of those eating moods (for me it's pretty much always a craving for salty bread like pretzels or Goldfish) I'll take some melatonin so I'll fall asleep quickly instead of eating.

Coolmom - hope you fought the craving and won!

Diana - welcome back to the grind!

Kellijpa - I'm right there with you - too near my post holiday high.

- I have a couple of suggestions for your inflammation. I like Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion (not the oil, which can be irritating/itchy if you're not used to it). Here's an amazon link. http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Minera...gnesium+lotion I'm posting the link so you can see the picture. Our local health food store carries it for a lot cheaper. Epsom salts are a type of magnesium (but not as well absorbed as the lotion I showed you) and will alleviate inflammation. Another thing to try is those Salon Pas patches. They work great. Sometimes the smell makes me nauseous though.

I'm still just treading water. Will be starting serious weight loss attempts beginning Monday. Thinking about doing that couch to 5k program, but on my elliptical in my basement instead of outside because it's finally getting cold here in SE PA.

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Wow Nichols! That's an amazing transformation! You look fantastic. What a great motivator to keep going, and for us all to be inspired by. I hear you on the feeling healthier part. It's really the most important thing, and looking great and all the other perks are just the icing on the cake. (poor turn of phrase there, sorry.) Thanks for sharing your photos.

Hello to Everyone! Hopefully the festivities are over or almost over for most, and we can all get back to our plans. May 2016 be great for us all.

DH is feeling fine today. I think it might have been a lot of acidic foods and drink that messed him up. Thanks so much for all the well-wishes.

Weight this am 167.4
Breakfast: baby carrots
Snack: 2 chocolate kisses
Lunch: cup hot & sour soup, bean curd Szechuan style (brought most of it home)
Dinner: bowl hot & sour soup, 2 chocolate kisses
Exercise: 2 dance sessions (10 & 15 minutes,) 30 Day Shred workout
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Once again, all leftovers. I've started using my breakfasts to try and get them all eaten (which is a better strategy than overeating until they're gone, as was my lifelong habit).

B- veggie nacho scramble
L- a meatloaf sandwich and an orange
D- a bagel with cream cheese spread and sliced green olives
S- green grapes
D- two small chocolate chip cookies and a Lindor truffle

Flower: If I ate every time I had them, I'd only gain weight, even if I ate healthy all the other days (I know, I've tried). The reality is I can't let them dictate my food. Still not fun, though. At least now I can pretty much tell them apart from actual hunger (that helps a lot).
I'm sorry your neck and shoulders are still hurting. I hope you feel better in time for your trip!

Diana: Thanks! It helps when it's a party that keeps me busy and on my feet almost the whole time.
Thanks for the will power dust!

GoodyFay: This is a difficult time of year to not overeat. But you know what you're doing, and you know how to get back on plan. You can do it.

Nichols: Do what you need to do, I say. I get the cravings to just eat crap sometimes - they're not limited to sweets, though - it could be any crap.
Ball season with your kids sounds fun! And very busy! You have a lot to look forward to this next year!
You've accomplished a lot! Thanks for sharing your before and during pictures with us.

Larry: My grandpa made a ton of recipes with dinosaur leg when I was growing up. I'll see if I can track them down for you. There's a good casserole one.
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I was not going to write anything except my caloric intake for the day. Trying to not type much. But
Nicholsfamily, that' quite a amazing transformation. You look awesome. I threw out all of my old pictures when I was big. Just saw a picture where after I lost weight I cut myself out of the group photo. Because I didn't want to see the before. Just the after. I am a coward

Treasa funny you should post mag chloride. Last week I got 2 bottles of it. One from .Dr Norm Shealy. He's kinda respected. So I ordered it. But I didn't want to wait for it to arrive. So before Christmas I got a bottle of life-flo pure mag oil. It's a spray oil. Not too bad. A bit irritating. Then I got the lotion in the mail from dr Shealy. I find it irritating. And he recommends 2 tsp 2 times a day. That's a lot to soak in. And it leaves a crusty mess when it is dry. Do you think the one you use is better? If do, I will get it. Also will check out salon pas. Thanks a lot

Will do more personals if neck and shoulders feel better
Food today was
Coffee 70
Frozen lemon protein stuff 100
B: Chicken sausage w/ mustard celery and cucumber 175
L: 4 oz chicken with mustard 110
D: 6 oz chicken sausage and celery 225
Total calories for the day. 680
Carbs around 18 g.

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Originally Posted by novangel View Post
Larry: I'm doing my best but frankly I feel like I'm beginning to starve to death. I feel like I need to eat every few hours whereas before I could go hours on end without eating. I'm sure I need to just get used to this, and in time I will feel better? Low carb is doable but no way can I do zero. You're an Atkins Champion.
Takes about a week or less to adapt, hang in there. Add a lot of fats it is the key to appetite suppression.
I was on low fat low calorie for so long it was hard to think in terms of INCREASE FAT.
Seems counterproductive and as a heart patient I was very concerned.

My Cardiologist asked how I was losing weight and I told him Atkins Induction
with 65% fat 30% protein and 5% carbs. I thought he would have a fit but to my surprise he said "great keep doing it".

I have been doing this since April and at the end of October I had a complete cholesterol blood test.
Wow in spite of eating a lot of fats my readings were perfect in all aspects.

Oh before I forget. Don't even consider Zero Carb at this point.
In the future you may or may not want to try it but now at the beginning is not the time for that.
Concentrate on trying to keep carbs 20 grams or under and only the vegetables listed as Induction
acceptable in the book and you will do great.

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Nicholsfamily You look fantastic! Thank-you for sharing the pics.

Flower Your menu looks so yummy, but when I read the cals, I felt a little hunger I wonder if your low carb days will help get rid of the inflammation.

GoodyFay Been there done that. Binges happen. I hope you savored every bite

I've begun to see everyone's stats & tickers. What a bunch of losers!!! I am so inspired by you all!

Today: WI 172.4 BF% 31.9 Calories 1392
B tomato omelet, protein shake & coffee
L Salad w grilled chicken, tofu, beans, croutons, Braggs amino sauce & a tiny bit of oil --Whole Foods salad bar was out of oil I didn't feel like finding some.
S protein shake, protein bar, coffee, clementine oranges, quinoa
D Salad w beans, chicken, Walden Farm low fat dressing,
72 oz water, 10 min cardio, misc wts, 30 sec plank--thanks for the idea Retrorabbit!

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Mom jeans are cool,right?
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Nichol, such a transformation! It feels like you just started too. How long did that take you?

I decided to skip dinner and keep my calories around 900. Be Calm tea is my attempt to fight off the food cravings. My mom called to say she would like to take me up on my suggestion to go for a bike ride. too bad it's way too cold for my liking, and windy. I can't wait to get back out there.
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Nichol Wow what a difference, you look great.

I ate an interesting assortment of meats today.

Salmon, White Fish, Hard Boiled Eggs and Naked Chicken Wings for lunch.

Dinner was Grilled Pork Chops with Cajun Spice.

Other than the fraction of carbs in the eggs it was a Zero Carb Day.

My scale says I gained 9 pounds since yesterday. Now it is impossible to gain that much fat in one day so I suspected fluid retention.
I checked and sure enough I have pitting edema around my lower leg/ankle area.

Pitting Edema is when you press on the skin and leave a dent after you let go.

It's been a while since I had that happen. A couple years ago I gained 25 pounds in 24 hours. My cardiologist calls it being sodium sensitive.
Time to start watching my salt a little closer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hot spicy foods but a lot of those spices are loaded with sodium.
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Trying to live below 200
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Hi Everyone!

Nicholsfamily Wow! Just gorgeous! Congrats on your hard work paying off.

Kelijpa The other year when we traveled, it was pretty cold. I had to carry all of our big coats and heavier clothing. It was such a pain. I think we need to head even more South than we are. Nothing but shorts and swimsuits. That should help with the amount of stuff. There must be something in the apples that helps us. And congrats on the 170's. I know you have been battling the 180's for a while.

Flower What is the frozen lemon protein thing you have? Do you make it or is it packaged? Sending healing thoughts for your neck and shoulders.

CoolMom I saw you post about alcohol being missed. I went out for lunch today. I was looking at the menu saying to myself, a few days ago I would have ordered this, this, and this. The salad was good though. Nice change.

Larry I'm thinking that one needs a crock pot or a pressure cooker.

Watercolor Hi

Goodyfay Today is a new day. I hope today was better for you. Some days are just like that.

Novangel Hang in there with getting through the first few days.. I'm not sure which veggies are allowed, but could you sub cauliflower or butternut squash for potatoes/carrots?

Treasa Good luck on Monday. I hope the transition goes smoothly. The first few days are the hardest but you can do it.

Midnight I missed that your DH wasn't feeling well. I'm glad he is better today. Good job on the workouts.

Penny Ah, the leftovers. Good luck! A meatloaf sandwich sounds awesome!

Sundove Good job on your day.

CoolMom Good job getting through the day. Ha! I need an IV of Be Calm.

Waving Hi all around! Enjoy your evening!
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Total Approx 1385 calories +

I made it through the first day!

Breakfast (325 Calories + coffee)
spritz olive oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Mediterranean Blend Veggies
14 g. Organic Valley feta cheese 30 calories
1/2 Rudi's Whole Wheat English muffin or 1 piece Alpine Valley organic whole wheat bread 65 calories
1 T. pumpkin butter 25 calories
juice 75 calories or less
coffee w/sugar and cream


black coffee

Lunch (350 calories)
Salad w/spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled chicken, 5 small croutons & BHF's ranch 350 calories

Dinner (710 calories)
Amy's Mushroom risotto 240 calories
grilled chicken tenderloins 300 calories
blueberry vanilla Greek Yogurt parfait 170 calories

KCM's Cardio Pump - Interval Pump Premix w/10's

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4th times the charm!
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OKHi all! Second post for the day...still in binge mode but stopping under 2000 right now.
Saw Nichol's post and...

NICHOL- !!!!!!there's so much hard work and dedication between those photos! You're doing it! What a transformation and how much fun it must be to be able to run around after your little ones and not feel winded. You have accomplished soooo much! Good job! You've made and are still making such a transformation.!!!!!!

TREASA- Hi there! I love the melatonin knock out idea...I think I'll do that. Wishing you strength and dedication on Monday. I'm excited to hear about the couch to 5k program.

MIDNIGHT- What are the dance sessions you do? That sounds like a really fun way to get exercise!

PENNY- Leftovers are such a challenge...you're doing so good...and your food sounds soooo yummy!

FLOWER- 680 Cals is awesome! Good job! I hope your pain is a little less today. Hoping your tires are good and your not too snowy. I'm looking forward to the Boston report! I'm curious about the lemon protein thing too.

LARRY- What wonderful proof that every bodies body does really well with certain diets! The Atkins program and your cardio vascular metabolic system are getting along beautifully! You are an inspiration for finding what works and the joy that comes from it! I hope the lowered sodium intake helps with the edema.

SUNDOVE- I love your sense of humor! I'm finally making the soup tomorrow. Weekends I cook all day both days....mostly for our bar but also then I make my weekly pre portioned meals...I just started this a month ago ( the pre portioned meals) when I joined this group. Love all the great ideas! Tell me how your hot and sour soup comes out...I'll make one in the next couple weeks. That's the thing that's tough about limiting calories...I can't cook as many different things as I want to!

COOLMOM- keeping it under 900? Good job!

DIANA- Your first day back sounded delicious! I hope your system gets back to normal quick!


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Height: 180


Eating a tad too much processed foods coupled with injury and soreness. I was up and down last year so hoping that won't happen this year.
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Flower - I'm not sure if one brand is better than another. I just recommended the Ancient Minerals brand because that's all I've ever used. If you can use the spray, I'd go with it. I use the spray oil myself. The only other suggestion I have is to see if you can use a lot of the oil and have somebody massage it in to the affected area several times a day if possible. Salon Pas are great for symptoms, but the mag is actually healing.

p.s. the lotion (as opposed to the oil) does get crusty. I'll rub it on my husband's back before bed when his back starts tightening up due to stress. He will sleep better and it helps his back a lot but his t shirt is kind of stuck to him in the morning. If things are really bad, he does have me put the mag lotion on him before work.

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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/184.8/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Good Morning, Everyone!

Tomorrow is back to work. The time off just flew by!

Last night I added on: Tamilee Webb's Total Body Stretch (standing)
This Morning: Oxycise in the Office

Calories for yesterday: 1385 +
Weigh In: 169.4
Down: .4

ETA: I just realized that I didn't account for the steamed veggies that I had with dinner last night. At least it was only steamed veggies.

Have a wonderful day!

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Height: 5'2


Diana: Steamed veggies sound delicious!

Goodyfay: Thank you! What happened with the herbal sleepytime pills? Lol

Larry: I have never heard of that! 25 lbs in 24 hours? That’s crazy. I’m sure it all goes away the next day though!

Sundove: Thank you!

Flower: I have made the attempt to throw out all my bigger pictures…but my husband loves taking pictures and I am in a ton..so it’s hard to throw out all of them plus it’s a good reminder to myself.

Penny: Green grapes are one of my favorite fruits! Delicious!!

Midnight: Thank You! Glad your husband is feeling better!

Treasa: Thank you! I heard the couch to 5k was pretty awesome! Never tried it though!

kelijpa: Hey! Keep up the hard work!

Weigh in today: 136.4 (2 hours after my normal weigh in)
Exercise: 1 mile so far
Calories: 508 as of right now.

Well the 4 day weekend has flown by (as usual). Today I have just been relaxing with the family and binge walking biggest loser (love it because it is inspirational!) And the days that I cry about a mile walk and a video ..it makes me feel better considering they are working their butts off 24/7 in the gym lol.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sundays! TTYL

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